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Families covered: Sheldon of Beoly (Beeley, Belley or Berley), Sheldon of Broadway, Sheldon of Rowley, Sheldon of Steeple Barton, Sheldon of Weston

Raff Sheldon of Rowley, Staffordshire
1. Richard Sheldon of Rowley
  A. John Sheldon of Rowley
  i. Clare Sheldon
  m. Cornelius Worley or Mirley (sb Wyrley) of Hampsted
B. Mawde Sheldon
  m. William Colbrand
2. Morris Sheldon of Rowley
  A. John Sheldon
  m. _ Cotton (dau of John Cotton of Cotton Hall)
i. Ralph Sheldon of Aberton and Berley or Beeley, Worcestershire
  m. Phillippa Heath (dau of Baldwin Heath (not Rudinge))
  a. William Sheldon of Belley or Beoly (d 23.12.1570)
  m1. Mary Willington (d 1553, dau of William Willington by Anne, widow (not dau) of Richard Mydlemore or Middlemore)
  (1) William Sheldon (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Lewson (dau of Richard Lewson of Lilsell)
(2) Rauffe Sheldon of Weston then Beoly or Belley (b c1537, d 1613)
  m1. Anne Throgmorton (d 1603, dau of Sir Robert Throgmorton)
  (A) William Sheldon of Beoly (dsp)
  (B) Edward Sheldon of Beoly, Belley or Beely (b c1561)
m. Elizabeth Markham (dau of Thomas Markham)
  (i) William Sheldon of Beoly and Weston (b c1589)
  m. Elisabeth Petre (dau of William, Lord Petre)
  (a) Ralph Sheldon of Beoly (b 1623, dsp 24.06.1684)
  m. Henrietta Maria Savage (dau of Thomas Savage, Viscount Rocksavage)
  (b) George Sheldon 'of Canterbury' (b 1638, dsp 1679, 3rd son) who married ...
  m(1). Frances More (d 12.05.1666, dau of Thomas More by Mary Brooke)
  (c) Elizabeth Sheldon presumably the Elizabeth who married ...
  m. Sir Thomas Gascoigne, 3rd Bart of Lasingcroft (b c1623, dsp 1698)
(d)+ other issue (dsp) - Edward, Catherine
  (ii) Ralph Sheldon of Steeple Barton (d 1658-9)
  m. Bridget Morgan (dau of Anthony Morgan of Hayford and Weston Underwell Hill)
  (a) Edward Sheldon of Steeple Barton (d 1676)
  m. Catharine Constable (d 1681, dau of Sir Philip Constable of Everingham)
((1)) Ralph Sheldon of Steeple Barton, later of Weston and Beoly (d 1720)
  m. Mary Anne Elliott (dau of John Elliott, son of Humphrey of Gatacre Park)
  ((A)) Edward Sheldon (d 1746)
  m. Elizabeth Shelley (d 16.09.1766, dau of Sir John Shelley, Bart of Mitchell Grove)
  ((i)) William Sheldon of Weston (d 1780)
  m. Margaret Frances Disney Rooke (d 1766, dau of James Rooke of Bigsware)
  ((a)) Ralph Sheldon of Weston (d 1822, Colonel)
m. Jane Holburne (dau of Admiral Francis Holburne of Menstrie, sister of Sir Francis)
  (((1))) Edward Ralph Charles Sheldon of Brailes House (b 02.03.1782, d 11.06.1836) had issue
  m. (14.08.1817) Marcella Winstanley (d 23.07.1849, dau of Thomas Meredith Winstanley of Lisson Hall)
  (((2))) Catherine Sheldon (d unm c1818)
  (((3))) Jane Louisa Sheldon (d 10.12.1871)
m. (26.12.1815) Robert Fellowes of Shottesham Park (b 07.09.1779, d 14.04.1869)
  (((4))) Fanny Anne Sheldon
  m. Comte D'Orfeuille
  ((b)) James Sheldon (4th son)
  m. _ Mostyn (dau of Rev. _ Mostyn)
  ((c)) Charles Henry Sheldon of Haute Fontaine, France
m. Elizabeth Gorges (dau of Richard Gorges of Eye, relict of Charles Graham of Netherby)
  ((d)) George Sheldon of Ems, Austria
  m. Frances, Princess of Anersberg
  ((e)) Margaret Frances Sheldon
  m. (1772) Francis Talbot of Witham Place (d 1813)
  ((f))+ other issue - William of Brailes (d unm 11.1830), Edward (d unm), Henry (d 1761)
((ii)) Frances Sheldon (b c1715, d 20.03.1790) apparently of this generation
  m1. Henry Fermor of Tusmore (d 1746-7)
  m2. Sir George Browne, 3rd Bart of Kiddington (b c1694, d 20.06.1754)
  ((iii))+ 3 sons and 8 daughters
  (iii) Francis Sheldon
  (vi) Edward Sheldon
  m. Mary Wake (dau of Lyonell Wake of Antwerp, son of Richard of Hartwell)
(vii) Joan Sheldon apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Henry Appleton, 2nd Bart of South Bemfleet
