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Families covered: Skull of Holt, Skull in Herefordshire, Sturmy of Elvetham, Sturmy of Rushock, Sewster of Great Raveley, Slader of North Tawton, Slowley of Fremington, Slowley of Sherwell

Davye Skull of Brecknoke, Wales ## see here ##
1. Myles Skull ## possible wife here? ##
  A. William Skull
  m. _ Walwyn of (Markill) Much Marcle
  i. John Skull
  m1. _ Ligon
  a. Thomas Skull
  It is pure speculation, having noted that his half-brother Richard was shown as 'of Muche Cowarne', that this Thomas may have been father of ...
  (1) Mary Skull
  m. Thomas Berington of Much Cowarne
b. William Skull (priest)
  m2. Mawde Wigmore (dau of John Wigmore of Lugton or Lucton)
  c. Richard Skull of Muche Cowarne, Herefordshire
  m. _ Yerworth (of Ipplepen)
  (1)+ issue (a 1569) - Rowlande (b c1541), William (b c1543), John (b c1545), Margaret
2. Sir Walter Skull of Holte, Worcestershire
Visitation shows that Sir Walter had a daughter Joyce (m. Sir Edward Crofte). Thanks to a contributor (DS, 10.06.10) for drawing our attention to an archived message within soc.genealogy.medieval from the well-known genealogist, Douglas Richardson. That message reports that Joyce was of Sir Walter's 2nd marriage and reports also on his 1st marriage. However, there is some confusion as to the allocation of certain daughters of Sir Walter's 1st wife, Margaret Beauchamp, between her marriages. Richardson suggests that they were by her 2nd marriage (to John Wysham) whereas the Croft records suggest that at least one of them was a Skull. VCH (Worcestershire, vol 3, Parishes: Holt) is ambiguous on the matter. Provisionally, we show them here.
  m1. Margaret Beauchamp (dau/heir of John Beauchamp of Holt, Lord of Kidderminster)
  A. Thomas Skull (dsp?)
  B. Joan Skull (or Wysham) (dsp?)
  m1. _ Westcote
  m2. John Croft (d 1531)
  C. Elizabeth Skull (or Wysham) (dsp? c1500)
  m1. Thomas Croft (d 1488, ranger of Woostock)
  m2. Nicholas Crowmer
  m2. (before 1464) Frances Winchcombe (dau/heir of Edmond Winchcombe, widow of William Mulle of Harescombe)
  D. Joyce Skull
  m. Sir Edward Croft (b 1465, d 23.03.1541)



Thomas Sturmy of Rushock, Worcestershire
1. Geoffrey Sturmy of Rushock (d 1246)
  m. Maud de Bendeng (dau of Adam de Bendeng of Elvetham)
  A. Henry Sturmy of Elvetham (Hampshire) & Rushock (b c1233, d 1295)
  i. Henry Sturmy of Elvetham & Rushock (d c1305)
  m. Margaret Hussey (d c1620, dau/coheir of Sir Hubert Hussey of Tidcombe)
  a. Henry Sturmy of Elvetham & Rushock (d c1338)
  (1) Henry Sturmy of Elvetham & Rushock (d(sp?) 1381)
  m. Margaret
(2) Richard Sturmy
  (3) Geoffrey Sturmy
  (A) Sir William Sturmy of Elvetham, Rushock & Tidcombe, 'of Chadham, 'of Wolf Hall'
  (i) Agnes Sturmy
  m(1). John Holcombe
  m2. _ Ringbourne
  (ii) Maud Sturmy
  m. Roger Seymour (a 1394)
  (4) ?? Sturmy possibly the above Richard?
Described in Commoners (vol I, Prideaux-Brune of Place) as "cousin and co-heir of William Sturmy, of Wolf Hall" and in Visitation (Dorset, 1623, Brune) as "consanguinea et coh. Will'i Sturmy de Wolfall" was the undermentioned Elizabeth. Noting that BP1934 (Somerset) identifies the above Maud as "dau. and co-heir of Sir William Esturmi, of Chadham, Wilts, Lord of Wolf Hall", we presume that this Elizabeth was coheir of the above Sir William. However, the dates suggest that she must be of a later generation.
  (A) ??
  Uncertain on number of untervening generations. We do not know if Elizabeth was a Sturmy or a descendant of a Sturmy daughter.
  (i) ??
  (a) Elizabeth
  m. Thomas Brune
  b. John Sturmy of Tidcombe, Wiltshire (dsp?)



