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Families covered: Smyth of Dundrum, Smyth of Rossdale Abbey, Smyth of Tinney Park

BIFR1976 reported as follows: "This family originally came from Stainton in Palatinate of Durham but moved to Yorks. ca 1500, settling at Rossdale Abbey which was leased to them by Ralph Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland after the Dissolution of the Monasteries."
Thomas Smyth (b 1520)
m. Jane Layton of West Layton
1. Thomas Smyth of Rossdale Abbey (b 1550)
  m. Margaret Lightfoot (dau of Simon Lightfoot of West Clayton)
  A. James Smyth of Rossdale Abbey
  m. Helen Sayers (dau of Francis Sayers of Worsall)
i. William Smyth of Dundrum then Lisburn (d 1650, to Ireland c1630, 3rd son)
  m. Ann Howley (d before 1630, dau of Sir Thomas Howley, aunt of Sir John, MP for Yorkshire)
  a. James Smyth had issue in Yorkshire
  b. John Smyth
  (1) Judith Smyth
  m. _ Kelly (Captain)
(A) Simon Kelly
  (i) daughter
  m. Ralph Lambert, Bishop of Meath
  c. William Smyth of Dundrum
  m. Mary Dowdall (d 1704, dau of John Dowdall of Glaspistell by Ann, dau of Sir Thomas Cusack, Lord Chancellor)
  (1) Edward Smyth, Bishop of Down & Connor (b 1662, d 16.10.1720)
  m1. (15.02.1696) Elizabeth Smyth (dau of William Smyth, Bishop of Kilmore & Ardagh)
  (A) Edward Smyth or Smith of Dublin brother of Elizabeth
(B) Elizabeth Smyth (b 02.1705, d 08.09.1788, heir of Edward)
  m. (24.02.1726-7) James Stopford, 1st Earl of Courtown (b c1700, d 12.01.1770)
  BIFR1976 mentions only Edward's marriage to Elizabeth. TCP (Courtown) confirms that Elizabeth was Edward's 1st wife. TCP (Annaly of Tenelick) identifies Edward's son Skeffington as by ...
  m2. Mary Skeffington (dau of Clotworthy Skeffington, Viscount Massereene)
(C) Skeffington Randal Smyth (d 23.10.1748) described in TCP (Annaly of Tenelick) as "son and heir" of Bishop Edward
  m. Mary Moore (dau of Hon. Rev. John Moore)
  (i) Mary Smyth (only daughter)
  m. (04.08.1764) Henry Gore, Lord Annaly of Tenelick (b 1728, dsp 05.06.1793)
TCP (Landaff) reports that Catherine Skeffington, dau of Clotworthy Skeffington, 1st Earl of Massereene (son of Clotworthy, 4th Viscount), the 2nd wife of Francis Mathew, 1st Earl of Landaff (Llandaff), was 2nd cousin of his 1st wife, Ellis Smyth (shown below). This suggests the following connection which is confirmed by TCB (vol 5, Smyth of Tinny Park).
  (D) James Smyth of Tinney Park (Tinny Park), co. Wicklow (d by 1771)
  m. (1742) Mary Agar (dau of James Agar of Gowran Castle)
  (i) Sir Skeffington Smyth, Bart of Tinney Park (b 05.1745, dspm 09.09.1797)
  m. (23.11.1782) Margaret Daly (d 11.1793, dau of Hyacinth Daly of Dalystown by Rose, dau of Felix Coghlan of Garrycastle)
  (a) Rosetta Smyth
  m. (03.1811) Michael George Prendergast
(b) Maria Elizabeth Smyth (d 02.11.1866r)
  m. (05.03.1808) James Daly, 1st Lord Dunsandle and Clan Conal (b 1782, d 1847)
  (ii) Ellis or Elisha Smyth (b c1743, d 09.08.1781, 2nd dau)
  m. (06.09.1764) Francis Mathew, 1st Earl of Llandaff or Landaff (d 30.07.1806)
  (iii) Mary Smyth probably of this generation
  m. (25.04.1758) John Preston of Bellinter
(2) Thomas Smyth, Bishop of Limerick (b 1650, d 1725)
  The following is supported/supplemented by BP1934 (Gort).
  m. Dorothea Burgh (dau of Ulysses Burgh, Bishop of Ardagh)
  (A) Charles Smyth (b 1693, d 18.08.1784)
  m. (21.11.1728) Elizabeth Prendergast (dau of Sir Thomas Prendergast, 1st Bart of Gort)
  (i) John Smyth, later Prendergast, later Prendergast-Smyth, 1st Viscount Gort (b 1742, d unm 23.05.1817, 2nd son)
  (ii) Juliana Smyth (d 13.07.1811)
  m. (06.08.1759) Thomas Verker of Roxborough (d 16.11.1801)
  Their eldest surviving son became 2nd Viscount Gort.
(iii) Elizabeth Smyth
  m. (1757) William Newton, Governor of Senegal (Colonel)
  (iv)+ other issue - Thomas (d unm 14.01.1785), Charles Lennox (d unm 24.05.1782, Lt. Colonel), Dorothea (d 08.07.1739)
  (B) Arthur Smyth, Archbishop of Dublin (b 1707, d unm 1771/2)
  Indentified by BLG1952 (Kemmis of Terwick Wood) as 1st cousin to 1st Viscount Gort was the undermentioned Thomas.
  (C) ?? Smyth
(i) Thomas Smyth (Archdeacon of Lismore)
  (a) Catherine Smyth
  m. (by 12.1807) Joshua Kemmis of Knightstown (b 09.02.1755, d 08.1818)
  (3) Mary Smyth
  m1. Henry Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh
  m2. William FitzWilliam (brother of 1st Viscount Meryon)
  d. Ralph Smyth of Ballymacash, etc., Sheriff of co. Antrim (d by 1690, Captain)
  m. (1643) Alice Hawkesworth (dau of Sir Richard Hawkesworth of Hawkesworth Hall)
  (1) William Smyth of Ranagham Manor & Castle, Bishop of Killah, Kilmore & Raphoe (b 1644, d 24.02.1699)
  m. (29.05.1672) Mary Povey (d 1730, dau of Sir John Povey, Chief Justice)
(2) Thomas Smyth of Drumcree, Sheriff of co. Antrim (bur 30.10.1712)
  m. Elizabeth Hatfield (dau of Ridgeley Hatfield)
  (3) Ralph Smyth of Ballingarry
  m. Mary Jackson
  (4) Robert Smyth (vicar of Ballyloughloe)
  m. _ Arnold
  (A) Michael Smyth had issue
  m. Isabella Johnstone
  (B) Alice Smyth (d 1768)
  m. (02.08.1718) John Travers (d 22.04.1774, rector of Ballyloughloe)
  (C) Jane Smyth
  m. (1714) Stephen Radcliffe (Rev.)
  (5) Alice Smyth
  m. George Lambert
  (6) Mary Smyth
  m. Daniel McGenis (Colonel)
  (7) Margaret Smyth
  e. Isobel Smyth
  m. M. Dawson
  B.+ other issue
2.+ other issue

Main source(s): BIFR1976 (Smyth)
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