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Families covered: Atherton of Atherton, Atherton of Bickerstaffe, Atherton of Hindley, Atherton of Lostock

(Most of) the following data was kindly provided by a contributor (OWC, 21.11.08) based on VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, Townships - Atherton) with entries from other parts of that volume (and possibly also vols 4 & 5). To be consistent with our intent of enabling others to reproduce database pages substantially as we have done as long as they have access to the same sources, we feel obliged to check contributed data when we can and have so far confirmed most of the data shown below. We show in italics those entries which we have not yet verified ourselves.
Robert de Atherton of Atherton (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. William de Atherton of Atherton
  A. Henry de Atherton of Atherton (d 1243) succeeded by ...
  i. William de Atherton of Atherton (a 1259) probably father of ...
a. William de Atherton of Atherton (a 1292)
  (1) William de Atherton of Atherton (d before 1315/6)
  m. Agnes
  (A) Henry de Atherton of Atherton
  m. Beatrice (possibly of Ashton family, widow of Hugh de Hindley)
(i) Sir William de Atherton of Atherton (d 1389)
  m(1). Joan de Mobberley (sister/coheir of Ralph de Mobberley of Mobberley)
  (a) Sir William Atherton of Atherton (d 29.12.1414)
  m. Agnes de Vernon (dau of Ralph Vernon of Shipbrook)
  ((1)) Sir William Atherton of Atherton (b c1384)
  m1. Elizabeth Pilkington (dau of Sir John Pilkington)
((A)) Sir William Atherton of Atherton (d 1440)
  m. Margaret Byron (a 1479, dau of Sir John Byron, m2. Sir Robert Harcourt)
((i)) William Atherton of Atherton (dsp before 1461)
  m. (1444) Isabel Balderston (dau of Richard Balderston of Balderston)
  ((ii)) John Atherton of Atherton, Sheriff of Durham (d 1488)
m. Jane Warren (dau of John Warren of Poynton & Stockton)
  ((iii)) Margaret Atherton probably of this generation
  m. (1438) John Dutton of Hatton
  ((iv)) Elizabeth Atherton probably of this generation
  William Whitmore of Thurstanston (a 1473)
  ((v))+ other issue - Nicohlas (dsp), Ralph
  ((B)) Elizabeth Atherton probably of this generation
  m. William de Ireland of the Hutt & Hale (d 1435)
  m2. Eleanor
(b) Sir Nicholas Atherton of Bickerstaffe (d 1420)
  The following comes from VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, Bickerstaffe).
  m. Joan de Bickerstaff (dau/heir of Adam de Bickerstaff)
  ((1)) Nicholas Atherton of Bickerstaffe (d 1424)
  ((A)) Henry Atherton of Bickerstaffe (b c1415)
  m. (1430) Douce Massy (dau of Hamlet Massy of Rixton)
  ((i)) Hamlet or Hamnet Atherton of Bickerstaffe
  ((a)) Thomas Atherton of Bickerstaffe (d 1514)
  (((1))) Margaret Atherton (b c1486, d 18.01.1517-8)
  m. (1510) James Scarisbrick (son of James of Scarisbrick)
  ((B)) Philip Atherton (4th son?)
  m. Joan Hurleton (dau of Nicholas Hurleton)
  ((C))+ other issue - Hugh, Edmund of Gauntley, Ralph, James, Robert, Ellen, Margery, Margaret, Joan
  ((2)) Ralph Atherton (d 1461)
  partner(s) unknown
  ((A)) Piers Atherton
  ((i)) Humphrey Atherton
  ((a)) Ralph Atherton (a 1506)
  ((B)) Janet Atherton (b 1448)
  m. Gilbert Walsh
  ((C)) Margaret Atherton
  m. John Swift of Skelmersdale, Ormskirk & Sefton
  ((i)) Joan Swift
  m. _ Orrell
  ((a)) John Orrell
  (ii) Henry de Atherton of Hindley
  The following comes from VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, Hindley).
  m. Agnes de Molyneux (dau/heir of Thomas de Molyneux son/heir of Richard of Crosby by Beatrice)
(a) Henry de Atherton
  m. Agnes
  ((1)) Beatrice de Atherton
  m1. Thomas de Wight (d c1359)
  m2. Thomas Hert
  ((2)) Agnes de Atherton
m. (div) Adam Dickson (son of John)
  (b) John de Atherton of Hindley (3rd son)
  m. Joan de Atherton (son of Henry de Atherton) @@ below
  ((1)) Richard de Atherton of Hindley
  (c)+ other issue - William, Thomas
  (iii) Richard Atherton of Astley (d c1390)
  (a)+ 3 daughters
  (B) Adam de Atherton (a 1347, chaplain)
  (C) Margaret de Atherton
m. Otes (Auti, Outhi or Otho) de Halsall of Halsall & Barton
  (2) Alexander de Atherton of Lostock (a 1292)
  (3) Hugh de Atherton of Glodwick & Ashton (a 1292)
  m. Joan
  (A) Henry de Atherton of Aintree (d by 1343)
  VCH (Lancashire, vol 3, Aintree) identified Henry (son of Hugh) as married to Emma (dau of Henry & Agnes de Aintree) and identifies that Agnes as dau of Richard Molyneux of Sefton.
  m. Emma de Aintree (dau of Henry de Aintree by Agnes, dau of Richard de Molyneux of Sefon, sister of Sir William)
  (i) Joan de Atherton apparently the Joan who married ...
  m1. John de Atherton of Hindley @@ above
  m2. Sir Robert de Neville of Hornby & Aintree (a 07.1373)
  (B) Hugh de Atherton (a 1332)
  (4) Roger de Atherton
  m. Margery de Bury
  (A) Thomas de Atherton of Lostock
  (B)+ other issue - John, Hugh
  ii. Alan de Atherton of Lostock presumed of this generation
  a. William de Atherton of Lostock

Main source(s): VCH (Lancashire, vols 3, 4 & 5) - see note at top of page
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