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Families covered: Belgrave of Belgrave, Belgrave of Blaby, Belgrave of North Kilworth, Belgrave of Preston Hall, Belgrave of Stamford

Hugh Belgrave of Belgrave, Leicestershire (a temp John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Roger Belgrave of Belgrave (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
  A. Lawrence Belgrave of Belgrave (a 1272, 1307)
  i. Roger Belgrave (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377) this generation shown in the Northumberland visitation but not in the Leicestershire visitation
  a. Roger Belgrave (a 1330)
  m. Susan Shipton (dau/heir of Roger Shipton)
  (1) Roger Belgrave of Belgrave
m. Margaret Belgrave (dau/heir of Richard de Belgrave)
  (A) John or Thomas Belgrave of Belgrave named Thomas in the Northumberland visitation but John in the Leicestershire visitation
  m. Elizabeth Shelton (dau/coheir of Thomas Shelton)
  (i) William Belgrave of Belgrave (Belegrave of Belegrave)
  m. Isabell Sandon (dau of William Sandon)
  (a) William Belgrave (a 1430, 1443)
  m. Margaret Willoughby (dau of Hugh Willoughby of Wolverton, sister of Richard)
  ((1)) John Belgrave of Belgrave (a 1472) - continued below
  m. Katherine Glene (dau/coheir of Hugh Glene or Glenne of Glene Parva)
  (ii) Catherine Belgrave dau of John, possibly of this generation
  m. (1366) William Mainwaring of Over Peover (dspl 1399)
  (2)+ other issue - John (rector of Belgrave), Lawrence (rector of East Haddon), Peter (rector of East Haddon)
  b.+ other issue - Nicholas, Lawrence mentioned in the Northumberland visitation



