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Families covered: Ussher of Camphire, Ussher of Cappagh, Ussher of Donnybrook, Ussher of Dublin, Ussher of Eastwell, Usher of Headford, Ussher of Kilmeadon, Ussher of Mount Ussher

We respect the presumed preference of the family (as set out in BLG1886) to spell the family name as Ussher rather than Usher but note that most cross-references to the family from other sources spell the family name as Usher.
Arland Ussher, Sheriff then Mayor of Dublin (a 1471)
m1. Alsone Taylor
1. Thomas Ussher
  m. Elizabeth Cheevers of Macetown
A. Alsone Ussher
  m1. William Bath of Athcarne
  m2. John Bellew of Armagh
2. Margaret Ussher
m2. Anne Berford
3. John Ussher in Dublin ancestor of Ussher of Santry
  m. Johanna Foster (dau of William Foster of Killeigh)
4. Christopher Ussher, Mayor of Dublin (d 30.01.1526, youngest son)
  m1. Maud Darcy (dsp 1523)
  m2. Alison Fitzwilliam (dau of Thomas Fitzwilliam of Merrion)
  A. John Ussher, Mayor of Dublin (d 01.05.1600)
  m. Alison Newman (d 1601, dau of Sir William Newman, Mayor of Dublin)
  i. Sir William Ussher of Donnybrook
BLG suggests that Sir William's will was dated 28.12.1657 and that he was born in 1588 but that would indicate that he had 8 children by the age of 9 and that he outlived his successor by at least 29 years. This suggests that those dates applied not to this Sir William but to his grandson, also called Sir William.
  m1. Isabella Loftus (d 11.11.1597, dau of Adam Loftus, Chancellor and Archbishop)
  a. Arthur Ussher of Donnybrook (d 02.03.1628)
  m. Judith Newcomen (dau of Sir Robert Newcomen of Moystown (Mosstoun))
(1) Sir William Ussher of Portrane and Castle of Grange (d 04.1671)
  m1. Elizabeth Parsons (d 29.11.1638, dau of Sir William Parsons of Bellamont)
  (A) Christopher Ussher of Dublin (d 04.1706, 2nd son)
  m. Martha Pigott (dau of Thomas Pigott of Long Ashton)
  (i) William Ussher 'of Usher's Quay' (d 1718)
  m. Lettice Waring (dau of Sir Henry Waring of Waringstown)
(a) Martha Ussher
  m. (1740) Anthony Marlay of Dublin
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - William, Henry, Christopher, John, Dorothy
  (ii) Henry Ussher (dsp)
  m. (1639) Frances Waring (dau of Sir Henry Waring of Waringstown)
  (iii) Martha Ussher (d 1697?)
  m1. Nehemiah Donellan (chief baron of the Exchequer)
  m2. Philip Perceval (brother of John, 1st Earl of Egmont)
  (iv)+ other issue - Florence, Elizabeth, Mary Anne
(B) Margaret Ussher
  m. Richard Nevill
  (C) Judith Ussher
  m. Sir James Wemyss (d 11.10.1674)
  (D)+ other issue - Arthur (dsp), Elizabeth (d young)
  m2. (14.05.1645) Ursula St. Barbe (dau of Capt. George St. Barbe of Wiltshire)
(F) John Ussher of Mount Ussher (d 10.03.1745)
  m. (13.10.1681) Alice Molyneux (d 1709, dau of Samuel Molyneux of Castle Dillon)
  (i) Christopher Ussher of Mount Ussher (d 1756)
  m. (22.02.1715) Elizabeth Chetwood
  (a) John Ussher of Mount Ussher and Eastwell (dsp)
  (b) Christopher Ussher of Eastwell (3rd son)
  m. Margaret Bayley
  ((1)) Christopher Ussher of Eastwell had issue
  m. (07.1797) Ellis Browne (d 1820, dau of James Browne of Browne Hall)
  ((2)) John Ussher (Captain, to Canada) had issue
  m. Mary Street
  (c) Martha Ussher
  m. _ Edgeworth
  (d) Jane Ussher
  m. George Rowan of Drumbeg
  (e)+ other issue - William (dsp), Katherine, Alice
(ii) Samuel Ussher (b 1694, rector of Dunganstown)
  m. Frances Walsh
  (a) William Ussher (Captain RN)
  (b) Thomas Ussher (dsp, Captain)
  m. Rebecca Walsh (dau of Rev. William Walsh)
(c) John Ussher
  m. (05.1764) Katherine Humble (dau of Rev. John Humble)
  ((1)) Rev. Henry Ussher (3rd son)
  m. Rebecca Ussher (dau of Rev. Henry Ussher) @@ below
  ((A))+ issue - Henry, Thomas, William, Samuel, James, Frances, Maria
  ((2))+ other issue - John (dsp 1835, Archdeacon of Raphloe), Cornelius
(d) Rev. Henry Ussher (Astronomer Royal of Ireland)
  m. Mary Burne
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Ussher (b 1779, d 06.01.1848, Rear Admiral) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Foster (dau of Thomas Foster of Grove House)
  ((2)) Rebecca Ussher
  m. Rev. Henry Ussher @@ above
  ((3))+ other issue - John (dsp), Henry (dsp), Frances, Margaret, Sarah, Alicia
  (e) Frances Ussher
  m. Thomas Ball of Seapark
(f) Alicia Ussher
  m. William West
  (g) Katherine Ussher
  m1. _ Sheppard
  m2. William Phinnimore
  (iii) Jane Ussher (bpt 17.02.1693-4, d 1768)
  m. (c12.1721) Ross Mahon of Castlegar (bur 10.04.1767)
  (iv)+ other issue - John, William (d young), Thomas (b 04.11.1704, dsp), Mary (b09.10.1691), Alice, Letitia (b 1693)
  (G) Adam Ussher (Rev.)
