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This section first uploaded 12.09.08.
(1) The following family is thought to have taken its name from Dalling Ridge near East Grinstead, Sussex, though the tripod web site (identified below as the Main Source for this section) implies that the name may have derived from Langridge (either another name for the same place or in the same area).
(2) Despite the very impressive efforts of the tripod site, there is some uncertainty on exactly how various of its members were related to each other because there is some contradiction between and within the sources as to who was son of whom, etc.. The first to be mentioned, along with his brother William, was ...
John de Dalling Ridge (a 1296, 1325, forester)
1. John de Dallingridge or Dalyngrigge (d 1336)
  m. Joan de la Lynde (dau/coheir of Sir Walter de la Lynde of Broomfield (son of John who d 1272)) @1@ below
(1) MGH, which provides a little information on the Delalynde family (see below), shows the unnamed dau/coheir of Walter Delalynde as married to Robert De Delingrige and mother of Joane plus just one other child, the wife of _ Green.
(2) The tripod site acknowledges some confusion as to whether it was John or his son Roger (aka Robert) who had 3 sons - Roger, Edward & Walter. We note that VCH (Sussex, vol 7, The borough of Brighton), which confirms the details for Roger (d c1380), identifies that Roger as son of Thomas. We suspect that there was an extra generation involved but, whilst John & Joan may have had some other sons as well (Edward? Walter?), for the moment just show two, firstly ...
  A. Roger (Robert) Dallingridge or Dalyngrigge of Bromfield, Sheriff of Sussex (a 1353)
  i. Roger Dallingridge or Dalyngrigge of Rattingdeane, etc., Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (d c1380)
  Roger's heir (for Rattingdean) was Sir Edward subject to it remaining in the possession of his widow, Alice, during her lifetime.
  m1. Alice de Rotenden dau/coheir of Walter de Rotenden (by a sister/coheir of John de Mucegros), brother/heir of William de Ratenden (Rattingdean))
  m2. (1362) Alice (a 1401, widow of Thomas Seymour)
  ii. Sir Edward Dallingridge or Dalyngrigge of Bodiam Castle, Sussex (b c1346, d c1393)
  m. (1364) Elizabeth Wardeux (dau/heir Sir John Wardeux or Wardieu of Bodiam (Bodeham))
  a. Sir John Dalyngrigge of Bodiam Castle, Sheffield Manor, etc. (dsp 26.04.1408 or 27.09.1407-8 or 1417)
  m. Alice Beauchamp (d 08.02.1442-3, (probably) dau of Sir John Beauchamp of Powick, m1. Sir Thomas Boteler of Sudeley)
b. Margaret Dalingridge or Dallingridge (d 1419-20)
  m. (1371) Sir Thomas Sackville (d 01.12.1432)
  iii. Walter Dalyngrigge (a 1398, d 1421)
  m. Margaret Chaumont (dau/heir of John Chaumont)
  a. Richard Dalyngriggge of Bodiam Castle, later also of Rattingdean, Sheriff of Hampshire (dsp 1469-1471)
  m. Sybil
  Bodiam & Rattingdean passed to Richard's nephew Sir Roger Lewkenor.
  b. William Dalyngriggge (dsp before 1443)
  c. Philippa Dalyngrigge
Philippa is sometimes shown as daughter of Sir Edward but VCH and the tripod site report that, whilst Bodiam and other of Sir Edward's estates did pass through her into the Lewknor family, she was Richard's sister.
  m1. Richard Berners of West Horsley (d 12.05.1388, executed)
  m2. Sir Thomas Lewknor (d 1452)
  m3. Richard Barnes
  iv. Joan Dalyngrigge or Delingrige
  m. Richard Sydenham (d 1402-3)
  MGH shows identifies Joane as coheir of Robert with her only sibling being the wife of _ Green.
  v. Katherine Dalyngrigge (d 1411)
  m. John Stevenes
  Not mentioned by the tripod site other than to acknowledge that some records indicate that the father of the above Roger (d c1380) was called Thomas, was the following Sir Thomas who was mentioned in Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Walsingham). Note that this connection is wholly speculative even as to the view that this Sir Thomas had any connection at all to the above family.
  B. Sir Thomas Dalingridg possibly of this family?
  i. Elizabeth Dalingridg
  m. Richard Walsingham



This section first uploaded 14.04.21.
Thomas Delalynde of Dorset
m. Clara Hertley (dau/heir of _ Hertley of Hertley)
1. William Delalynde
2. John Delalynde of Hertley (Dorset) & Bromfield (Somerset) (d 1272)
  A. Walter Delalyne of Bromfield (a 1285)
  i. daughter (Joan?)
  m. Robert (sb John?) de Delingrige of Bromfield @1@ above



This section first uploaded 18.02.12.
Richard Dickons of Marston, Bedfordshire (d 1521)
m. Elizabeth Raynes (dau/heir of John Rayns or Reines or Reynes of Clifton Rayns)
1. Thomas Dickons of Marston
  m. Frances Chichley (dau of Thomas Chichley of Wimple)
  A. Thomas Dickons (dsp)
  B. Alice Dickons
  m. Richard Chibnall of Astwood
  C. Elizabeth Dickons
  m. (1562) Thomas Snagge of Marston (d 1594)
D. Frances Dickons
  m. Thomas Hinton
2. Francis Dickons of Lillingstone = Decons of Liddington, Warwickshire
  m. Dorothy Murcote (dau/coheir of Henry Murcote of Cheswick)
  A. Thomas Decons of Napton-super-monte, Warwickshire
  m. Elianora Spicer (dau of William Spicer of Cheswick & Leicester)
  i. Robert Decons of Wasperton, Warwickshire (a 1619)
  m. Anna Combe (dau/coheir of Edward Combe of Wasperton) @2@ below
  a.+ issue (a 1619) - Thomas (b c1605), Edward, Robert, Elinora, Anna, Maria
  ii. William Decons of Napton (a 1619)
m. Grace Basford of Kinsberie
  a.+ issue (a 1619) - Thomas (b c1617), Elinora, Elizabeth
  iii. Margaret Decons
  m. John Fauconer of Napton
  iv. Maria Decons
  m. ??
  v. Persis Decons
  m. Francis Leving of Baddesley Ensor
  vi. Martha Decons
  m. Thomas Hulme of Clifton
  vii. Hannah Decons
  m. Ralph Walden of Coventry
  B. Elizabeth Decons (dsp)



This section first uploaded 18.02.12.
John Combe of Stretford (Stratford)
1. Thomas Combe of Stretford had issue
2. Edward Combe 'of Stratford' of Wasperton, Warwickshire
  m. Anna Hales (dau of Stephen Hales of Newland & Coventry)
  A. Joyce Combe
  m. Francis Cornwall of Burford
  B. Anna Combe
  m. Robert Decons of Wasperton (a 1619) @2@ above

Main source(s):
(1) For Dallingridge or Dalyngrigge of Bodiam, Rattingdean, etc. : http://abbotsbury0.tripod.com
(2) For Delalynde : (NS2, vol 3 (1890), 'The Family of Sydenham of Brimpton, co. Somerset', p325)
(3) For Dickons : Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566+1582+1634, Snagge of Marston-Mortaine), Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Decons) with just a little input/support from VCH (Bedfordshire, vol 3, Parishes: Marston Moretaine)
(4) For Combe : Visitation (Warwickshire, 1619, Decons)
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