John Sewster of Ashwell (Hertfordshire), later of Great Raveley & Moynes (Huntingdonshire) (d 20.03.1543)
1. Giles Sewster of Great Raveley & Moynes (d 1605)
  m. Ann Turner
  A. Samuel Sewster of Great Raveley & Moynes (b 1591-2, a 1646)
  i. Sir Robert Sewster of Great Raveley & Moynes (a 1667)
  m. Ann Fletcher
  a. Frances Sewster
  m1. (1667) Sir Algernon Peyton, 1st Bart of Doddington
  m2. _ Skelton (Colonel) mentioned in FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees'), Fletcher of Aldwick-le-Street)



John Slader of Barron Downe, Kent
m. Margery Churche (dau of John Churche of Kent)
1. Marke Slader of Bathe & North Tawton, Devon (bur 29.07.1589)
  m1. Margaret Samford (bur 1542-3, dau/heir of James Samford of North Tawton)
  A. Anne Slader (dsp)
  m2. Catherine Wood (dau of Alexander Wood of North Tawton)
  B. Christopher Slader (bpt 10.04.1546, dsp young)
  C. Hannibull Slader of North Tawton (bpt 07.09.1550)
  m. _ Morrice of London
  i. Johanna Slader (bpt 31.01.1578-9)
  m. _ Brooking of Newton St. Cyres
  D. Judith Slader
  m. Richard Coon of Exeter (tailor)
  E. Margaret Slader (bpt 15.09.1548)
  m. John Prye of Horwell
  F. Martha Slader
  m. (17.06.1576) Edmond Synger
2.+ other issue - John, Alice, Ellen (bur 16.02.1549-50), Margery



Hugh Slowley of Slowley in Sherwell, Devon
m. Jaquet Inckleton of Braunton
1. Simon Slowley 'of Sherwell' of Fremington, Devon (bur 04.07.1610)
  m1. (29.01.1559-60) Elizabeth Bellew (dau of William Bellew of Ashe)
  A. John Slowley of Fremington (bur 04.12.1621, 2nd son)
  m. Thomazine Pollard (bur 30.04.1639, dau of Richard Pollard of Langley)
  i. Hugh Slowley (bpt 03.08.1606, dsp before 29.10.1647)
  m. Dorothy
  ii. John Slowley (bpt 23.11.1608, bur 06.12.1654)
  m. (c05.1638) Christian Fleming of Westleigh (Bur 06.03.1675-6)
  a. Richard Slowley of Fremington (a 1643, bur 06.10.1666)
  iii. Elizabeth Slowley (b 14.08.1604)
  m. (20.05.1635) Arthur Kelly of Fremington
  iv. Thomazin Slowley (b 21.09.1607)
  m. (09.08.1632) James Heygate (of) Fremington
  v. Agnes Slowley (bpt 03.06.1615?)
  m. (02.09.1637) John Penrose of Fremington
  vi.+ other issue - Richard (bpt 13.10.1611), Mary, Joane (a 1643, bur 08.08.1686)
  B. Mary Slowley
m. John Lewis of Swimbridge
  C. Anne Slowley (bpt 17.07.1563)
  m. John Sherman of Fremington
  D. Grace Slowley
  m. John Alford of Bowe
  E. Ellin Slowley
  m. Michael Willon of Modburie
  F. Alice Slowley
  m. Leonard Chichester of Tawton
  G.+ other issue - Simon (bpt 05.09.1560, d young), Daniel (a 1620)
  m2. Mary Pollard (bur 27.11.1610, dau of George Pollard of Langley)

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