m. Rebecca Wye (d 08.08.1695)
  (i) Frederick Ussher (d 1766, Rev.)
  m. Martha Cope
  (ii)+ other issue - John (dsp), 8 others
  (H) Mary Ussher
m. Henry Colley of Castle Carbery (d 1700)
  (I)+ other issue - William (d 25.11.1647), Arthur, Henry (d1658), Frances (d young)
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is now known, was ...
  (M) Sarah Alice Ussher or Usher
  m. Andrew Hobart of Lackensillage
  (2) Beverley Ussher of Kilmeadon (d 1683, 5th son)
  m1. Joan Smith (dau of Sir Percy Smith of Ballynatray)
  (A) Mary Ussher
m. Francis Smith of Rathcourcy
  m2. Grace Osborne (dau of Sir Richard Osborne, 1st Bart of Ballyntaylor)
  (B) Beverley Ussher 'of Kilmeadon' (d 1756)
  m1. (26.03.1733) Mary Lysaght (dau of Nicholas Lysaght)
  (i) Beverley Ussher of Kilmeadon (d 1756)
  (ii) Mary Ussher
  m. Ambrose Congreve of Mount Congreve
  m2. Elizabeth Shuldham (dau of Edmond Shuldham)
  (iii) Elizabeth Katherine Ussher
  m. Henry Alcock of Wilton
  (iv) Judith Ussher probably duplication with Judith below
  m. Edmund Shuldham
  (C) James Ussher of Ballynataylor
  m1. Jane Donellan (dau of Edmund Donellan)
  (i) Beverley Ussher
  m. Melian Roche (dau of James Roche of Glywn)
  (a) John Ussher of Conty
  (b) Melian Ussher
  m. _ Hearns
  (c) Jane Ussher
  m. John Boate of Duckspool
(d) Isabella Ussher
  m. Roger Dalton
  (e) Anne Ussher
  m. Thomas Grant of Kilmurry
  (f) Jane Ussher
  m. John Osborne Odell of Mount Odell
  (g) Susan Ussher
  m. Christopher Musgrave of Tourin (d 06.1787)
(ii)+ other issue - John, Arthur (Rev., to America)
  m2. Mary Congreve (dau of Rev. John Congreve of Kilmacow)
  (iv)+ other issue
  (D) John Usher of Headford, Governor of Galway (d 1741)
  m. (20.12.1714) Mary St. George (b 1693, dau of George St. George, Lord of Hatley St. George)
  (i) St. George Usher of Headford, later St. George, Sheriff of Roscommon, Baron St. George of Hatley St. George (b c1715, d 1770/02.01.1775)
  m. (18.07.1752) Elizabeth Dominick (b c1733, d 26.02.1813, dau of Christopher Dominick of Dublin)
  (a) son (b 01.1761, dvp 17.12.1765)
  (b) Emilia Olivia Usher (d 23.06.1798)
  m. (04.11.1775) William Robert FitzGerald, 2nd Duke of Leinster (b 13.03.1749, d 20.10.1804)
(ii) Judith Usher
  m. (1738) Gorges Lowther of Kilrue (b 25.11.1713, d 1792)
  (iii) Olivia Usher or St. George
  m. Arthur French of Tyrone (d 08.05.1779)
BLG1886 (St. George of Tyrone) identifies Arthur's parents as Christopher of Tyrone (son of Arthur of Tyrone, Mayor of Galway, son of Christopher who was of Mulpit then Tyrone) and Margaret Farrell (sister of James of Clunyquin).