  (C) Elizabeth Sheldon
  m. Sir John Russell
  (D) Mary Sheldon
  m. Walter Fowler of Staffordshire
(E) Muriell Sheldon
  m. Francis Clare of Worcestershire
  (F) Jane Sheldon
  m. John Flower of Rutland
  (G) Margaret Sheldon
  m. William Standen (son of Edmond)
  (H) Anne Sheldon
  m. Sir John Pershall of Horsley (d 1646)
(I) Frances Sheldon
  m. Sir Anthony Maney of Kent
  (J) Katharine Sheldon
  m. Francis Trentham of Staffordshire
  (K) Phillipe Sheldon
  m. John Sulliard (son of Edward)
  m2. Jane West (dau of William West, Lord Delawarr)
  (3) Phillipe Sheldon (b c1532, d 23.12.1606)
  m. Anthony Pollard of Baldon or Newnam Court (b 1525-6, d 1577)
  (4) Goditha Sheldon
  m. Robert Brayne of St. James Bristow
  (5) Katharen Sheldon
  m. Edmond Plowden of Plowden (b 1517, d 1584)
  (6) Ann Sheldon
  m1. Francis Savage of Elmely Castle
  m2. Anthony Daston of Wormington (Dawson of Dombleton)
m2. Margaret Brooke (b c1509, d 1589, dau of Sir Richard Brooke, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, widow of Sir William Whorwood)
  (7) William Sheldon
  b. Thomas Sheldon
  m. Elizabeth Rawlyns
  (1) Rauffe Sheldon of Chylds Wycon
  m. Elizabeth Lyggon (dau of Sir Richard Lyggon)
(A)+ issue - Raffe, Francis, William, Anne
  (2) Thomas Sheldon
  m. Margaret Delves (dau of Sir Henry Delves)
  (3) Jane Sheldon
  m. _ Killohill of Tedston
  c. Baldwin Sheldon of Broadway
  m. Jane Wheler (dau of John Wheler)
  (1) Rauffe Sheldon of Broadway
  m. Mary Huband (dau of Nicholas Huband, Hubart or Husband of Ipsley Hall)
  (A) Thomas Sheldon of Broadway (d by 1593)
  m. Elizabeth Hoby (dau of Richard Hoby of Badsey)
(i) Elizabeth Sheldon
  m. John Kighley of South Littleton
  (ii) Mary Sheldon
  m. William Sambage of Broadway
  (B)+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Jane
  (2) Anthony Sheldon of Broadway
  m. Jane Lewknor (dau of Thomas Lewknor, sister of Nicholas of Horsley)
  (A) William Sheldon of Broadway
  m. Cicely Brace (dau of Francis Brace of Doverdale)
  (i) William Sheldon of Broadway (a 1634)
  m. Anne Savage (dau of Walter Savage of Broadway) see here?
  (a) William Sheldon
  m. Philip Tracy (dau of Sir Richard Tracy, Bart)
(b) Cicely Sheldon
  m. Robert Savage of Calway Hill
  (c)+ other issue - Sherington (d 24.04.1677), Thomas, John, Anthony (bc1625), Edward, Phillipa, Mary
  (ii) Brace Sheldon of Temple Grafton had issue
  (iii) Margaret Sheldon
  m. John Ockley of Great Wolford
  (iv) Anne Sheldon
  m. Robert Talbot
  (v) Cicely Sheldon
  (vi) Margery Sheldon
  m. Robert Harewell of Evesham
  (vii) Mary Sheldon
m. John Vickeridge of Natton
  (viii) Frances Sheldon
  m. Thomas Westcote of Tamworth
  (B) Baldwin Sheldon of Temple Grafton (3rd son) had issue
  m. (c1599) Eleanor Bishop of Grafton
  (C)+ issue - Thomas, Margaret, Jane
  (3) William Sheldon
  m. Margaret Stokes
  (A) Jane Sheldon
  (4) Elizabeth Sheldon
  m. Richard Egoke or Egioke
(5) Christian Sheldon
  m. John Severene
  (6) Ursula Sheldon
  m. _ James
  (7) Jane Sheldon
  m. Nicholas Blaby
  d. Mary Sheldon
  m1. _ Sylvester
  m2. George Ferrers
  e. Joyce Sheldon probably the Joyce who married ...
  m. John Rugeley of Dunton
  f.+ other issue - Frances, Elizabeth, 3 others
  ii. Daniell Sheldon
a. Richard Sheldon
  (1) Francis Sheldon
  iii. John Sheldon 'of Pascher'
  m. _ Hickford
  a. Lettice Sheldon
  m. John Alderford
  iv. Richard Sheldon
  a.+ issue including Richard (priest)
  v. Isabel Sheldon probably of this generation
  m. Richard Allen or Alleyne of Grantham (d 06.09.1559)
  vi.+ other issue - Morris, John of London, William of Aberton (dsp)

Main source(s): Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569+1634, Sheldon of Beley), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Sheldon), BLG1886 (Sheldon of Brailes House)
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