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Families covered: Russell of Chequers, Russell of Chippenham, Russell of Fordham, Russell of Yaverland

Thomas Russell of Yaverland, Isle of Wight (d 1501)
1. ?? Russell
  Not certain on number of intervening generations.
  A. Maurice Russell of Yaverland
  i. William Russell of Yaverland & Surrey
  a. Sir William Russell, 1st Bart of Chippenham, Cambridgeshire (bur 03.02.1653/4, Treasurer of the Navy)
m1. (sp) Elizabeth Cherry (bpt 28.07.1588, dau of Sir Francis Cherry of Camberwell by Margery, dau of Harry Haywood)
  m2. (by 1616) Elizabeth Gerard (bur 14.10.1626, dau of Thomas Gerard of Burwell)
  (1) Sir Francis Russell, 2nd Bart of Chippenham (b c1616, bur 30.04.1664, Colonel)
  Lipscomb identifies Francis's younger half-brother William as the 2nd Bart and Francis as the 3rd Bart, apparently not knowing that William was created a Baronet independently. Consequently, Lipscomb hereafter numbers the baronetcies differently from other sources.
  m. (19.09.1631) Catherine Wheatley (dau of John Wheatley of Catesfield or Catsfield by Elizabeth, dau of Michael Smallpage of Chichester)
  (A) Sir John Russell, 3rd Bart of Chippenham (bpt 06.10.1640, bur 24.03.1669)
  m. (c04.1663) Frances (not Elizabeth) Cromwell (bpt 06.12.1638, d 27.01.1720, dau of Oliver Cromwell, Lord Protector)
  The following is supported by FMG (vol 2, Cromwell).
  (i) Sir William Russell, 4th Bart of Chippenham, later of Hampton (b 1657-8, bur 16.09.1707)
  Lipscomb shows that William dsp (no wife shown) with the following William & Francis being sons of this William's brother John. BEB1844 & TCB show that they were sons of this William by ...
  m. Catharine Gore of Ireland
(a) Sir William Russell, 5th Bart (dsp 05.1738)
  (b) Sir Francis Russell, 6th Bart
  m. (1725) Ann Gee
  ((1)) Sir William Russell, 7th Bart (d unm 1757)
  (c) Mary Russell (d unm 12.1735)
  (ii) Richard Russell (b 13.06.1672, d 1731, Major General)
  m1. Mabel Russell (dau of Gerard Russell of Fordham) @@ below
(a) Mary Russell (a 1734)
  m. Rev. _ Mills
  m2. Catherine Barton
  (iii) John Russell, Governor of Fort William, Bengal (b 14.10.1670, d 05.12.1735)
  m1. (17.12.1691) Rebecca Eyre (b c1671, d 1713, dau of Sir Charles Eyre of Kew)
  (a) Charles Russell (b 08.01.1701, d 20.11.1754, Colonel)
  m. (1737) Mary Johanna Cutts Rivett (b 1707, d 05.1764, dau of Col. (George) Rivett by Johanna, dau of John Thurbane of Chequers)
  ((1)) Sir John Russell of Chequers Court, 8th Bart (b 31.10.1741, d 07.08.1783)
  m. (25.10.1775) Catherine Carey (b c1749, d 26.12.1782, dau of General George Carey)
  ((A)) Sir John Russell, 9th Bart (b 06.05.1777/9, d unm 11.06.1802)
  ((B)) Sir George Russell, 10th Bart (b 15.04.1780/1, dsp 25.04.1804)
  ((2)) Mary Russell (d unm)
  (b) Frances Russell (b 06.01.1699, dsp 1775)
  m. John Rivett or Revett of Checkers (Chequers)
  (c) Mary Russell (b 06.08.1701, dsp 12.1735)
  m. _ Holmes in the East Indies
(d) Elizabeth Russell (b 20.07.1704)
  m. Samuel Greenhill of Swincombe (d before 23.01.1749-50)
  ((1)) Charles Greenhill (d young)
  ((2)) John Russell Greenhill of Cotisford House, later of Chequers (b c1729, d 20.12.1813, rector of Fringford & Marsh Gibbon)
  m. (05.07.1753) Elizabeth Noble (d 06.1807, dau of Matthew Noble of Durham/Sunderland)
  ((A)) Sir Robert Greenhill, later Russell, Bart of Chequers (d unm 12.1836, MP)
  m2. (07.09.1715) Johanna Thurbone (dau of Guy Thurbone or Thurban of Checkers)
  (e) Ann Cromwell Russell (d 1717)
  (iv) Christian Russell (bur 28.08.1669)
  (v) Elizabeth Russell (b 04.11.1664, d 20.07.1733)
  m. (02.1682-3) Sir Thomas Frankland, 2nd Bart of Thirkleby (d 30.10.1726)
(B) Robert Russell of Mildenhall (b 21.10.1644)
  m. _ Soame (dau/coheir of Thomas Soame of Thurlow)
  (C) Gerard Russell (b 02.01.1645)
