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Families covered: Midgeley of Alwoodley, Midgeley of Breragh, Morwick of Morwick, Morwick of West Chevingto, Menevill of Hordenn, Malte of London, Skutte of Stanton Drew
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Edward Midgeley of Midgeley, near Halifax
1. Richard Midgeley of Breragh
  A. John Midgeley
  i. Robert Midgeley of Breragh
m. Mary Smith of London
  a. Ralph Midgeley of Breragh
  m. Frances Burniston (dau of George Burniston of Potter Newton)
  (1) Robert Midgeley of Leeds (b c1653, d 16.10.1723)
  m1. Isabella Neale (dsp 18.02.1701, dau of George Neale of Leeds by Elizabeth Jackson)
  m2. Mary Cox (dau of Admiral Sir John Cox)
  (2) Rev. Joseph Midgeley of Thirsk (b c1655, d 24.06.1704)
  m. Sarah Pybus (dau of John Pybus of Thirsk)
  (A) Robert Midgeley (b 1684, d 24.05.1761, Master of Coxwold Free School)
  (3) Ester Midgeley (b 28.04.1669, d 1726) probably of this generation
  m. Francis Lupton of Leeds (b 1654, d 28.08.1717)
  ii. son
  a. John Midgeley of Breragh
  m. Bridget Midgeley (dau of Samuel Midgeley)
  (1) Jonathan Midgeley of Beverley (a 1712)
  iii. Richard Midgeley
  iv. Thomas Midgeley
  a. Samuel Midgeley of Alwoodley
  m. Mary Midgeley (dau of Robet Midgeley)
  (1)+ issue - Samuel of Aldwoodley (a 1712), Robert of London (d 1694, MD)



Ernulph or Ernald of West Chevington, later de Morwick (d before 1177)
1. Hugh de Morwick of West Chevington & Morwick (d 1187)
m. Adelina or Alina Bertram (sister of Roger Bertram)
  A. Hugh de Morwick of West Chevington & Morwick (d c1237)
  m. Sibella de Umframvill (dau of Richard de Umframvill)
  i. Hugh de Morwick of West Chevington & Morwick (d c1268)
  m. Agnes de Heyford (dau of Roger de Heyford by Margaret Gobion)
  a. Sibilla de Morwick (b c1247, d 26.07.1298)
  m1. Sir Roger de Lumley (d by 1279)
  m2. (before 09.1284) Lawrence de St. Maur (d 1295)
  b. Theophania de Morwick (b c1253, d before 28.08.1315)
  m. Sir John de Bulmer (d 17.02.1298/9)
  c. Beatrice de Morwick (b c1258, dsp 20.051293)
  m. Sir John de Roseles (d 04.02.1304-5)
  d. Margery de Morwick (a 1273, nun)
  ii. Richard de Morwick of Aketon (Acton)
  iii. Theophania de Morwick (d before 1263)
  m. Richard de Landesseye
  B. Richard de Morwick (prior og Watton)
2. Nicholas de Morwick (a 1191)



Hodgson identified the arms of this family as "A cross engrailed".
Robert de Menevill (a 1278, 1292)
m. ?? (possibly sister of Robert de Wyberis)
1. Adam de Menevill (d c1306)
A. John de Menevill of Horden, co. Durham (a 1343, d by 1361)
  m. (by 03.10.1325) Agnes de Silkeworthe (a 1361, dau of William de Silkeworthe)
  i. Sir William de Menevill of Horden (d c1372)
  m1. Dyonisia (a 1366)
  m2. Isabella Lumley (dau of Sir Marmaduke de Lumley, m2. Sir William Fulthorp)
  a. Isabella Menevill
  m1. (before 08.1372) William de Laton of Laton
  m2. Sir William de Claxton
  ii. Thomas de Menevill of Apperley (a 1366, 1397, d(sp?) by 1410)
  m. Alice (a 1410)
  iii.+ other issue - John (a 1333), Nicholas (a 1354)
2. John de Menevyle of Milburn
  A. John de Menevill of Milburn (a 03.1325)
3.+ other issue - Matilda, Isabella



John Malte of London (d before 07.06.1547)
MGH shows that this is the John who adoped Ethelred (Audrey) Malte, a bastard daughter of King Henry VIII.
m1. ??
1. Mary Malte
  m. Richard Egleston
2. Elizabeth Malte
m. _ Bradysley
m2. ??
3. Meriel Malte (d 09.03.1548)
  m. (c1545) Sir John Horner of Cloford (d 24.09.1587)
4. Bridget Malte (a 1547)
  m. John Skutte of Stanton Drew, Somerset
  A. Edward Skutte
  B. Anthony Skutte 'of Stanton Drew'
  m. Gertrude Gilbert (d 1593)
  i. Margaret Skutte
  m. John Stocker of Chilcompton
  ii. Martha Skutte
  m. Sir John Cooper (d 1610)

Main source(s):
(1) For Midgeley (uploaded 29.03.19) : 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p21) with some input, shown in italics, from a schedule kindly provided to us by a regular contributor (CV, 08.10.20)
(2) For Morwick (uploaded 04.05.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 5, John Crawford Hodgson, 1899, 'Morwick of Morwick', p350), 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, ' Heyford, Morewick and Lumley of Harleston &c', p167)
(3) For Menevill (uploaded 16.05.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 6, John Crawford Hodgson, 1902, 'Menevill of Whittonstall and Horden', p192)
(4) For Malte (uploaded 17.02.21) : MGH (NS1, vol 4 (1884), 'Horner Pedigree', p161+)
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