John Belgrave of Belgrave (a 1472) - continued above
m. Katherine Glene (dau/coheir of Hugh Glene or Glenne of Glene Parva)
1. Richard Belgrave of Belgrave 'of Blaby'
  m. Margaret Cotton (dau of John Cotton of Hanstall Redware (Ridware Hamstall))
  A. John Belgrave of Belgrave & Blaby
m. Joan Swyke (dau/heir of Thomas Swyke of Leicester by Elizabeth Chaweband of Wigston)
  i. George Belgrave of Belgrave & Blaby
  There are 3 sections on the Belgrave family within the Harleian book on the Leicestershire Visitation, one on the Kilworth branch. In the 2nd section, there are 2 generations of George, the elder (m. Dorothea Sanders) being father of the younger George (m1. Mary Chantrell m2. Joan Farnham). The first George is not mentioned in the 1st section (which does not mention Dorothy Sanders). The Northumberland Visitation shows just the one George with 3 marriages.
  m1. Dorothy Sanders (dau of Lawrence Sanders)
  a. Robert Belgrave (dsp)
  m2. (1532?) Mary Chauntrell dau/coheir of Robert Chauntrell or Chantrell of Foxton)
b. Ambrose Belgrave of Belgrave
  m. Jane Stoughton (dau of ?? Stoughton of Watford)
  (1) Sir George Belgrave of Belgrave (a 1622)
  m. Lucretia Wilson (dau of Thomas Wilson or Wyllsone, Secretary)
  (A)+ issue (a 1615) - George (b 1594, a 1622), Edward, Francis, John, Mary, Jane, Lucretia
  (2)+ other issue - Edward, Francis, John, Huntington, Mary, Jane, Lucretia, Ruth
m3. (1545) Joan Farnham (dau of Robert Farnham of Farneham of Quarndon, m2. Clement Saunders of East Haddon)
  c. Francis Belgrave of Blaby, later of Newcastle-upon-Tyne (a 1615)
  m. Catherine Knowles (dau of Richard Knowles or Knolles of Cole Ashby (Coldashby))
  (1)+ issue (a 1615) - Benjamin (a 1602), Mary
  d. Frances Belgrave
  m. William Andrews of Harleston
  e. Dorothy Belgrave
m1. John Ravens
  m2. John Goistock or Glascock
  f. Margaret or Margery Belgrave
  m. George Eyre of Normanton
  g.+ other issue - Robert, Anna, Elizabeth, Maria
  B. Catherine Belgrave
  m. Richard Andrewes of Harleston
  C. Anne Belgrave
  m. (John) Corbett
  D. Dorothy Belgrave
  m1. Henry Cave of Cold Ashby
m2. William Sanders or Saunders of Wilford or Welford
  E.+ other issue - William of Little Glenne, Brigitt (nun)
2. William Belgrave
  m. _ Poutlney
  A. William Belgrave of North Kilworth, Leicestershire
  m. Sedwina Turpen
  i. Robert Belgrave of North Kilworth
  m. Isabella Skeffington (dau of Thomas Skeffington, sister of William)
  a. William Belgrave of North Kilworth
  m. Margaret Oliver (dau of Thomas Oliver of East Norton)
  (1) Thomas Belgrave of North Kilworth
  m. Prudence Norton (dau of John Norton of Coterstock)
  (A) William Belgave (b c1600)
  The (Leicestershire) Visitation ends with this generation. We presume that this William was father of the following William who is identified in BLG1886 ('Belgrave of Preston Hall') as "6th in descent from William Belgrave, Esq., of North and South Kilworth, the 2nd son of Belgrave, of Belgrave". The following comes from BLG1886.
  (i) William Belgrave of North Kilworth
  (a) Cornelius Belgrave (b 18.08.1676, d 17.02.1757, rector of Ridlington (Rutland) & North Kilworth, 5th son)
  m. (02.12.1703) Mary Sheild (dau/coheir of William Sheild of Preston)
  ((1)) Jeremiah Belgrave (b 1708, d 1802, rector of Preston (Rutland) & North Kilworth)
  m. (08.1742) Frances Taylor (dau of Richard Taylor of St. George, Middlesex)
  ((A)) William Belgrave of Preston Hall, Sheriff of Rutland (d 1824, 2nd son)
  ((i)) Sophia Elizabeth Belgrave
  m. (03.11.1814) William Belgrave of Preston Hall @@ just below
((ii))+ other daughter(s)
  ((B)) George Belgrave of Preston Hall (dsp 03.1831, rector of Cockfield)
  ((C)) Jeremiah Belgrave of Stamford, Lincolnshire (b 02.06.1753, d 19.08.1819)
  m. (26.02.1786) Jane Barker (d 04.05.1796, dau of William Barker of Tinwell)
  ((i)) William Belgrave of Preston Hall (b 24.08.1791, d 08.03.1871, rector of Preston) had issue
  m. (03.11.1814) Sophia Elizabeth Belgrave (dau of William Belgrave of Preston Hall) @@ just above
  ((ii)) Frances Elizabeth Belgrave
  m. (1814) Edward Tyron of Southampton
  ((iii)) Mary Anne Belgrave
  m. (1814) Egerton Cutler of London (d 03.1833)
  ((D)) Cornelius Belgrave of Lutterworth (d 1794, youngest son)
  ((i)) daughter
  ((E))+ other issue - Charles (d unm 20.02.1804, rector of Ridlington & North Kilworth), Thomas of Louth (d 1789, had issue), Samuel of Preston (d 1758), Frances of Stamford, Mary of Stamford
  ((2))+ 4 sons & 4 daughters
  (B) Anna Belgrave
m. Nicholas Stroughton (cleric)
  (C)+ other issue (a 1619) - John (b c1601), James (b c1607), Robet (b c1617), Elianor, Frances, Prudence
  (2) George Belgrave (b c1579, a 1619)
  (3) Elizabeth Belgrave
  m. John Allen of Lincolnshire
  (4) Maria Belgrave
  m. William Palmer of Bosworth
  b. Christopher Belgrave
  c. Maria Belgrave
  m. _ Sturgis
  d. Margaret Belgrave
  m. William Horneblow of London (goldsmith)
  ii. Catherine Belgrave possibly of this generation
  m. John Allen of Grantham and Stoke (b by 1535, a 1594)

Main source(s): Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Belgrave'), Visitation (Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Belgrave') with input as reported above
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