  m. _ Yanker or Yonker of Hamburgh
  (D) Killephet Russell (b 11.03.1652, 5th son)
  (i) Francis Russell (bur 01.10.1689)
  (E) Elizabeth Russell
  m. (1665) Henry Cromwell of Spinney Abbey, Lord Deputy of Ireland (b 20.01.1627)
  (F) Sarah Russell (bpt 24.08/19.09.1639, bur 16.11.1715)
  m1. Sir John Reynolds of Cambridgeshire (d 05.12.1657, CIC Flanders)
  m2. (1660) Henry O'Brien, 7th Earl of Thomond (b c1620, d 02.05.1691)
  (G) Catherine Russell (bpt 23.12.1641)
  m. _ Sheers of Hertfordshire
  (H) Frances Russell (bpt 18.11.1649)
  m. John Hagar of Bourn
  (I) Ann Russell (bpt 14.07.1650)
m. Henry Underwood of Wittlesey
  (D) other issue - Killephet (b 21.04.1647, bur 16.04.1650), Edward (bpt 12.10.1654), Sarah (b 03.05.1637, d infant 1637)
  (2) Sir William 'the Black' Russell of St. Edmundsbury, Norfolk (dsps)
  m. Anne Bendish (d 10.08.1707, relict of _ Robinson)
  (A) daughter (d infant)
  (3) George Russell of Fordham, Cambridgeshire (b c1619, d 07.12.1682)
  m1. Mary Cherry of Surrey
  (A) William Russell of Fordham (bur 26.06.1701, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Cromwell (b 1660, dau of Henry Cromwell of Spinney Abbey, Lord Deputy of Ireland)
  The following has been supplemented by input from FMG (vol 2, Cromwell).
  (i) Francis Russell (bpt 19.01.1691)
  (a) Thomas Russell (bpt 27.02.1724)
  ((1)) William Russell (d before 1804)
  ((2)) Rebecca Russell (d 17.01.1832)
  m1. (sp) James Horley
  m2. William Dyer of Ilford (d 17.01.1824)
  (ii) Elizabeth Russell (d 05.11.1675)
  FMG & Lipscomb show Elizabeth as married to Robert D'Aye of Soham and her sister Mary as married to Martin Wilkins of Soham. A contributor (NC, 07.09.08) kindly provided us with a copy of a gravestone which shows that it was Mary who married Robert D'Aye. We presume that it was Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Martin Wilkins of Soham
  (iii) Mary Russell (b 18.01.1689?, 2nd)
  m. Robert D'Aye of Soham
  (iv) Margaret Russell
  m. _ Peachey
  (v) daughter
  m. _ Nelson of Mildenhall
  (vi)+ other issue - Gerard (b 1682), O'Brian (bpt 17.10.1684, dsp), Henry (b 10.10.1685), John (b 12.1688, d 23.03.1694-5), William (b 06.12.1689), Francis (b 19.01.1691-2), Edward (b 14.03.1693, d 10.08.1694), Thomas (b 31.08.1695, dsp), Frances (b 15.12.1686), Jane (b 15.06.1687-8), Mary (b c10.1689, d 16.01.1690)
(B)+ other issue (dsp) - Killiphett (d unm bur 01.08.1677), Gerard (dsp), John, b c1661, a 1684), Cherry (d young)
  m2. (21.08.1671) Mabel Lloyd (bur 01.09.1674, dau of Hugh Lloyd of Fordham)
  (F) Mabel Russell (bpt 15.08.1673)
  m. (05.04.1693) Richard Russell @@ above
  (4) Elizabeth Russell
  m1. Edward Lewknor of Denham
  m2. John Gauden, Bishop of Exeter, later of Worcester (b 1605, d 23.05.1662)
(5) Anne Russell
  m. John Bodvile (not Colvil) of Bodvile Castle (Colonel)
  (6) Sarah Russell
  m. Sir Thomas (not William) Chichley of Wimpole
  (7)+ other issue - Edward (bur 10/19.07.1647), Robert (bur 17.02.1640), John (bpt 31.01.1623, d infant), John (bpt 29.11.1624, dsp, Colonel), son
  m3. (12.04.1628) Elizabeth Smallpage (dau/heir of Michael Smallpage of Chichester (by Katherine, dau of William Devenish of Helingley), widow of John Wheatley of Catesfield)
  (11) William Russell (bpt 07.12.1621, d infant)
  (12) Sir William Russell, Bart of Langherne (Langharne, Carmarthenshire) (d by 1714)
  m. Hesther Rouse (d before 03.09.1717, dau of Sir Thomas Rouse, Bart of Rouse Lench, by Jane Ferrers)
  (A) Mary Russell
  m1. Hugh Calveley Cotton
  m2. Arthur Somerset

Main source(s): Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 2, 'Pedigree of Russell of Chequer's Court', p195+), BEB1844 (Russell of Chippenham) with a little support from BEB1844 (Russell of Langherne), TCB (vol ii, 'Russell of Chippenham', p65+)
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