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Families covered: Bussy (Bussey) of Haydor (Hether), Bussy of Hougham, Bussy of North Clifton

Sir Lambard Bussy
m. Lucy Beningworth (dau of Sir Gilbert Beningworth)
1. Sir Hugh Bussy (d 13.11.1278)
  A. Sir Lambert Bussy
  m. Elizabeth Dive (d 1296, dau of Sir William Dive, sister/coheir of John, m2. John D'Albini)
  i. Sir Hugh Bussy of Hougham (d 1306)
  m. Elizabeth Colepepper (d 11.02.1313-7, dau of Thomas Colepepper of Hartshull)
  a. Sir John Bussy (b c1282, d 29.09.1349)
  m1. Joan (d 1320)
  (1) Sir John Bussy (dvp 17.09.1347)
m. Agnes de la Pole (d 1337, dau of Thomas de la Pole, Earl of Suffolk (??))
  (A) Sir William Bussy of Hougham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 24.10.1380)
  m. Isabell Paynell (dau of Sir John Paynell of Boothby)
  (i) Sir John Bussy of Hougham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d 30.07.1399)
  m. Matilda Neville (d 1381, dau/heir of Sir Philip Neville of Scotton, Malmeton & Grimsthorpe)
  (a) Sir John Bussy of Hougham (d 04.03.1458-9)
  m. Margaret (or Katherine) Cumberworth (d 21.01.1460-1, dau of Sir John Cumberworth of Hundon)
  ((1)) Sir John Bussy of Hougham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire - continued below
  m. Elizabeth Berkeley (dau of Sir Lawrence Berkeley of Wymondham)
  ((2)) Joan Bussy
  m. William Sanlow of Silkby
  ((3)) Cicely Bussy
  m. Thomas Burton
  ((4)) Elizabeth Bussy
  m1. Thomas Folkingham
  m2. William Armine
  (ii) William Bussy (a 1380)
  m2. Agnes
  ii. Agnes Bussy
  m. Sir Nicholas Tamworth
  B. Hugh de Bussy



Sir John Bussy or Bussey of Hougham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 21.10.1422, d 07.03.1497-8) - continued above
m. Elizabeth Berkeley (d 05.08.1494, dau of Sir Lawrence Berkeley of Wymondham)
1. Hugh Bussy (b 24.11.1453, dvp 1473)
  m. Jane Whichcot (d 25.07.1508, dau of John Whichcot of Harpswell)
  A. Sir Miles Bussy of Hougham, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (d before 12.02.1525-6)
  m. Margaret Foljambe (dau of Henry Foljambe of Walton)
  i. John Bussy of Hougham (d 31.01.1541-2)
  m. Anne (dau of Thomas, Lord Burgh)
a. Anne Bussy
  m. Sir Edward Brudenell of Dene
  ii. Henry or Hugh Bussy (a 1525)
  iii. Jane Bussy
  m1. (after 29.03.1525) Thomas Meres (d before 01.10.1535, son/heir of John of Kirton)
  m2. William Radcliffe
  B. Elizabeth Bussy
  m. (mcrt 16.10.1502) William Armine of Osgodby
2. Edmund Bussy of Haydor (d 1539-40, younger son)
  m. Thomasine (a 1539)
  A. Edmund (or Edward) Bussy of Haydor or Hether (b 22.06.1511, d 15.01.1558-9)
  m1. Joane Hercy (sister/coheir of Sir John Hercy of Grove)
  i. Edmund Bussy (d 27.11.1570)
  m. Elizabeth Hastings (dau of John Hastings of Modendyne)
  ii. Francis Bussy (bur 04.11.1594)
  iii. Katherine Bussy (a 12.1558)
  m. Charles Bawde of Somerby
  iv. Elizabeth Bussy
  m1. John Porter of Belton (dsp 1575)
  m2. Sir Charles Hussy
m3. Sir John Dawnay (a 12.1593)
  m2. Katherine Bassett (dau of William Bassett of Muskham, widow of Guy Fairfax)
  v. John Bussy of Haydor (b c1532, d 27.12.1593)
  m. Elizabeth Poole (a 12.1593, natural dau of Henry Poole of Langley, sister of Henry of Wythcok)
  a. John Bussy of Haydor or Hether (b 29.12.1559, dvp)
  m. Jane Pole (d 1624, dau/heir of Thomas Poule or Pole of (Bishop Hall in) Middlesex, m2. Sir Thomas Mansell of Margam, Bart)
(1) Sir Raleigh or Rawlyn Bussy of Haydor (b 15.04.1586, d 1623)
  m. Cecily Mansell (d before 06.10.1623, dau of Anthony Mansell of Llanrithen)
  (A) Jane Bussy (youngest dau) who married ...