  (a) Christopher French, later St. George, of Tyrone (b 13.04.1754)
  m. (1778) Anne Bingham (dau of Henry Bingham of Newbrook)
  ((1)) Arthur French St. George of Tyrone (b 08.08.1780, d 01.01.1844) had issue
  m. (22.01.1801) Harriet St. Lawrence (d 1830, dau of William St. Lawrence, Earl of Howth)
  ((2)) Letitia St. George
  m. James Kelly
  ((3)) Olivia St. George
  m. (sp) William Robert Wills of Willsgrove
(b) Olivia French
  m. (25.06.1772) Anthony Nugent of Pallas (b 1730, d 09.1814)
  (c) Julia French
  m. Christopher French of Brook Lodge (cousin)
  (d) Nichola French
  (E) Arthur Ussher of Cappagh and Camphire
  m. Lucy Taylor (sister of Robert Taylor of Ballynort)
  (i) John Ussher of Cappagh (d 08.03.1789)
  m1. (1761) Elizabeth Musgrave (dau of Christopher Musgrave of Tourin)
  (a) Arthur Ussher of Camphire (b 30.03.1764)
m. Margaret Heweston (dau of Rev. Francis Heweston)
  ((1)) Christopher Musgrave Ussher of Camphire had issue
  m. (07.12.1833) Eleanor O'Grady (dau of Thomas O'Grady)
  ((2))+ 2 sons and 9 daughters
m2. (26.08.1770) Elizabeth Paul (dau of Alderman William Paul)
  (b) Richard Keily Ussher of Cappagh (b 04.02.1778, d 25.02.1854) had issue
  m1. (12.1802) Martha Hewetson (dau of Rev. (John) Hewetson)
  m2. (06.02.1836) Isabella Grant (d 20.07.1881, dau of Col. Jasper Grant)
  (c) John Ussher of Landscape (d 16.02.1844) had issue
  m. Lucy Glascott (dau of Rev. William Glascott of Piltown)
(d)+ other issue including Elizabeth, Lucy, Judith, Susanna
  (ii) Sarah Ussher
  m. Richard Kelly of Strancally
  (iii) Judith Ussher
  m1. Edmond Shouldham of Dunmanway
  m2. John Creagh of Creagh Castle
(F) Judith Ussher
  (G) Isabel Ussher
  m. Edmund Hubbard of Waterford
  (H) Anne Ussher
  m1. (09.10.1703, sp) Sir Thomas Osborne of Tickenor, 5th Bart of Ballyntaylor (d 10.10.1715)
  m2. (08.1717) Francis Skiddy of Dublin
  (3) Margaret Ussher (d 20.07.1633)
  m. Sir Paul Davis
  (4) Catherine Ussher
  m. (1626) Sir Philip Perceval (d 10.11.1647)
  (5) Isabella Ussher
  m. Sir Percy Smith of Ballynatray
(6) Alice Ussher (d 1684)
  m. Sir Theophilus Jones of Osberstown
  (7)+ other issue (dsp) - James, John, Adam, Christopher (d young), Philip (d young)
  b. Adam Ussher (d 01.07.1633, Ulster King of Arms)
  c. Mary Ussher
  m. William Crofton of Temple House
d. Jane Ussher (d 1674)
  m. Daniel Molyneux (d 13.06.1632, Ulster King of Arms)
  e. Margaret Ussher
  m. Sir Beverley Newcomen of Moystown (d 28.04.1637)
  f. Alice Ussher (d 01.04.1671)
  m. Sir Thomas Philips of Newtonlimavady
  (1) ?? Philips or Phillips
  (A) Chichester Phillips of Drumcondra Castle (Captain)
  m. Sarah Handcock (dau of William Handcock of Twyford)
  (2) Alice (Anne) Philips (bur 25.09.1680) probably of this generation
  m. Chidley Coote of Killester & Mount Coote (d 19.11.1668, Colonel)
  (3) Dorothy Philips probably of this generation
  m. (1636) William Parsons of Birr Castle (d 1653)
  g. Elinor Ussher
  m. Sir Charles Foster, Mayor of Dublin
  h. Anne Ussher (d 12.05.1669)
  m. (1618) Sir Robert Meredith, Chancellor of the Exchequer (d 1688)
  m2. Margaret Cludde (dsp 18.09.1603, dau of Edward Cludde of Orleton)
  ii. Christopher Ussher (d young)
5.+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, Philip

Main source(s): BLG1886 (Ussher of Eastwell) with input from BLG1886 (Ussher of Capagh), BLG1886 (St. George of Tyrone), BE1883 (St. George of Hatley St. George)
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