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Families covered: Macnaghten of Beardiville, Macnaghten of Benvarden, Macnaghtane of Dunderave, Macnaughtane (Macnaughton) of that ilk

This family, whose name appears often to be spelled Macnaughton Macnachtan or Macnauchtane, claims descent from Nechtan, one of the ancient Pictish Kings, and/or Nauchton, a Maormor of Moray in the time of Malcolm Canmore (who r. 1058-1093). We hope in due course to find a more complete pedigree for the early generations of the family.
Gilchrist or Gillechrist Macnaughton of that ilk (a 1267)
1. ?? Macnaughton presumed intermediary generation
A. Donald Macnaughton of that ilk (a temp Robert Bruce who r. 1306-1329)
  i. Duncan Macnaughton of that ilk (a temp David II who r. 1329-1371)
  a. ?? Macnaughton
  (1) ?? Macnaughton
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (A) ?? Macnaughton
  (i) ?? Macnaughton
  (a) Sir Alexander Macnaughtane of that ilk (d Flodden 1513)
  ((1)) John Macnaughtane of that ilk (d temp Mary who r. 1542-1567) - continued below
  m. Anne Maclean (dau of _ Maclean of Lochbuy)



John (Iain) Macnaughtane of that ilk (d temp Mary who r. 1542-1567) - continued above
m. Anne Maclean (dau of ?? Maclean of Lochbuy)
1. Alexander Macnaughtane (dsps)
2. Malcolm Macnaughtane 'Glenshira' of that ilk (d temp James VI who r. 1567-1625)
  m. Mary Murray (dau of Donald Murray, brother of _ of Ochtertyre "and grandson of the family of Tullibardin")
A. Alexander Macnaughtane of that ilk of Dunderave (d c1685)
  m. (Anne) Campbell (dau of Sir James Campbell of Ardkinlas)
  i. John Macnaughtane of that ilk
  m1. Isabel Campbell (dau of Sir John Campbell of Glenorchy, sister of 1st Earl of Breadalbane)
  a. Alexander Macnaughtane of that ilk (dsp 1702)
b. John Macnaughtane of that ilk (dsp after 1753) presumably the John of Dunderave who married ...
  m. Jane Campbell (dau of Sir James Campbell, 2nd Bart of Ardkinglas)
  c. Christian Macnaughtane
  m. Hugh Fraser of Kissog (Colonel)
  (1) Henrietta Fraser
  m. (1743) Charles Erskine of Alva
  m2. (sp) Florence Macdonald (dau of sir James Macdonald of Slate, Bart, widow of John Macleod of that ilk)
B. John Macnaughtane (dsp)
  m. Agnes Moncrief (dau of Moncrief of Mornipee (Monipace?))
3. John (Shane Dhu or Black John) Macnaghten or Macnaghtan (a 1580, to Ireland)
  BP2003 & BPGS2001 report that John went to Ireland as secretary to his brother-in-law, Sorley Macdonnell (father of Randal, 1st Earl of Antrim). Commoners suggests that she was Anne, dau of Murdoch Maclean of Lochbuy by Soreley Buy's daughter and went to Ireland as secretary to "his kinsman", Earl Randal. We follow the former view.
  m. ?? Macdonnell (sister of Sorley Macdonnell, aunt of Randal, 1st Earl of Antrim)
  A. John Macnaghten of Ballymagarry (d 1630)
  i. Daniel Macnaghten of Benvarden, co. Antrim
a. Daniel Macnaghten
  Commoners identifies Daniel's wife as "Catherine, niece of the celebrated Primate (George) Dowdall". BPGS2001 & BP2003 identify her as ...
  m. Catherine Dowdale (dau of George Dowdale, Archbishop of Armagh)
  (1) John Macnaghten or Macnaghan of Benvarden
  m. Helen Stafford (dau of Francis Stafford of Portglenone, probably nephew (not son) of Sir Edmond)
  (A) Edmund Macnaghten or Macnaghan of Beardiville, co. Antrim (b 10.08.1679, d 1781, 4th son)
  m1. (sp) Leonora Vesey
  m2. (1761) Hannah Johnstone (dau of John Johnstone)
