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Families covered: Gerard of Flamberds, Gerard of Ince, Gerard of Harrow-on-the-Hill
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John Gerard
m. Ellin Ince (dau/heir of Richard de Ince of Ince)
1. William Gerard of Ince, Lancashire
  m. Cicely Standish (dau of Lawrence Standish of Standish)
  A. Thomas Gerard of Ince
m. Elizabeth Norres (dau of William Norres of the Speake)
  i. William Gerard of Ince
  m. Elizabeth Byron (dau of Sir John Byron (Biron of Biron))
  a. Thomas Gerard of Ince
m. Matilda Bold (dau of Sir Henry (probably not Richard) Bold of Bold)
  The following comes from Visitation (William Flower, Lancashire, 1567, Gerard of Ince) & Visitation (Richard St. George, Lancashire, 1613, Gerard).
  (1) Myles Gerard of Ince
  m. Jane Heyton (dau/coheir of William Heyton of Birchley)
  (A) William Gerard of Ince
m. Jane Osbaldestone (dau of Sir Alexander Osbaldestone of Osbaldestone)
  (i) Miles Gerard of Ince (a 1613)
  m. Grace Hesketh (dau of Gabriel Hesketh of Aughton)
  (a) Thomas Gerard (b c1591, a 1613)
  This is probably the Thomas of Ince who sold Ince to his kinsman Richard Gerard.
  m. Elyn Langtre (dau of Edward Langtre of Langtre)
  (b) Elizabeth Gerard
m. Roger Downes of Wardley
  (c) Cecily Gerard
  m.. Thomas Singleton of Stayning
  (d) Mary Gerard
  m. Richard Ashton of Bamfurth
  (ii)+ other issue (a 1567) - Thomas, Alexander, Anne, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, Isabell
  (B) Jane Gerard
  m. John Asheton of Bamfarlonge
  (C) daughter possibly of this generation
  m. Laurence Jolley of Standish
  (2) Richard Gerard
  (3) Elizabeth Gerard
  m. Roger Molyneux of Hawkeley
  (4) Jennett Gerard
  m. _ Eltonhed of Eltonhed
(5) Helen Gerard
  m. Thomas Parre of Parre
  (6) Anne Gerard
  m. Robert Gyldlowe
  b. James Gerard 'of the Ynche'
  m. Margaret Holcroft (dau of John Holcroft of Holcroft)
The following is mostly supported by BEB1841 (Gerard of Harrow-on-the-Hill) except that that appears to confuse/combine the undermentioned William and his son, showing just one generation (d 1583, m. Dorothy Ratcliff).
  (1) Sir Gilbert Gerard of Astley, of Gerard's Bromley (d 04.02.1592/3, Master of the Rolls, Attorney-General)
  m. Anne Ratcliffe (dau/heir of Thomas Ratcliffe of Wimersley)
  (2) William Gerard of Flamberds, Harrow-on-the-Hill, Middlesex
  m. Dorothy Page (dau of Thomas (sb Richard/) Page of Sudbery Court)
(A) William Gerard of Flamberds, Harrow-on-the-Hill (d 15.04.1583)
  (1) The following is partly supported by TCB (vol 1, 'Gerard of Gerrard of Harrow-on-the-hill', p142+).
(2) Mundy identifies William's wife as Dorothy, dau of Anthony Ratcliff, alderman of London. Provisionally, we follow BEB1841 & TCB in identifying her as ...
m. Dorothy Ratcliff (dau of John Ratcliff of Langley)
  (i) Sir Gilbert Gerard of Flamberds, Sheriff of Bershire, 1st Bart of Harrow-on-the-Hill (d 06.01.1669/70, , MP) the last of this line mentioned by Mundy
  m. Mary Barrington bur 04.05.1666, (dau of Sir Francis Barrington, Bart, by Joan Cromwell)
(a) Sir Francis Gerard of Flamberds, 2nd Bart of Harrow-on-the-Hill (b c1620, d by 1685, MP)
  m. (by 1650) Isabel Cheek (dau of Sir Thomas Cheek of Pirgo by Essex, dau of Robert (Rich), Earl of Warwick)
  ((1)) Sir Charles Gerard of Flamberds, 3rd Bart of Harrow-on-the-Hill (b c1654, d 1701, MP)
  m. (09/10.02.1675-6) Honora Seymour (bur 11.05.1731, dau of Charles Seymour, 2nd Lord of Trowbridge, by Elizabeth Alington)
  ((A)) Francis Gerard (dvpsp)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Gerard
  m1. Warwick Lake (d 1712)
  m2. Miles Stapleton
  ((2)) Sir Francis Gerard of Flamberds, 4th Bart of Harrow-on-the-Hill (d 08.1704)
  m. ??
