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Families covered: Pitt Lord Rivers, Pitt of Strathfieldsaye (Strathfield Saye)

William Pitt
m. Katherine Broughton
1. Sir Edward Pitt (d c1455) confusion with another (later) Sir Edward (here)??
  m. Elizabeth Willford (dau of Nicholas Wilford)
  A. William Blithe Pitt (d c1528)
  m. Eleanor de Havilland (dau of James de Havilland of Guernsey) possibly wife of this William & mother of ...
  i. Nicholas Pitt of Stepleton (d c1545)
  (1) The above comes from various web sites. When this page was first produced, particular reference was made to 'Wheeler-King Genealogy Research' on www.pwwphoto.com/gene/WC_TOC.HTM. That site could no longer be accessed when this page was reviewed on 07.10.20 using 'The Pedigree Register'.
(2) Both BP1870 & BE1883 start with the following John other than to identify him as grandson of Nicholas "who lived in the reign of Henry VI" (who r. 1422-61). The (web site derived) dates make that look suspect. 'The Pedigree Register' starts with the following John without giving anything about his ancestry.
  a. John Pitt of Blandford, Dorset (d c1596)
m. Joan Swayne (d after 13.02.1601, dau of John Swayne of Blandford and/or Tarrant Gunvill)
  (1) Sir William Pitt of Strathfieldsaye (Hampshire) & Blandford (b c1589, d 1636)
  m. Edith Cadbury of Wareham (dau of Nicholas Cadbury of Arne)
  (A) Edward Pitt of Strathfieldsaye (d 1643)
  m. (1620) Rachel Morton (dau of Sir George Morton of Milbourne St. Andrew)
  (i) George Pitt of Strathfieldsaye (d 27.07.1694)
  m. (1657) Jane Savage (d 06.06.1676, dau of John Savage, 2nd Earl Rivers)
(a) George Pitt of Strathfieldsaye (d 22.02.1734)
  m1. Lucy Pile (dau of Thomas Pile of Beeverstock)
  ((1)) George Pitt of Strathfieldsaye (d 12.1745)
  m. (Mary) Louisa Bernier (dau of John Bernier)
((A)) George Pitt of Strathfieldsaye, 1st Lord Rivers (b 1719-20, d 07.05.1803)
  m. (05.01.1745-6) Penelope Atkins (dau of Sir Henry Atkins, Bart of Clapham)
  ((i)) George Pitt, 2nd Lord Rivers (b 19.09.1751, d unm 20.07.1828)
  ((ii)) Penelope Pitt (b 23.02.1749)
  m1. (16.12.1766, div 11.1771) Edward Ligonier, Earl Ligonier of Clonmell (b 1740, dsp 14.06.1782)
  m2. (1784) _ Smith (captain)
  ((iii)) Louisa Pitt (d 1791)
  m. (22.03.1773) Peter Beckford of Stapleton
  Their son inherited the barony, becoming 3rd Lord Rivers, and assumed the name Pitt-Rivers.
((iv)) Marcia Lucy Pitt (d 05.08.1822)
  m. (23.07.1789) James Fox-Lane of Bramham Park (d 07.04.1821)
  ((B)) Sir William Augustus Pitt of Heckfield (dsp 12.1809, General, 4th son)
  m. Mary Howe (dau of Emanuel Scrope Howe, 2nd Viscount Howe)
  ((C)) Lucy Pitt
  m. James Ker of Morriston & Kersfield
  ((i)) Grace Ker apparently of this generation
  m. (22.03.1781) Henry Seymer of Hanford (b 1745, d 1800)
  ((D))+ other issue - James (dsp), Thomas (dsp), Mary (d 08.1744)
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Lucy (d unm 24.02.1768)
m2. Lora Grey (dau of Audley Grey of Kingston)
  ((4)) William Pitt (dsp 1774)
  m. Elizabeth Wyndham
  ((5)) John Pitt of Kingston House, Encombe (d 1787, MP)
  m. Marcia Morgan (dau of Marcus Morgan)
  ((A)) William Morton Pitt of Kingston House
  m. Margaret Gambier (dau of John Gambier, Lt. Gov. of the Bahamas)
  ((i)) Sophia Pitt (d 09.09.1812)
  m. (09.09.1806) Charles Marsham, 2nd Earl of Romney (b 22.11.1777, d 29.03.1845)
  ((B)) Marcia Pitt (d 05.1808)
  m. (17.08.1790) George James Cholmondeley (b 22.02.1752, d 05.11.1830)
((6)) Elizabeth Pitt
  m. (22.04.1738) William Burton (MP in Rutland)
  ((7)) Lora Pitt
  m. Francis George of Ford Abbey
  ((8))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Anne, Mary
  (b) Mary Pitt (d 08.1739) probably one of the 4 daughters of this generation
  m. (by 1694) Sir Charles Browne, 2nd Bart of Kiddington (d 20.12.1751)
  (c) Elizabeth Pitt probably of this generation
  m. before 07.10.1699) Thomas FitzWilliam, 4th Viscount FitzWilliam (d 20.02.1704)
  (d) Jane Pitt probably of this generation
m. Christopher Hildyard of Kelstern (d 1719)
  (e) Ann Pitt probably of this generation
  m. Frederick Tilney of Tylney House, Rotherwick (b c1653, d 03.10.1725)
  (f)+ 3 sons
  (B) Thomas Pitt of Blandford
  m. Priscilla Searle
  (C) Elizabeth Pitt probably of this generation
  m1. Richard Wheeler
  m2. Sir Francis Brandling of Alnwick Abbey (b 06.04.1595, d 1641)
  (2)+ other issue - John (settled in Ireland), Agnes, Elizabeth
  b. Thomas Pitt
  m. Priscilla Searle
  (1)+ issue (some of whom emigrated to North America)
  c.+ other issue - Christopher, Edward
  ii.+ other issue - Edward, Skydmurous, Elizabeth
  B.+ other issue - Edward, Jacob, Johanna, Bridget, Jane

Main source(s): BP1870 ('Rivers (Baron)'), BE1883 ('Pitt-Rivers' (in Addenda)) with some support from 'The Pedigree Register' (edited by George Sherwood, vol 2, No. 24 (March 1913), 'Pitt of Blandford', p374+) and some input (shown in italics) from various web sites (see note (1) above)
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