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Families covered: Alleyne of Barbados, Allen of Buckminster, Allen (Alleyne) of Grantham, Allen of Skillington

George Allen or Alleyne of Chartley, Suffolk, and Grantham, Lincolnshire
1. Richard Allen or Alleyne of Grantham (d 06.09.1559)
  Maddison shows Richard as having married twice, a daughter of John Sheldon of Bewley (mother of all of his children) then an Isabella. BP1934 shows him as having married twice, an unnamed first wife "had issue an only son") then Isabella Sheldon ("and by her had issue"). We follow BP1934 and presume that all of Richard's children were by Isabella Sheldon apart from his eldest son.
  m1. ??
  A. John Allen or Alleyne of Grantham, Skillington and Stoke Rochford (dvp 08.12.1557)
  m. Alice
  i. John Allen of Grantham and Stoke (b by 1535, a 1594)
  m1. Elizabeth Belgrave (dau of William Belgrave of Kibworth)
  m2. Dorothy Clarke (a 07.1607, dau of _ Clarke, alderman of London, half-sister of Roger of London, she m2. Richard Burgess)
  a. George Allen (bpt 30.09.1582, 5th son)
  (1) John Allen
  b.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 06.21.1584, a 07.1607), John (bpt 28.04.1586), Francis (a 1615, rector of Great Ponton), Nicholas , Elizabeth (bpt 12.03.1579-80), Mary (bur 151.10.1584), Anne (bpt 29.08.1581), Bridget (bpt 02.1588-9)
  ii. Richard Allen or Alleyne of Skillington (d 05/6-1616)
  m. Margaret Wisdom (dau of John Wisdom of London)
  a. Richard Allen or Alleyne of Stowting (d 10.1651, rector of Stowting)
  m. Christian
  (1) Richard Allen of Canterbury
  (2) Abel Allen
  (A) Christian Allen
  (3) Reynold Alleyne of Mount Alleyne, Barbados
  m. Mary Skeet (she m2. John Turner)
  (A) Abel Alleyne of Barbados
  m. Elizabeth Denzy
  (i) Reynold Alleyne of Four Hills, Barbados (judge)
  m. Elizabeth Gay (dau of John Gay)
  (a) John Alleyne of Four Hills, Barbados (d 1730)
m. (24.11.1718) Mary Terril (dau of William Terril of Cabbage Tree Hall by Rebecca, dau of Thomas Spiar of Mount Steadfast)
  ((1)) Sir John Gay Alleyne, 1st Bart (b 28.04.1724, d 1801, 2nd son)
  m1. (19.10.1746) Christian Dottin (d 1782, dau of Joseph Dottin of Black Rocks and Anne, dau of Edward Jordan
  ((A)) son (d infant)
  m2. (29.06.1786) Jane Abel Alleyne (dau of Abel Alleyne)
  ((B)) Sir Reynold Abel Alleyne, 2nd Bart (b 10.06.1789, d 14.02.1870, youngest son) had issue
m. (20.09.1810) Rebecca Olton (d 05.06.1860, dau of John Olton of Harrow, Barbados)
  ((C)) Rebecca Braithwaite Alleyne (d 1846)
  m. William Bovil
  ((D)) Christian Dottin Alleyne (d 11.02.1873)
  m. (1829) Henry Withy (minister in Huddersfield)
  ((E))+ other issue - John Gay (b c1787, d 1800), Mary Spire (d 10.01.1862), Jane Gay (d 23.11.1836)
  ((2)) Mary Alleyne (d 16.03.1742)
  m. (23.12.1740) Sir Charles Knowles, Governor of Jamaica, 1st Bart of Lovell Hill (b by 1700, d 09.12.1777, Admiral)
  ((3)) Rebecca Alleyne (b 11.10.1725, d 04.05.1764)
  m. (05.09.1751) William de Bouverie, 1st Earl of Radnor (b 26.02.1725, d 28.01.1776)
  ((4))+ other issue (d unm) - Reynold, Reynoldia
  (b) Abel Alleyne of Mount Steadfast, Barbados
  m. Mary Woodbridge
  ((1)) Thomas Abeyne
  m. _ Foster of Barbados
  ((A)) John Foster Alleyne (b 1762, President of the Council, Barbados)
