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Families covered: Rickards of Leicester, Rickards of Nottingham

FMG starts with the following Arthur (minister of Hartshorne (Derbyshire), no dates or wife shown) father of Benjamin. BLG1952 also starts with Arthur, rector of Hartshorn (Derbyshire), dates given, father (by Rebecca Porter) of Samuel & Arthur. Whilst it is possible that they were different people, perhaps cousins of each other, we speculate that these Arthurs were the same person. The apparent confusion over Arthur, Mayor of Nottingham in 1694, appears to confirm that the lines covered by BLG1952 & FMG were, at the very least, very closely connected to each other.
Arthur Rickards (b 1593, d 1653, rector of Hartshorn(e) in Derbyshire)
m. (29.10.1621) Rebecca Porter (bur 15.08.1657)
1. Samuel Rickards (bpt 17.09.1622, bur 09.09.1658, rector of Hartshorn)
2. Arthur Rickards, Mayor of Nottingham (b 1628, d 1700) this line followed by BLG1952
BLG1952 reports that Arthur was Mayor in 1694. FMG shows such an Arthur a generation later (see below).
  A. George Rickards of Beeston, Nottinghamshire (bur 25.04.1731)
  m. Mary Shipton (bur 09.04.1751, dau of Henry Shipton of Yoxall)
  i. George Rickards of St. Nicholas Parish, Nottingham (bpt 19.11.1709)
  m. (03.10.1734) Mary Pares (b 03.10.1710, dau of Thomas Pares of Leicester)
  a. Thomas Pares Rickards of St. Mary's Parish, Leicester (d 23.10.1821)
  m. (20.10.1761) Hannah Ascough (b 14.03.1733, d 30.12.1794, dau of Thomas Ascough of Leicester)
  (1) Thomas Rickards of Leicester (b 1765, d 09.03.1804)
  m. (12.02.1785) Mary Nutt (d 1796, dau of David Nutt of Kidlington)
  (A) Thomas Ascough Rickards (b 08.10.1790, d 15.01.1878, vicar of Cosby, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (30.01.1830) Eliza Sophia Spicer (bur 09.12.1884, dau of Ralph Spicer)
  (B)+ 3 sons + 2 daughters
  (2) George Rickards of Leicester then Westminster (b 1771, d 19.11.1831)
  m. Eleanor Dismorr (d 26.11.1839, dau of Henry Dismorr of Erith)
  (A) Samuel Rickards of Shalimar, Acton (b 07.06.1800, d 30.11.1865) had issue
  m. (050.10.1836) Elizabeth Dunkin (d 21.07.1856, dau of Henry Dunkin of Blackheath)
  b. George Rickards of Baslow, Derbyshire (b 1741, dsp 1812)
  m. Katharine More (d 1814)
3. Benjamin Rickards of Nottingham (b c1638, d 27.08.1675, grocer and/or apothecary) this line followed by FMG
  m. Elizabeth Parker (dau of William Parker of Nottingham, m2. Thomas Trigge of Nottingham)
  A. Samuel Rickards of Nottingham (cleric, 2nd son?)
  m. Mary
  i. Benjamin Rickards of Nottingham (b 23.01.1708, grocer, 3rd son)
  m. Sarah Wright (dau of Thomas Wright of Nottingham)
  a. Samuel Rickards of Nottingham, later of Blackwell, Derbyshire (b 1734-5, d 12.03.1823, artist)
  m. Martha Billock (b 1739-40, d 21.04.1828, dau of Thomas Billock of Alfreton)
  (1) Benjamin Rickards of Alfreton (b 21.03.1772, solicitor)
  m. Grace Coates (dau of William Coates of Youlgrave)
  (A)+ issue - Henry, Benjamin Samuel, Mary
(2)+ other issue - Samuel (had issue), Charles (d young)
  b. John Rickards of Nottingham (hosier)
  m. _ Thomson
  (1) Elizabeth Rickards
  m. J. E. Harrison of Nottingham (hosier)
  c. Mary Rickards
  m. Thomas Ince of Nottingham then Chesterfield & Wirksworth
  ii. Elizabeth Rickards (b 01.09.1704)
  m. Samuel Acton of Manchester (chapman)
  iii. Dorothy Rickards (b 01.01.1706/7)
  m. _ Sill(s) (cleric)
  iv.+ other issue - Joseph (b 08.04.1701), John (b 12.10.1702)
  B. Arthur Rickards, Mayor of Nottingham (a 1694) probable duplication with above
  C. John Rickards of Nottingham (d 21.04.14703, alderman)
  m. Ann Clay (dau of Joseph Clay)
  i. Elizabeth Rickards
  m. Elton Levet of Nottingham
  ii.+ other issue - Benjamion of Spondon (dsp before 1749), Anne (d before 1749), others (d young or sp - Parker, John, Anne)
  D.+ other issue - Benjamin, Arthur (d young), Elizabeth (d young), Hannah, Elizabeth

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Rickards formerly of Woodside'), FMG (vol 3, MS535, 'Rickards', p1171+)
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