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Families covered: Hussey (Housé) of Harting, Hussey of Saperton, Hussey of Tidcombe

Berry describes the coat of arms of this family as "Erm. three bars gu.". This suggests that there may have been an early connection between this family and that shown on Hussey05.
Henry Horatus or De Housé
1. Henry de Housé of Harting, Sussex (a 1165)
  m. Clementina de Porte (dau of John de Porte)
  A. William de Housé
  B. Galfrid (Geoffrey) de Housé
  i. Henry de Housé of Harting (d 1234-5)
  a. Matthew Hussey of Harting (d c1255) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m1. Agnes de Sandford (d before 25.12.1242?, dau/coheir of Hugh de Sandford) wife of Matthew & mother of ...
  (1) Henry Hussey of Harting (d 1289-90)
  m. Joan Fleming (dau of Alard le Fleming, niece of John Mansel of Beverley)
  (A) Henry Hussey of Harting, Saperton (Gloucestershire), etc., Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex, 1st Lord Husee (b c21.12.1265, d 02.1331/2)
  The following is supported by TCP (vol VII, Husee or Hussey).
  m. Isabel (m2. John Gambone?)
(i) Henry Hussey, 2nd Lord (b c1302, d 01.07.1349)
  m1. (c1314) Maud
  There is confusion over the next few generations. Visitation shows Henry as father of Mark father of Henry father of Mark father of John father of a son (who was father of Richard father of Julia) and Thomas father of the Sir Henry who m. Ankarett Strange. We follow TCP.
  (a) Mark Hussey (dvp before 10.02.1345/6)
  m. (before 18.10.1339) Margery Verdon (d by 1377, dau/coheir of Theobald, Lord Verdon, (by Maud Mortimer) widow of William le Blunt, m3. John Crophull of Bonnington)
  ((1)) Henry Hussey, de jure 3rd Lord (b c1343, d 1408)
  m1. Margaret / m2. Christian not known which wife was mother of ...
  ((A)) Mark Hussey, de jure 4th Lord (d by 1413)
  ((i)) John Hussey, de jure 5th Lord
  m. Margaret widow of John, presumed mother of ...
  ((a)) Thomas Hussey, de jure 6th Lord (a 1478)
  ((B))+ other issue
  (b) Sir Henry Hussey of Saperton, Harting, etc. (d 1378-9/1383)
  Berry mentions only 1 wife, Elizabeth de Bohun, showing her as mother of Henry's children. Visitation shows Ankarett Strange as their mother. TCP mentions both as his wives, identifying Ankaret as mother of Sir Henry.
  m1. Elizabeth de Bohun (dau of John de Bohun)
  m2. Ankaret Strange (d before 19.11.1389, m2. Andrew Hake)
  ((1)) Sir Henry Hussey (d 1409)
  Berry shows that Henry dsp and that Nicholas, who m. Elizabeth St. John, was his brother. As mentioned above, Visitation shows otherwise. We follow TCP.
  m. Margaret
  ((A)) Sir Henry Hussey of Harting (d 30.01.1449/50)
  m. (09.12.1413) Constance or Custance (d 19.10.1461)
  ((i)) Sir Henry Hussey (b by 1420, dsp)
((ii)) Nicholas Hussey, Sheriff of Sussex & Surrey (d 15.01.1470/1)
  m. Elizabeth St. John (dau/heir of William St. John of Barlavington, widow of Roger Dyke, m3. Ralph Massey)
  ((a)) Constance Hussey (b c1459)
  m1. Henry Lovel of Lorting 'of Harting & Preston Capes'
  (((1))) Elizabeth Lovel
  m1. (div, sp) Sir Edward Bray
  m2. Andrew (or Anthony) Windsor (son of Lord Thomas of Stanwell)
  (((2))) Agnes Lovel
  m. John Emson or Empson
  m2. Sir Roger Lewkenor
  ((b)) Katherine Hussey (b c1460)
  m. Sir Reynold Bray (dsp)
  ((3)) Margaret Hussey
  Berry identifies Margaret's husband as Reginald de Lattay and shows the daughters of the above Nicholas as Constance (m1. Hugh Pagenham, m2. Sir Reginald Bray), Catherine (dsp), Mary (m. Reginald de la Hay). Noting the differences with what is reported by TCP & Visitation (see just above), we follow Visitation which identifies him as ...
  m. Reginald or Richard Delahay
((A)) Constance Delahay
  m. Hugh Pagenham
  (c) Richard Hussey of Great Harting
  ((1)) Julia(n) Hussey
  m. William Cardinal
  ((A)) Peter Cardinall
  ((i)) William Cardinall
  ((a))+ issue - Jane, Maud
  (d) Elizabeth Hussey
  m2. (before 16.10.1347) Katherine FitzAlan (d before 23.05.1376, dau of Edmund FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel, sister of Earl Richard, m2. Sir Andrew Peverell)
2. Geoffrey de Housé in Wiltshire, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (d 1199-1200)
  Berry suggests that Geoffrey's wife was Gundred de Warren (m2. Roger de Newburgh, Earl of Warwick) but that Gundred had married Earl Roger by 1130.
  A. Henry de Housé (d 1214-5)
  i. Henry de Housé in Wiltshire (a 1253)
  Berry suggests that Henry was the ancestor of the Husseys of Salop. However, Vistiation (Shropshire, 1623) shows a different ancestry for at least one longstanding Hussey family of that county.
B. Walter Hosatus de Stapleford
  The following connection is speculative but it looks a reasonable supposition that this Geoffrey was the Geoffrey (a 1198), son of Henry, who was father of the following Geoffrey. The following comes from VCH (Wiltshire, vol 16 (Kinwardstone Hundred), Tidcombe).
  C. Geoffrey Hussey of Tidcombe (d c1218) succeeded by ...
  i. Henry Hussey of Tidcombe (d by 1263)
  a. Sir Hubert Hussey of Tidcombe (d by 1275)
  (1) Margaret Hussey (d c1320)
  m. Henry Sturmy (d c1305)
  (2) Maud Hussey (d unm c1285)
  (3) Isabel Hussey
  m. John Thurney

Main source(s): CountyGen (Sussex, Berry), Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Hussey-Cardinall) with input/support as reported above
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