  ((A)) daughter
m. _ Lethieullier
  ((B)) Isabella Gerard (dsp) see just below
  ((3)) Sir Cheeke Gerard of Flamberds, 5th Bart of Harrow-on-the-Hill (b 02.07.1662, d unm 02.1715)
  ((4)) Isabella Gerard (dsp 11.08.1762)
  Isabella is shown by TCB (vol 1, Gerard/Gerrard) as dau of Sir Francis, 4th Bart, but by TCP (Palmerston) & TCB (vol 5, Fryer of London) as of this generation.
  m1. (11.03.1724/5) Sir John Fryer of Wherwell, Lord Mayor of London, Bart (d 11.09.1726, m1. ??, m2. ??)
  m2. (11.05.1728) Henry Temple, 1st Viscount Palmerston (d 10.06.1757)
  (b) Winifred Gerard
  m. Tristram Conyers
  (c) Katherine Gerard (bpt 06.07.1631, a 1688)
m. Sir Charles Pym, Bart (d c1672)
  (d) daughter
  m. Sir John Heydon
  (e)+ other issue - Sir Gilbert, Thomas, John, Mary (d unm)
  (ii) William Gerrard of Aston Clinton, Buckinghamshire
  m. Mary Ferrers (dau of John Ferrers of Cookeham)
  (iii) Dorothy Gerrard possibly the Dorothy who married ...
m. (25.09.1626) Carew Hervey Mildmay of Marks (b 02.02.1595, bur 08.08.1676)
  (iv) Elizabeth Gerrard
  m. Francis Ram of Essex
  (v)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Anthony (dsp), James (dsp), John, Richard, Francis, Mary, Joane, Radcliffe, Issabell
  (B) Richard Gerard or Gerrard (bur 17.05.1614, rector of Stockport, chaplain to Queen Elizabeth)
The following comes from Visitation (Cheshire, 1663, Gerard), supported by Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 1, Gerard of Riddings).
  m. (19.01.1584-5) Ursula Arderne (bur 03.04.1624, dau of Ralph Arderne of Hawarden)
  (i) William Gerard (dsp)
  (ii) Thomas Gerard of Riddings, Bowdon (b c1605, a 1664)
  m1. (c05.1627) Beatrix Hyde (dau of Robert Hyde of Norbury)
  (a) Anne Gerard (bur 02.12.1699)
  m1. William Domville of Lymme
  m2. ?? Leigh
  m2. Catherine Brooke (dau of Sir Richard Brooke of Norton)
  m3. (1640) Townsend Domville (dau of Edward Domville of Lymme)
  (iii) Elizabeth Gerard
  m. Oswald Moseley of the Garret
  (iv) Margaret Gerard
  m. Edward Hayer of Nantwich
(C) Gilbert Gerrard of London
  m. Maud May (dau/heir of John May of London)
  (i)+ issue - Gilbert, John, Clemence, Mary
  (D) Thomas Gerrard of Burwell
  m. Alice Elliott (dau/coheir of Edward Elliott of London)
  (i) Elizabeth Gerard probably the Elizabeth (bur 14.10.1626) who married ...
  m. (by 1616) Sir William Russell, 1st Bart of Chippenham
  (ii)+ other issue - Edward, William, Alice
  (E) Phillip Gerrard (of Gray's Inn)
m. Frances Page (dau of John Page of Wembly)
  (i)+ issue - William, John, James, Framcis, Thomas, Richard, Phillip, Gilbert
  (F) Frances Gerrard
  m. Edward Radclyff of Gray's Inn
  (G) Dorothy Gerrard
  m. Thomas Waller of Buckinghamshire (of Gray's Inn)
  (H)+ other issue (dsp or d unm) - John, James, Fellice, Maud, Anne
  (3) Ellin Gerard
  m. John Norris of Oxfordshire (or of Orforde/Oxford, Lancashire)
  (4) Elizabeth Gerard
m. Richard Radclyffe of Langley
  c. Gilbert Gerard 'of Ince'
  The following comes from Wikipedia ("William Gerard") & HoP ("William Gerard"), the former reporting that the undermentioned Lord Chancellor was cousin of Sir Gilbert Gerard, Master of the Rolls (above).
  m. Elizabeth Davison (dau of William Davison, alderman of Chester)
  (1) Sir William Gerard or Gerrard (b 1515, d 1581, Lord Chancellor of Ireland, MP)
  m. Dorothy Barton (dau of Andrew Barton of Smithhills, sister of Ralph (MP))
  (A) Gilbert Gerard (b 1575, d 1609, MP)
  m. Elen Pearson (dau of William Pearson of Chester)
  (B) Elizabeth Gerard
  m. Thomas (not Sir Edward) Leighton
  (C) Sydney Gerard
  m. Sir John Wynne
  (D)+ 1 son and 2 daughters
  d.+ other issue - Roger (priest), Robert (priest), Richard (priest), Pyers, Rauf

Main source(s): Mundy's 'Middlesex Pedigrees' (Armytage, 1914, 'Gerard of Flamberds in Harrow') with input/support as reported above
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