  (i) Edmund Alexander Macnaghten of Macnaghten of Beardiville (b 02.08.1762, d unm 03.1832)
  Whilst his father was offered but refused the chiefship of Clan Macnaghten, this Edmund appears to have accepted that honour, the recognition being given by the Lord Lyon in 1818.
  (ii) Sir Francis Macnaghten, later Workman-Macnaghten, of Beardiville, 1st Bart (b 02.08.1763, d 22.11.1843)
  m. (06.12.1787) Letitia Dunkin (dau of Sir William Dunkin of Clogher)
  (a) Sir Edmund Charles Workman Macnaghten, 2nd Bart (b 01.04.1790, d 06.01.1876) had issue
  m. (17.05.1827) Mary Anne Gwatkin (d 25.04.1885, dau/heir of Edward Gwatkin)_
  (b) Sir William Hay Macnaghten, Bart (b 24.08.1793, dsp 25.12.1841)
  m. (02.08.1823) Frances Martyn (d 02.03.1878, dau of John Livingstone Martyn, m2. 2nd Marquess of Headfort)
  (c) Francis Macnaghten (b 21.02.1789, d 06.11.1869) had issue
  m. (06.01.1831) Ellen Conolly (d 17.03.1893, dau of Valentine Conolly)
  (d) Elliot Macnaghten (b 01.04.1807, d 24.12.1888) had issue
  m1. (04.02.1833) Isabella Law (d 01.05.1871, dau of John Law)
  m2. (05.09.1872) Anne Chester (dsp 04.05.1903, dau of George Chester)
  (e) Sir Steuart Macnaghten of Bitterne Manor (Hampshire) (b 20.06.1815, 6th son) had issue (3 daus)
  m1. (05.10.1848, sp?) Agnes Eastmont (d 28.04.1863, dau/heir of James Eastmont, widow of Captain Lewis Shedden)
m2. (07.07.1864, sp?) Emily Frances Kerr (d 05.06.1874, dau of Lord Mark Kerr (by Charlotte, Countess of Antrim), widow of Henry Richardson of Somerset)
  m3. (10.04.1877) Amy Katharine Thomas (d 02.11.1906, dau of Rev. Arthur Thomas of Rottingdean)
  (f) Anne Macnaghten (d 10.06.1828)
  m. (20.07.1809) Rev. Richard Olphert (d 1849)
  (g) Eliza Serena Macnaghten (d 03.05.1862)
  m. (15.05.1813) _ Sewell (Major General)
  (h) Letitia Macnaghten (d 08.02.1880)
  m. (12.05.1814) David Hill
  (i) Matilda Macnaghten (dsp 03.1852)
  m. (06.12.1817) John Trotter of The Bush (d 13.11.1852)
  (j) Jane Russell Macnaghten (d 13.10.1886)
  m. (17.11.1821) Thomas Gowan Vibart
(k) Maria Macnaghten (d 23.01.1881)
  m. (17.08.1822) Thomas Robarts Thellusson (d 29.03.1869)
  (l) Caroline Macnaghten (d 02.04.1875)
  m. (20.07.1824) Alfred Chapman (d 09.11.1876, Captain)
  (m) Alicia Macnaghten (d 09.09.1864)
  m. (01.06.1826) George Probyn (d 1855, Captain)
  (n)+ other issue - John Dunkin (b 12.05.1810, d 1862, Captain), Ellen (d unm), Hannah (d unm 05.1852)
  (B) Jane MacNachtan probably of this generation
  m. Edmund Leslie (b 11.1735, Archdeacon of Down)
  (C)+ other issue
  Commoners misses out 2 generations, going from John (Shane Dhu) to Daniel (m. Catherine) father of John father of Edmond. Daniel is shown as father of 2 daughters (as below). Because it had missed out those generations, we are not sure which generation the daughters should be shown in. Provisionally we show them as sisters of John but note that it is possible that they were a generation earlier.
  (2) daughter
  m. _ Willoughby
  (3) daughter
  m. _ Macmanus
4. Catherine MacNachtan probably of this generation
  m. (1617) Colin Campbell, 12th of Strachur (d 10.1641)

Main source(s): Douglas's 'Baronage of Scotland' (Macnachtane of that Ilk) with the descendants of Shane Dhu (Black John) coming from BP2003 (Macnaghten of Macnaghten), BPGS2001 (Macnaghten of Macnagten, Bart) and Commoners (vol 2, Macnaghten of Beardiville)
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