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Families covered: Lewknor (Leukenor) of Gretworth, Leukenor of South Mims, Lewknor (Leukenor) of Stoke Doyle, Lewknor of West Deane

Baker spells the name of this family as Leukenor or Leuknor. We keep with Lewknor for the lower section as that was used when the page was first released. Baker shows the arms of this family as "Azure, three chevronels Argent".
Sir Nicholas Leukenor of Rayne (Essex) & South Mims (Middlesex) (d 1268, "keeper of the king's wardrobe" (Henry 3))
1. Sir Roger de Leukenor of South Mims & Gretworth (Northamptonshire) (d 1276)
  m. Joan Keynes (dau/heir of Richard Keynes of Gretworth)
  A. Sir Thomas de Leukenor of Souldern, Oxfordshire (d 1306)
  m. Lucia (a 1306)
  B. Sir Roger de Leukenor of Horsted Keynes (Sussex) & Gretworth
  RHG starts with Roger but shows him as Sheriff of Sussex in 1324 whereas Baker suggests that he died in 1295.
  i. Sir Thomas de Leukenor of Gretworth (b c1272, d 1336)
  a. Sir Roger Leukenor or Lewknor of Gretworth (d 1362) - continued below
  m. Barbara Bardolph (heir)



Sir Roger Leukenor or Lewknor of Gretworth (d 1362) - continued above the first mentioned by the Visitations
m. Barbabra Bardolphe (heir) named Catherine by the Visitations
1. Sir Thomas Lewknor of Gretwirth (a 1374) mentioned only by Baker
  m. Agnes
2. Sir Roger Lewknor of Stoke Doyle (a 1356, d 1375) named Roger by Baker but Thomas by the Visitations & RHG
  m. (Alice or) Joane Doyley (dau of Sir John Doyley, sister/heir of Sir Henry of Stoke Doyle)
  Baker inserts an additional generation here, another Sir Roger. Provisionally we follow the Visitations & RHG in omitting him.
  A. Sir Thomas Lewknor of Gretworth & Stoke Doyle (a 1452)
Baker identifies this as Sir Thomas and his wife Elizabeth (d 25.09.1410) as dau of Sir Nicholas Carew of Beddington. Visitation (Sussex) names him Sir Roger and identifies just as Elizabeth Carew. The Harleian editor for Visitation (Worcestershire) shows him as Sir Roger but appears to correct that to Thomas and add s that her father was John Carew of Malford (Buckinghamshire). RHG names him Sir Thomas and his father-in-law as Sir John Carew of Fulford. We are left unsure as to who was his wife's father.
  m. Elizabeth Carew
i. Sir Thomas Lewknor of Gretworth & Stoke Doyle (d 22.06.1452)
  m. Phillip(a) Dalingrig (sister (not dau) of Sir Richard Dalingrig, widow of Richard de Berners, m3. Richard Barnes)
  Except as mentioned below, Visitation (Sussex) is the main source for later generations. Baker mentions the sons (and their spouses) but follows only Roger's sons then, for the next generation, mentions just Roger's son Sir Roger and his wives.
  a. Sir Roger Lewknor of Gretworth & Stoke Doyle 'of Horsted Keynes' (d 1478)
  Visitation (Worcestershire) identifies him in normal font as Sir Thomas but in italics as Sir Roger. It mentions that he had siblings (only Nicholas is named) but follows only this line, adding an addtional generation omitted by Visitation (Sussex), another Sir Roger shown as father of Sir Thomas (father of Sir Roger), Richard and "Others as in Sussex".
  m1. Ellianor or Allice (or Alianora) Camoys (d 1445, dau of Richard Camoys (Camois Court))
  (1) Sir Thomas Lewknor of Trotton
m. Katherine Pelham (dau of Sir John Pelham of Laughton)
  (A) Sir Roger Lewknor 'of Camois Court, Sussex'
  Baker shows Roger's wives as Alianora Touchet (had issue, not named), Ellen Mesant (had issue, not named) and Constance Hussey (no issue indicated).
  m1. Ellenor Touchet (dau of John (not George) Touchet, Lord Audley)
  (i) Ellenor Lewknor
  m1. Sir Arthur Poole
  (a)+ issue - Henry, Mary, Margaret
  m2/3. Sir Christopher Pickering
  ## Visitation identifies a daughter Ann by this marriage who m1. John Francis Weston, m2. Henry Knevet, m3. John Vaughan of Kyrkhowell. This looks exactly like the Anne who is shown on Pickering1 as daughter of Sir Christopher Pickering and Jane or Elizabeth Lewkner who is shown below.
  m3/2. Sir William Barentyne
  (d) Sir Drew Barentyne of Plumpton
  m. Ann Gray
  Visitation (Sussex) identifies the 1st/2nd wife as Elizabeth Hussey but it appears that Baker was correct in identifying her as ...
  m2. Constance Hussey (dau/heir of Nicholas Hussey)
(ii) Mabell Lewknor
  m. Anthony Staple
  (iii) Constance Lewknor
  m. Thomas Foster of Worcestershire
m3. Ellen Messant (dau of Thomas Messant)
  (iv) Katherine Lewknor shown by Visitation as dau of Constance but by the Mills sources as of this (3rd) marriage
  m1. John Milles
  m2. William Morgan
  (2) Sir Roger Lewknor
  m. Mary West (dau of Reignald West, Lord Delaware)
  (A) Edmond Lewknor of Fyning (4th son)
  m. Jane Tirell
  (i) Thomas Lewknor
  m1. Bridgett Lewes
