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Families covered: Dowdall of Athlumney, Dowdall of Glasspistol, Dowdall of Mounttown, Dowdall of Newton, Dowdall (Dovedale) of Termonfechan

Wikipedia ("Robert Dowdall") quotes from "Otway-Ruthven, A.J. A History of Medieval Ireland Barnes and Noble 1993 p.116" to report that "The Dowdalls were a Derbyshire family which originated at Dovedale, and came to Ireland in the thirteenth century." BLGI1912 starts with ...
Walter Dovedale of Palmerston, co. Meath (a 1318)
1. Walter Dovedale of co. Meath, Sheriff of co. Louth (a 1312, 1335)
  m. Agnes Fleming
  A. Nicholas Dovedale of Termonfechan, co. Louth (dsp)
  m. Isabella
  B. William Dovedale
i. William Dovedale (dsp)
  ii. Walter Dovedale or Dowdall of Drogheda, co. Louth (a 1382)
  a. Sir John Dowdall, Sheriff of co. Louth (dvp 1364)
  (1) Sir John Dowdall of Newtown & Termonfechan
  BLGI1912 shows Sir John as "of Newtown and Termonfechan". We had speculated that he may have been father of Sir Robert Dowdall the Chief Justice (father of Sir Thomas Dowdall of Newtown & Termonfeighan) and also Sir John Dowdall of Newtown, Termonfeichan & Artaine (father of Sir Thomas, the Master of the Rolls) but have since found that Robert (at least) was probably not his son. We hope to find more in due course about the way that Sir Robert & Sir John fitted into this family.
  m. Anne Batome (dau/heir of John Batome)
(A) Henry Dowdall of Newtown & Termonfechan (a 1473)
  m. Janet Dowdall (dau of Robert Dowdall son of Sir Luke)
  (i) Stephen Dowdall of Newtown had issue
  (ii) Edward Dowdall of Drogheda
  (a) George Dowdall, Archbishop of Armagh, Primate of All Ireland (b 1487, d unm 15.08.1588)
  Not mentioned by BLGI1912 but shown by some sources as the Primate's niece but by others as his (base) daughter was ...
((1)) Catherine Dowdall
  m. Daniel Macnaghten
  (B) Laurence Dowdall of Glasspistol, co. Louth
  m. Isabella FitzRichard (dau/heir of Richard FitzRichard of Glasspistol)
  (i) John Dowdall of Glasspistol
  m. Elinor (dau of Marward, baron of Skrine, m2. Robert Walsh)
  (a) John Dowdall of Glasspistol
  m. Anne Cusack (dau of Sir Thomas Cusack of Cushington 'Lord Chancellor')
BLGI1912 does not follow this line but does identify John as ancestor of Dowdall of Athlumney. TCB (vol 4, 'Dowdall of Athlumney', p247+) provides the following, albeit starting with Lawrence. We presume that there was (just) one intervening generation, with John being father (rather than grandfather) of ...
  ((1)) Edward Dowdall of Athlumney, co. Meath father of Thomasina, presumed also of ...
  ((A)) Lawrence Dowdall of Athlumney, Sheriff of co. Meath (a 1660)
  m. Joan Plunket (dau of Luke Plunkett, 1st Earl of Fingall)
  ((i)) Sir Luke Dowdall of Athlumney, 1st Bart (d 31.08.1689)
  m. Catherine or Mary Byrne (dau of Daniel Byrne of Dublin 'of Cabinteely' (by Anna Taylor), widow of John Walsh)
  After his death, Sir Luke was attainted for treason and his baronetcy was forfeited. Technically, his eldest son was baronet for about 20 months. His brothers later assumed the baronetcy without legal support.
  ((a)) Sir Laurence Dowdall, 2nd Bart (d unm before 22.07.1700)
  ((b)) 'Sir' Daniel Dowdall (d by 1729, priest)
((c)) 'Sir' James Dowdall (d unm 09.12.1742)
  ((d)) Thomasine Dowdall
  m. _ Clerk
  ((e)) Mary Dowdall
  m. _ Wale of Staplestown
  ((f)) daughter probably of this generation
  m. Patrick Alen of St. Wolstans
((B)) Thomasina Dowdall (d 1628) probably of this generation
  m. (1621) Sir Richard Barnewall, 2nd Bart of Crickstown
  ((2)) Mary Dowdall (d 1704) probably of this generation
m. William Smyth of Dundrum
  (b) William Dowdall of Mounttown, co. Meath
  m. Catherine Cusack (dau of Sir Nicholas Cusack of Gerardstown)
  ((1)) John Dowdall
  ((2)) Lawrence Dowdall of Mounttown (d 11.1617)
  m. Matilda Newman (dau of Walter Newman of Dublin)
  ((A)) Edward Dowdall of Mounttown (d 01.12.1665) - continued below
  m. Margaret Piers (dau of Henry Piers of Tristernagh (possibly not Bart))
  ((B)) Nicholas Dowdall of Brownstown, co. Meath had issue, probably the Nicholas who married ...
  m. Catherine Plunkett (dau of Matthew Plunkett, 5th Lord Louth, m2. Lawrence Taafe of Dowanstown)
  ((3)) Anne Dowdall probably of this generation
  m. Samuel Molyneux of Castle Dillon (d 1692)
  ((4)) Mary Dowdall probably of this generation
  m. Adam Molyneux of Ballymulvey
  (c) Anne Dowdall
  m. Richard Moore of Barmeath
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Thomas



