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Families covered: Byron of Byron, Byron of Clayton, Byron of Newstead (Newsted)

Visitation (Nottinghamshire) starts with the following Sir Richard, Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Spence) shows that Richard (a 1330) was son of Sir James of Clayton (a 1342) by Elizabeth.
Sir Richard Byron of Byron and Clayton
m. Joane Colwick (dau/heir of William Colwick) mentioned by Visitation (Sussex)
1. Sir John Byron of Clayton
  m. Margery Booth (dau of John Booth of Barton)
  A. Sir Nicholas Byron of Clayton
  m. Alice Butler (dau of Sir John Butler of Bewsey)
i. Sir John Byron of Clayton (dsp)
  ii. Sir Nicholas Byron of Clayton
  m. Jane Bussey (dau of Sir John Bussey of Haugham)
  a. Sir John Byron of Clayton and Newstead Abbey
  m1. Isabell Shelton (dsp, dau of Peter Shelton of Lynne)
  p/m2. Elizabeth Casterden (dau of William Casterden)
Born before their marriage was ...
  (1) John Byron of Newsted and Papulwicke
  m. Alice Strelley (dau of Sir Nicholas Strelley of Strelley)
  (A) Nicholas Byron (dsp)
  (B) Anthony Byron (dsp)
  m. Margaret Beaumond (dau of _ Beaumond of Coleorton)
(C) Sir John Byron of Newsted or Newstead
  m. Margaret Fitzwilliams (dau of Sir William Fitzwilliams)
  (i) Sir John Byron of Newstead (d 28.09.1625)
  m. Anne Molyneux (dau of Sir Richard Molyneux, 1st Bart of Sefton)
  (ii) Nicholas Byron (Colonel)
(iii) Anne Byron
  m. John Atherton of Skelton (son of John of Atherton by Catherine Conyers)
  (iv) Allice Byron
  Visitation suggests that this was the Alice who married Sir John Radcliff of Ordsall but BLG1952 (Radclyffe of Foxdenton and Hyde) identifies her as daughter of Anne Molyneux.
  (v) Margaret Byron (dsp)
m. Gilbert Armstrong of Thorpe
  (vi) Mary Byron
  m1. ??
  m2. (1621) Thomas Hutchinson of Owthorpe
  (D) Isabell Byron
  m. Thomas Skeffington of Skeffington (d 1600)
  (E) Elizabeth Byron
  m. John Atherton of Atherton
  (F) Mary Byron (bur 12.01.1591-2)
  m. Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 27.12.1617)
  (2) Elizabeth Byron possibly of this generation
  m. William Gerard of Ince
  b. Nicholas Byron (captain)
  (1) Gefferey Byron
  m. _ Freeman of Bedfordshire
  (A) Sybill Byron duplication below?
  m. William Spence of London
  (B) Alice Byron duplication below?
  m. William Walden of St. Ives, Huntingdonshire
  (C)+ other issue - Thomas of London (dsp), Richard, Elizabeth (dsp)
  c. Mary Byron
  m. Christopher Wimbreth of Norton
  d. Dorothy Byron (5th/youngest dau) identified on web site
  m. Edmund Pierrepont of Holme Pierrepont
iii. Margery Byron
  m. Sir Robert Fowlesherst
  iv. Alice Byron
  m. Henry Sutton (son of Robert of Aleham)
  v. daughter
  m. Sir John Savage (KG)
  Visitation also shows an unnamed daughter as married to John Radcliffe of Radcliffe Tower. Noting that her husband was of the family that was previously known as of Radcliffe Tower, we suspect that this was ...
  vi. Elizabeth Byron
  m. Richard Radclyffe of Oswaldtwistle and Moston (b 1454, dsp 08.06.1502)
  B. Raffe Byron
  i. Nicholas Byron 'of Lancashire'
  m. _ FitzGeoffrey
  a. Sibbell Byron duplication above?
  m. William Spence of Pargrave
b. Allice Byron duplication above?
  m. William Walden of Erith
  c. Elizabeth Byron (dsp)
  C. (Sir) Richard Byron of Byron 'of Clayton'
  Visitation shows Richard as father of Margaret who was married to _ Staunton by whom she had Margery (m. Thomas Welsh of Onlip) and Jane (m. William Bassett of Blore). However, cross-references from the Bassett records suggest that Margery & Jane were Richard's daughters, not granddaughters, whilst the Walsh/Welsh cross-reference suggests that Margarert (Margery) married twice as follows.
  i. Margaret or Margery Byron
  m1. Thomas Walsh of Wanlip (Welsh of Onlip) (d 1493)
  m2. Robert Staunton
  ii. Johanna Byron probably of this generation
  m. William Basset, 'Viscomes Stafford' (a 1465, 1491)
  D. Ellen Byron
  m. (by 1442) Sir Walter Blount, 1st Lord Mountjoy (b c1420, d 01.08.1474)
  E. Margaret Byron (a 1479) probably of this generation
  m1. Sir William Atherton of Atherton (d 1440)
  m2. Sir Robert Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt (d 14.11.1471)
  F. Mary Byron possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John de Assheton of Assheton (a 1413)

Main source(s): Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Byron)
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