  (a) Richard Lewknor
((1)) Richard Lewknor
  (b)+ other issue - Edmond, Sir Lewes, Thomas, John
  m2. Ann Hill @@ see here @@
  (ii) Edmond Lewknor
  (iii) Richard Lewknor (b 1539-40, d 06.04.1616, Chief Justice of Wales and/or Chester)
  m1. ??
  (a) Richard Lewknor of West Deane (b 1567/8, d 09.03.1602)
  m. Ellenor Broome (dau of Christopher Broome or Brome of Halton)
  ((1)) Richard Lewknor of West Deane, Sussex (d 27.05.1635)
  The following includes input from Visitation (Sussex, 1662, 'Lewknor of West Deane').
m. (01.01.1617-8, Mary Bennett (dau of Thomas Bennett, alderman of London)
  ((A)) Sir John Lewknor of West Deane (b c1623, d 03.12.1669)
  m. Anne Mynn (d 09.06.1704, dau of George Mynn of Woodcot, she m2. Sir William Morley of Halnaker)
  ((i)) John Lewknor (b 24.08.1658, dsp 19.02.1706)
  ((2)) Sir Christopher Lewknor or Lewkenor (a 1640, recorder of Chichester)
  m. (1619) Mary May (d 1642, dau of John May of Rawmere)
((A)) Elizabeth Lewkenor who apparently married ...
  m. Edward Woodward of Fosters
  ((i)) William Woodward
  m. Elizabeth Martin (dsp 1737, dau of Michael Martin of Ensham)
  ((B)) Frances Lewkenor who apparently married ...
  m. Michael Martin of Ensham (d 1681)
  ((3)) Anthony Lewknor
  m. Susan Bullock (dau of Edmond Bullock of Salop)
  ((A))+ issue - Lawrence, Elizabeth
  ((4)) Margaret Lewknor
  m. John Austen of Shalford, near Guildford
  ((5+)) Elizabeth Lewknor
  (b) Thomas Lewknor
  m2. Margaret Atkins (dau of Thomas Atkins of London, m1. Thomas Huys/Hewes, m2. Stephen Hadnall)
  (B)+ other issue - Roger, William, George
(3) Richard Lewknor of Sherfield this line the only one followed by Visitation (Worcestershire)
  m. ?? (dau of _ of Mychellgrove, Sussex)
  (A) Richard Lewknor of Marshelop
  Visitation (Sussex) reports that Richard was 'of Buckstead' and dsp, having married Jane Forster of Northfleet. We follow Visitation (Worcestershire) which shows that Richard as son of this Richard and this Richard as 'of Marshelop' and his family as follows:
  m. Joane Maskall (dau of Richard Maskall of Maskall)
  (i) Thomas Lewknor shown by Visitation (Sussex) as brother rather than son of Richard
  m1. Bennett Chaloner (dau of Thomas Chaloner of Linfield)
(a) Nicholas Lewknor 'of Horsley'
  (b) Jane Lewknor
  m. Anthony Sheldon of Brodwaye, Worcestershire
  m2. Joane Wheeler
  (ii) Richard Lewknor of Northflitt, Kent
  m. Jane Forster of Northflitt (Northfleet)
  (iii) Elizabeth Lewknor shown by Visitation (Sussex) as sister rather than daughter of Richard
  m. _ Cokes
  (iv) Anne Lewknor shown by Visitation (Sussex) as sister rather than daughter of Richard
  (B)+ other issue - John (dsp), Roger (dsp), John
  (4) Elizabeth or Jane Lewknor apparently of this generation but see note ## above
  m. Sir Christopher Pickering of Killington
  (5)+ other issue - Edward, William (dsp), George (dsp), Reignold (dsp), Roger (dsp), Margaret, Mary, Amye shown as of this marriage by Visitation (Sussex)
  m2. Isabel Ickingham (dau of Roger Ickingham or Ichingham)
  (5)+ other issue - William, George (rector of Stoke Doyle), Reginald, Roger (dsp) shown as of this marriage by Baker
  b. Sir John Lewknor of Goring, Sussex (d Tewksbury 1471) mentioned only by Baker
c. Richard Lewknor of Brambury or Bambles, Sussex (dsp)
  d. Thomas Lewknor of Preston, Sussex (3rd son)
  m. _ Goring
  (1)+ issue (dsp) - John, Frances
  e. Walter Lewknor of Warbleton, Sussex (d 1521, 5th son)
  Baker identifies Walter's wife as Joyce, dau/heir of Nicholas Culpeper of Ash but does not follow his line. Visitation (Sussex) identifies her as ...
  m. Joane Culpeper (dau of Walter Culpeper of Bedgbery)
f. Nicholas Lewknor (a 1473) his line one of several followed by Visitation (Sussex), the only son mentioned (and followed) by RHG
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Raffe Radnell or Radmylde by Margaret Camoys)
  g. daughter
  m. (John of Robert) Wroth
  h. Elizabeth Lewknor
  m. Thomas Kemp
i. Jane Lewknor
  m. Thomas Gooder of Hadley
  j. Allice Lewknor
  m. John Pelham of Sussex
  ii. Agnes or Ann Lewknor
  m1. Anthony (or Andrew) Sackvill
  m2. Richard or Raffe Myle (Mill or Mille) of Gretham
  m3. _ Kighley
  B. John Lewknor apparently of this generation
  i. Joan Lewknor (d 1473)
  m. John Barttelot of Stopham (d 1453)
  C. Beatrice Lewknor possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Kempe

Main source(s): 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Leukenor of Gretworth and Stoke Doyle', p508), Visitation (Sussex, 1513+1633-4, 'Lewknor'), RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of Lewkenor', p469) with some support from Visitation (Worcestershire, 1569, 'Lewknor')
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