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Families covered: FitzWilliam of Baggotrath, FitzWilliam of Donamore, FitzWilliam of FitzWilliam, FitzWilliam of Merrion (Meryon), FitzWilliam of Thorn Castle, FitzWilliam of Tyrconnel

This family is thought to have settled in Ireland in the reign of King John (who r. 1199-1216).
Richard FitzWilliam of Ballymon (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
m. Ellena
1. William FitzWilliam, Governor of Wicklow (a 1375)
  A. William FitzWilliam, Sheriff of Meath (d 1397)
  i. John FitzWilliam
  m. Christiana
  a. Henry FitzWilliam
  (1) Thomas FitzWilliam, Constable of Swords
  (A) Richard FitzWilliam of Donnybrook presumed father of ...
  (i) Philip FitzWilliam of Thorn Castle (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461, 1470-1)
  (a) Stephen FitzWilliam of Thorn Castle (a 1463)
  ((1)) William FitzWilliam
  m. Anne Cruise (dau of Robert Cruise of the Maull)
((A)) Richard FitzWilliam
  m. Genet Hollywood
  ((i)) Thomas FitzWilliam of Merrion, Bray and Baggotrath, Sheriff of co. Dublin (d 1529)
  m. Eleanor Dowdall (dau of John Dowdall)
((a)) Richard FitzWilliam of Baggotrath (d 20.12.1541) - continued below
  m. Catherine Bathe (dau of Robert Bathe of Kepoke)
  ((b)) Sir William FitzWilliam of Great Park, Windsor
  m. Jane
  (((1))) Catharine FitzWilliam
m. (sp) Christopher Preston, 4th Viscount Gormanston (b c1537, d 24.01.1599)
  (((2)))+ other issue - Mabel, Elizabeth, Elizabeth
  ((c)) Sir Nicholas FitzWilliam (Prebendary of Ballymore)
  ((d)) Margaret FitzWilliam
  m. William Walsh of Carrigmaine
  ((e)) Alison FitzWilliam
  m1. Christopher Usher, Mayor of Dublin (d 1526)
  m2. (Sir) James Fitzsimons, Mayor of Dublin
  (((1))) Catherine FitzSimon (d 1617) probably of this generation
  m. Andrew Brereton of Lecale
  m3. James Segrave (alderman of Dublin)
  (B) Felicia FitzWilliam
  m. Walter Cruise (son of Sir Robert of Graltagh and Tirrelstown)
  B. Elizabeth FitzWilliam
  m. Sir Thomas de Musgrave
2. Robert FitzWilliam (a 1342)