Edward Dowdall of Mounttown (d 01.12.1665) - continued below
m. Margaret Piers (dau of Henry Piers of Tristernagh (possibly not Bart))
1. Laurence Dowdall of Mounttown
  m1. Honora Dowdall (dau/coheir of Sir John Dowdall of Kilfinny) @@@@@@
  A.+ issue - Edward (dsp), Margaret (dsp), Elizabeth
  m2. Letitia Martin (dau of Anthony Martin, Bishop of Meath)
  D. Launcelot Dowdall of Mounttown, Sheriff of co. Meath
  m1. Mary Bulkeley (dau of William Bulkeley, Archdeacon of Dublin, son of Launcelot, Archbishop of Dublin)
  i. Bulkelely Dowdall (dsp unm)
  ii. Laurence Dowdall (dsp)
  m. Lavinia Phillips (dau of John Phillips of Newtonlimavady)
  m2. Jane Hanway (dau of Richard Hanway, alderman of Dublin, widow of Roger Jones of Dollanstown)
  iii. Edward Dowdall (d before 30.08.1739)
  m. Mary Houghton (dau/coheir of George Houghton of Bormount)
  a. Rose Dowdall
  m. _ Galbraith
  b. Jane Dowdall
  m. James Houghton
  c. Letitia Dowdall
  m. _ Edgar
  d. Henrietta Dowdall
m. Thomas Phillips
  iv. Launcelot Dowdall (b 1689, a 1714, Rev.)
  m. _ Blacker
  a. Laurence Dowdall
  b. Launcelot Dowdall
  m. (1769) Anne Gibson (dau of Rev. John Gibson by Elizabeth, dau of Provost Rev, Anthony Raymond)
  (1) Launcelot Dowdall (Rev.) had issue
  m. (1802) Hannah Cassandra Eaton (dau of Richard Eaton of Dublin)
  (2) John Dowdall (d unm 1834)
  (3) Elizabeth Dowdall (d 1845)
  m. William Studdert
  v. Letitia Dowdall
  m. _ Tunks
  vi. Jane Dowdall
  m. _ Scott
  E. John Dowdall
  F. Catherine Dowdall
  m. Jerome Cheevers
2.+ other issue

Main source(s): BLGI1912 (Dowdall formerly of Mounttown) with input & some support for the lower section from BLG1862 (Dowdall of Ireland)
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