  m. Elizabeth Gibebs Welling (d 12.02.1820, dau of Charles Welling of Philadelphia)
  ((i)) James Holder Alleyne of Barbados (d 02.07.1842) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Mary Lowe (dau of Joseph Lowe)
  ((2))+ other issue
  (c) Reynold Alleyne of Jackson, Barbados had issue
  m. Elizabeth Ward of Glen Hall
  (d) Thomas Alleyne of Dymock, Barbados had issue
  m1. Lucy Dotin (dau of William Dotin of Granada Hall)
  m2. Susan Gibbs (dau of William Gibbs)
  (e) Elizabeth Alleyne
  m. _ Forster of Forster's Hall
  (f) Isabella Alleyne
  m. Joseph Gibbes of Plumtree
  (g) Ruth Alleyne
  m. John Holder of Joe's River
  (h) Christian Alleyne
  m. John Gibbes of the Castle
  (ii)+ 2 sons and 4 daughters
  (4) Anne Allen
  m. George Laws
  (5) Margaret Allen
  m. William Culpepper
  b. Timothy Allen of Hundleby (a 1634, 4th son)
  m. Douglas Paye (dau of Richard Paye of Chipstead)
(1) Timothy Allen (b c1616, a 1634)
  (2) Anne Allen
  m. William Moore
  c. Jane Allen
  m. (27.04.1621) James Simball of Skillington
  d.+ other issue - John, Abel, Elizabeth, Abigail, Anne
iii.+ other issue - Francis,m William (bur 12.11.1580), Ellen, Elizabeth, Dorothy
  m2. Isabella Sheldon (dau of John Sheldon of Beoley)
  B. Henry Allen 'of Grantham' of Buckminster, Leicestershire (d 20.08.1549-50)
  m. Anne Peck (dau of Richard Peck of Wakefield)
  i. Richard Allen of Buckminster and Skillington
  m. (14.01.1588-9) Margaret Lusher (dau of _ Lusher of Shorland, sister of Sir Nicholas of Putney)
  a. Richard Allen of Skillington (d 1649)
  m. (06.10.1620) Frances Clipsham (d 1649, dau of Richard Clipsham of Manthorpe)
(1)+ issue (a 1634) - Richard (bpt 28.08.1621), Charles, Anthony, Leon, Mary, Ellen
  b. Mary Allen (a 02.1617-8)
  m. _ Blunt
  c.+ other issue - Anne, Elizabeth (a 02.1617-8), Jane (a 02.1617-8)
  ii. Henry Allen of Wilsford, Grantham and Braceby
  m. Bridget Bussey (a 05.1594, dau of Edmund (probably not John) Bussey of Haydor)
  a. Humphrey Allen of Wilsford (2nd son?)
  (1) Thomas Allen (a 1634)
  b. Berkeley Allen of Wilsford (3rd of 4th son)
  m. Joane Smyth (dau of Anthony Smyth of Guildford)
  (1)+ issue (a 1634) - William (b c1614), Henry (b c1626), Mary, Anne, Bridget, Elizabeth, Jane
  c. Anne Allen
  m. Sir Clement Cotterell (Groom Porter to King James)
  d. Elizabeth Allen
  m. William Lawrence of Bridge, Kent
  e.+ other issue - Edward (dsp), George, Ursula
  iii. Joane Allen
  m. Greg. More of Bourne
  iv. Joyce Allen
  m. Thomas Conny of Burton Coggles
  v. Anne Allen
  m. John Kelstone or Gelston of Newark
  C. Thomas Allen (a 1533, alderman of Grantham)
  i. Bridget Allen
D. Richard Allen (d 29.10.1573-4)
  i.+ issue - Richard, George, Margaret, Isabel
  E. George Allen (d 1571)
  m. (mcrt 01.07.1554) Thomasine Ellis (dau of _ Ellis of Holland, sister of William)
  i. John Allen (d 29.01.1578)
  m. Anne Kellam (dau of _ Kellam of Ireland)
  ii. George Allen
  iii. Jane Allen
  m. (23.05.1581) Richard Williams of Denton
  F. Elizabeth Allen
  m. Henry Leverett of Grantham (d 09.05.1585-6)
2. George Allen
  A. Henry Allen

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Allen of Grantham, Hundleby and Skillington), BP1934 (Alleyne)
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