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Families covered: Browne of Caversham, Browne of Elsing, Browne of Kiddington, Browne of Wesenham
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Sir George Browne of Wickham Brews
m1. Eleanor Bridges (dau of Anthony Bridges of Sheffield)
m2. Mary Tyrwhitt (dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby)
1. George Browne of Caversham
  m. Eleanor Blount (dau of Sir Richard Blount of Mapledurham)
  A. Sir George Browne 'of Shefford' (bur 07.12.1678)
  m. Elizabeth or Mary Englefield (dau of Sir Francis Englefield of Englefield)
  i. Winifrid Browne
  m. Basil Brooke of Madeley
  ii. Eleanor (Helen) Browne
  m. Henry Fermor of Tusmore
  B. Sir John Browne, 1st Bart of Caversham (b 1630-1)
  m. (c05.1666) Elizabeth (dau/widow of _ Bradley, relict of William Vandersteck)
  i. (Sir) Anthony Browne, (2nd Bart) of Caversham (dsp, dvp ??, bur 23.12.1688)
  ii. Sir John Browne, 2nd/3rd Bart of Caversham (d unm before 12.1692)
  iii. Sir George Browne, 3rd/4th Bart of Caversham (d 20.02.1729/30)
  m1. (02.05.1699) Gertrude Morley of Westminster
  a. Sir John Browne, 4th/5th Bart of Caversham (dsp 20.01.1774/5)
b.+ other issue - Anthony, James
  m2. (05.02.1721/2, sp) Mary Thorold (d 19.12.1725, dau of George Thorold of Harmstone (Harmeston) by Anne, dau of George Clarke of London)
  iv. Catherine Browne
  m. _ Fortescue of Crookhill
  v. Elizabeth Browne
  m. _ Morley
  vi. Magdalen Browne (d unm)
  C.+ 17 other children (including 3 daughters who became nuns)
2. Mary Browne
  m1. Thomas Paston of Norfolk
  m2. Sir Henry Compton of Brambletye
3.+ other issue - Jane, Elizabeth, Frances



Sir Henry Browne of Kiddington (bur 06.02.1628)
m1. Anne Catesby (dau of Sir William Catesby of Ashby Leger)
1.+ 2 daughters (d unm)
m2. Mary Hungate (dau of Sir Philip Hungate of Saxton)
3. Sir Peter Browne of Kiddington (b c1615, d Naseby 14.06.1645)
  The following is supported by TCB (vol 3, 'Browne of Kiddington', p21+) with a little support from BE1883 ('Browne of Montacute or Montagu')
  m. Margaret Knollys (dau of Sir Henry Knollys of Grove Place)
  A. Sir Henry Browne, Sheriff of Oxfordshire, 1st Bart of Kiddington (b c1639, d 1689)
  m. (before 1662) Frances Somerset (dau of Sir Charles Somerset of Troy (son of Edward, Earl of Worcester))
i. Sir Charles Browne, 2nd Bart of Kiddington (d 20.12.1751)
  m. (by 1694) Mary Pitt (d 08.1739, dau of George Pitt of Strathfield Saye)
  a. Sir George Browne, 3rd Bart of Kiddington (b c1694, d 20.06.1754)
  m1. (c05.1725) Barbara Lee (b 03.03.1694, dau of Edward Lee, 1st Earl of Litchfield)
  (1) Barbara Brown (b 1729)
  m1. (06.1748) Sir Edward Mostyn, 5th Bart of Talacre (b 27.04.1725, bur 03.1775)
  Their 2nd son inherited Kiddington and assumed the name Browne.
  m2. Edward Gore of Barrow Court (d 1801)
  m2. ?? (widow of _ Holman of Warkworth)
  m3. Frances Sheldon (b c1715, d 1746/7 (or 20.03.1790), dau of Edward Sheldon of Beoley by Elizabeth Shelley, sister of William, widow of Henry Fermor of Tusmore)
  ii.+ other issue - Henry, Peter, Mary, Frances, Catherine
  B. Francis Browne



William Browne of Elsing & Wesenham, Norfolk
m. Anne Hastings (b 24.02.1528, d 1572, dau of Sir Hugh Hastings of Elsing)
1. Sir Anthony Browne of Elsing & Wesenham (d 1628)
  m. Anne Bell (dau of Roger Bell)
  A. Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. (d 1632)
  m. Anne Darcy of Essex
  i. Thomas Browne of Elsing, etc. (d 1666) (bur 12.07.1666)
  m1. Philippa Colby (dau of Philip Colby of Stody)
a. Thomas Browne of Wesenham (d before 12.01.1706)
  m. (c06.1661) Martha Gooch (a 01.1706, dau of Thomas Gooch of Great Yarmouth)
  (1) Thomas Browne (b 15.11.1673, bur 06.02.1689)
  (2) Anne Browne (d 25.05.1706)
  m1. (10.07.1688) Edward Blackhall of Merton (dsp 1691)
  m2. (before 26.01.1693, sps) Giles Bladwell of Felmingham
  (3) Philippa Browne (b 14.01.1667, d before 18.10.1759)
  m1. John Berney of Wesenham (d 1719)
  m2. (sp) James Collison of Northwold
  b. Philippa Browne
  m1. (06.01.1651-2) William Berney of Elsing (bur 27.08.1658)
m2. (16.05.1661/8) William Bladwell of Swannington (b c1619, d 1697)
  m2 Judith Benfield (a 06.1661, dau of James Benfield of Sparham, widow of _ Leman)
  c. William Browne of Elsing (a 1711)
  m. Anne Hall (b c1663, d 23.10.1738, dau of Robert Hall of Stamford)
  (1) Thomas Browne of Elsing (b 1688-9, d 08.04.1746)
  m. (06.10.1718) Mary Pratt (b c1693, d 1728, dau of Edward Pratt of Riston)
  (A) Mary Browne (b 1726-7, d 10.06.1798)
m. Thomas Green of Marlingford (b 1719-20, d 09.1770)
  (2) Elizabeth Browne (d 1727)
  m. Robert Snell of Norwich
  ii. Elizabeth Browne
  m. Martin Hastings of Hindringham
  iii. Camilla Browne probably of this generation
  m. John Playters
  iv. Anne Browne possibly of this generation
  m1. William Forth of Butley (d before 10.05.1645)
  m2. William Tyrrell (m1. Dorothy Gilbert) ## see here ##
  v.+ other issue (a 06.1661) - Anthony, William
  B. Anne Browne probably of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Playters, 1st Bart of Sotterley
2. Elizabeth Browne (d 1592) probably of this generation
  m. Edward Rookwood of Euston (d 01.1633-4)

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