  m. (04.11.1644) Sir Nicholas Kemeys, 1st Bart of Cefn Mably (d Chepstow 25.05.1648)
  (B)+ other issue (a 06.1620) - Thomas, Paul, Anthony, Katherine, Mary
  b. Sir Edmund or Edward Bussy or Bussey of Haydor or Hether (b 15.03.1560-1, bur 16.06.1616)
  m. Anne or Frances Cave (dau of Roger Cave of Stanford)
  (1) Sir Miles Bussy of Haydor & Oseby (b 19.08.1592, a 1620, 2nd son, sold Haydor)
  m. Grace Halford (dau of William Halford of Welham)
  (A)+ issue - Elizabeth (b 20.03.1609/10), Frances (bpt 26.11.1611), Bridget (bpt 21.01.1612-3)
(2) Elizabeth Bussy (b 24.07.1594)
  m. William Halford of Welham
  (3)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 11.08.1593, d infant?), Frances (b 29.04.1595-6, bur 04.07.1596), Bridget (bpt 15.05.1596, bur 08.06.1601), Jane (b 12.07.1597)
  c. Francis Bussy of Roxholme, later of North Clifton (b 20.04.1567, a 04.1614, 3rd son)
  (1) Edmund Bussy of North Clifton, Nottinghamshire (b 03.08.1597)
  (A) Mary Bussy
  m. Michael Metcalf of Revesby
(2) Christopher Bussy of North Clifton (d before 07.02.1658-9)
  (A) Francis Bussy of the Close of Lincoln (Captain)
  m. (21.06.1669) Bridget Disney (dau of Molineux Disney of Norton Disney)
  (B)+ other issue (a 10.1658) - Charles, Elizabeth
  d. Andrew Bussy of Cheston (Cheshunt?), Hertfordshire (youngest son)
  The following comes from Visitation (Hertfordshire, 1572+1634, Bussye of Cheshunt (in Appendix)).
m. Millescent Fairclough (dau of John Fairclough of Weston)
  (1) Cecil Bussy who married ...
  m. Elizabeth Harvey (dau of Sir Gerrard Harvey of Cardington)
  (2) John Bussy (d young)
  e. Elizabeth Bussy (b 26.10.1558, bur 1588-9)
  m. (17.11.1577) John Babington of Rampton
  f. Anne Bussy (b 20.09.1563)
  m1. (01.06.1580) Bartholomew Armstrong of Corby
  m2. _ Middleton
g. Bridget Bussy (b 08.01.1565-6, a 01.1602-3)
  m. (09.05.1589) Henry Pate of East Kettleby
  h. Mary Bussy (b 02.08.1570, d after 09.1658)
  m. (after 12.1593) Sir George Heneage of Towes (dsp)
  i. Jane Bussy (bpt 08.01.1576-7)
  m1. (04.05.1595) Sir Richard Waldram of Eston, later of co. Cavan
  m2. _ Harris (judge in Ireland)
j.+ other issue - Brudenell (bpt 02.07.1562, d 10.05.1577), Christopher of Corby (b 04.04.1568, a 04.1614), Charles (b 11.05.1572), Miles (bpt 02.02.1573-4, bur 28.05.1574), Andrew (bpt 04.10.1580, a 12.1593)
  vi. Bridget Bussy (a 12.1593)
  m. (after 11.1558) Henry Allen of Wilsford
  vii.+ other issue - George (a 12.1558), Edward (b 24.12.1552, a 12.1593)
  B. Margaret Bussy
  m. Richard Molyneux of Haughton
3. Elizabeth Bussy
  m. Robert Southill
4. Katherine Bussy
  m. John Whichcot of Harpswell
5. Anne Bussy
  m. Nicholas Byron (brother/heir of Sir John)
6.+ other issue - Edward in Lincoln (a 1525), William (d 15.03.1493-4, rector of Hougham & Winfield), John (d 26.01.1487-8)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Bussy of Hougham and Haydor)
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