Richard FitzWilliam of Baggotrath (d 20.12.1541) - continued above
m. Catherine Bathe (dau of Robert Bathe of Kepoke)
1. Sir Thomas FitzWilliam of Meryon and Baggotrath, Sheriff of co. Dublin (d 09.11.1592)
  m. Genet Finglas (dau of Patrick Finglas of Westpalston)
  A. Sir Richard FitzWilliam of Merrion, Constable of Wicklow (d 05.03.1595)
  m. Jane Preston
i. Sir Thomas FitzWilliam, Sheriff of co. Dublin, 1st Viscount FitzWilliam of Merrion (b c1581)
  m. (23.08.1605) Margaret Plunkett (dau of Oliver Plunkett, 4th Lord Louth)
  a. Richard FitzWilliam (dvpsp)
  m. Ellinor Stanihurst (widow of Sir Henry Pierce of Shercock)
  b. Oliver FitzWilliam, 2nd Viscount, Earl of Tyrconnel (dsp 10/1.04.1667, Lt. General)
  m1. Dorothy Brereton (dau of (Richard) Brereton of Malpas)
  m2. _ Pendruddock (dau of _ Pendruddock of Chalk)
  m3. Eleanor Holles (a 1677, dau of John Holles, 1st Earl of Clare)
c. Christopher FitzWilliam
  m. Jane Brereton (dau of (Richard) Brereton of Malpas)
  (1) Alicia FitzWilliam
  d. William FitzWilliam, Governor of Whitchurch, 3rd Viscount FitzWilliam of Merrion (d by 1673, Lt. General)
  m. Mary (or Alice) Luttrell (d by 1673, dau of Thomas Luttrell of Luttrellstown by Alison St. Lawrence)
  (1) Thomas FitzWilliam, 4th Viscount FitzWilliam (d 20.02.1704)
  m1. Mary Stapleton (dau of Sir Philip Stapleton by Frances Hotham)
  (A) Richard FitzWilliam, 5th Viscount (d 06.06.1743)
  m. Frances Shelley (b c1672, d 11.12.1771, dau of Sir John Shelley, Bart of Michael Grove)
  (i) Richard FitzWilliam, 6th Viscount (bpt 24.07.1711, d 25.05.1776)
  m. (03.05.1744) Catharine Decker (d 08.03.1786, dau of Sir Matthew Decker, Bart of Richmond)
  (a) Richard FitzWilliam, 7th Viscount (b 01.08.1745, d unm 04.02.1816)
  (b) William FitzWilliam
  m. (25.08.1782) _ Eames (dau of James Eames)
(c) John FitzWilliam, 8th Viscount (bpt 21.10.1752, d unm 10.1830)
  (d) Thomas FitzWilliam, 9th Viscount (bpt 03.09.1755, dsp 01.1833)
  m. (07.1780) Agnes Macclesfield (d 15.01.1817, dau of Thomas Macclesfield of Chesterton)
  (ii) William FitzWilliam (bpt 11.09.1812)
  m. _ Bourchier (dau of Thomas Bourchier)
  (a) Julia FitzWilliam (d 1770)
  (iii) John FitzWilliam (bpt 28.03.1774, Lt. General)
  m. (10.1751) Barbara Chandler (dau of Edward Chandler, Bishop of Durham)
(iv) Mary FitzWilliam (d 13.02.1769)
  m1. (28.08.1733) Henry Herbert, Earl of Pembroke (d 09.01.1749)
  m2. (09.1751) North Ludlow Bernard (Major)
  (v) Frances FitzWilliam (d 30.07.1789)
  m. (18/23.05.1732) George Evans, 2nd Lord Carbery
  (B) daughter
  m. Stephen FitzWilliam Browne of Castle Browne
  m2. (before 07.10.1699) Elizabeth Pitt (dau of George Pitt of Strathfieldsaye)
(C) Mary FitzWilliam (d 20.09.1752)
  m. (11.03.1718/9) George Talbot (d 12.12.1733, of Shrewsbury family)
  (2) Mary FitzWilliam
  m. (05.1685) John Browne of Clongoosewood
  (3) Rose FitzWilliam (d 01.03.1744)
  m. Christopher Malpas of Winston
  (A) John Malpas of Rochestown
  (4) Margaret FitzWilliam
  m. James Crawley
(5) Catharine FitzWilliam
  m. Nicholas Netterville (d 1716, son of Robert of Crucerath)
  (6) Dorothy FitzWilliam
  m. Thomas Magher of Queen's Co.
  e. Ellinor FitzWilliam possibly of this family, of this generation
  m. Theodore Walsh of Carrickmain (dvp 1593)
  ii. William FitzWilliam apparently of this generation
  m. Mary Smyth (dau of William Smyth of Dundrum)
  iii. Richard FitzWilliam of the Rock (5th son)
  m. _ Duffe (dau of Sir Thady Duffe of Dublin)
  iv. Catharine FitzWilliam
m. Henry Chevers of Monktown (d 07.07.1640, son of John of Macetown)
  v. Mary FitzWilliam
  m1. Matthew Plunkett, 5th Lord Louth (d 19.07.1629)
  m2. (sp) Gerald Aylmer
  vi.+ other issue - Christopher (dsp 1649), Patrick (d unm)
  B. Nicholas FitzWilliam of Molmpatrick and Balldungan (d 05.12.1635)
  m. Mabel Nangle (dau of Walter Nangle of Kildalky)
  i. Mary FitzWilliam
  m. Bartholomew Russell of Seaton
  ii. Elizabeth FitzWilliam
  m. John Bolton (son of Sir Richard, chief baron of the Exchequer)
  iii. Eleanor FitzWilliam
  m. James Bermingham of Ballogh
iv. Margaret FitzWilliam
  m. William Underwood of Dublin
  v.+ other issue - Thomas, Nicholas, Jane
  C. Thomas FitzWilliam of Moylagh
  m. Mary Segrave (dau of Christopher Segrave of Dublin)
  i. Thomas FitzWilliam (dsp)
  D. Catharine FitzWilliam (bur 10.02.1602)
  m1. James Plunket of Dunoghly (son of Sir John, Chief Justice)
  m2. (before 1584) Christopher Preston, 4th Viscount Gormanston (b c1537, d 24.01.1599)
2. Michael FitzWilliam of Donamore
  m. Mary Preston (dau of Jenico Preston, 3rd Viscount Gormanston)
  A. William FitzWilliam of Donamore
  i. Elizabeth FitzWilliam
  m1. Edward Plunket of Loghgor
  m2. Peter Taaffe
  B. Eleanor FitzWilliam
  m. Howell Walsh
  C. Catherine FitzWilliam
  m. George King of Clontarf
  D. Elizabeth FitzWilliam
  m. Gerald FitzGerald
  E.+ other issue - Patrick, Jane

Main source(s): BE1883 (FitzWilliam of FitzWilliam and Tyrconnel) with support from TCP (FitzWilliam of Merrion and of Thorncastle)
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