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Families covered: Tregoz of Ewyas, Tregoz of Goring
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William de Tregoz (a 1172) was probably father of ...
1. Roger de Tregoz of Lydiard, Sheriff of Wiltshire (d before 29.04.1215)
  m. Sybilla de Sudeley of Ewyas (d c06.1236, dau of Robert de Sudeley of Ewyas)
  A. Robert de Tregoz of Ewyas (d before 24.09.1268 (at Evesham 1265?))
  m. (before 01.08.1245) Juliane de Cantilupe (dau of William de Cantilupe)
i. John de Tregoz of Ewyas Harold, Lord (d before 06.09.1300)
  m1. Mabel FitzWarin (d before 24.05.1297, dau of Sir Fulk FitzWarin of Whittington & Alveston, widow of William de Crevequer)
  a. Clarice de Tregoz (a 04.1289, dvp)
  m. (by 09.1276) Roger La Warr, 1st Lord (d 20.06.1320)
  b. Sybil de Tregoz (d 21.10.1334) HY
  m. (by 1285) Sir William de Grandison, 1st Lord (d 27.06.1335) HY
  m2. Joan de Cokefield (dau of Adam de Cokefield of Feltwell and Moulton)
  ii. Henry de Tregoz of Sussex (a 1256, 1267)
  Bank's 'Baronies in Fee' (vol 1 (1844), p435) shows Henry of Sussex in this generation and later (vol 2 (1853, p146+) shows him as father of Henry (dsp), Thomas (m. Joane Poynings) & Isabel who are all referred to below. As mentioned below, TCP disputes that.
  iii. Lucy de Tregoz
  m. John le Strange of Knokyn (d before 26.03.1269)



TCP agrees that the following Tregoz family was most likely connected with the above one but states that the separation had arisen by the 1st half of the 12th century. BE1883 shows Henry, 1st Lord of Goring (below) as younger son of Robert of Ewyas (above) whilst Elwes & Robinson show his father as younger son of that Robert. We follow TCP.
Geoffrey Tregoz of Goring (a 1139) possibly father of ...
1. John de Tregoz (a 1158, d before 08.04.1195)
  m. Amice FitzGerold (dau of Ralph FitzGerold)
  A. John de Tregoz (d c1197)
  B. Henry de Tregoz of Goring (d before 1256) presumed father of ...
  i. Henry de Tregoz of Goring (d before 1293) probably father of ...
  Elwes & Robinson show this as the Henry who m. Margaret Goring and, whilst showing his son Henry, 1st Lord, as dsp and brother (rather than father) of Thomas, 2nd Lord, reports that this "must be wrong". We follow TCP.
  a. Henry de Tregoz, 1st Lord (d after 02.06.1313)
  m. Margaret (dau of John Goring) identified by BE1883, not by TCP
  (1) Thomas de Tregoz, 2nd Lord (d before 05.05.1335)
m1. (by 01.1302/3) Nichole
  BE1883, supported by Elwes & Robinson, show Thomas's wife Joan as dau of Lord Poynings. TCP identifies her as ...
  m2. (before 1325) Joan (possibly dau of Sir Michael de Poynings of Crawley)
  (A) Henry de Tregoz, 3rd Lord (d before 03.06.1361)
  m. Joan Morley (d before 22.11.1386, dau of Robert de Morley, 2nd Lord)
  (i) Henry de Tregoz (a 1350, dvpsp)
  (ii) Robert de Tregoz, 4th Lord (d before 14.05.1387)
  m. (before 1378) Joan Coombes (dau/heir of Richard Coombes of Coombes & Applesham, widow of Robert Halsham of West Grinstead)
  (a) Edward de Tregoz, 5th Lord (b 23.04.1378, d 04.08.1400)
  m(1?). _ St. Leger (dau of Sir Ralph de St. Leger)
  ((1))+ issue (dvp young)
  m(2). Alice (possibly dau of Lord St. John)
  ((2))+ issue (dvp young) - Edward, daughter
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - William, Robert
  (iii) John de Tregoz, 6th Lord (dspl before 08.09.1404)
partner(s) unknown
  (a)+ at least 5 illegitimate children
  (vi) Richard de Tregoz
  (B) Margaret de Tregoz
  m. Sir John D'Oyly or D'Oyley of Raunton, Staffordshire (d c1363)
  (i) Joane D'Oyley ('sister/heir of Sir Henry of Stoke Doyle')
  m1. Sir Thomas (sb Roger?) Lewknor (d 1375)
  There is possible confusion here. Joane's first husband is shown by Elwes & Robinson as Sir Thomas Lewknor, which is supported by some of the sources used for the Lewknor page, with her second husband John de Cobham. However, Baker (the main source used for the Lewknor page) names the first husband Roger Lewknor and her second husband Sir Robert de Knightley of Knightley (## see here ##). Baker identifies Joan as dau of Sir John and sister/heir of Sir Henry (Doilly or D'Oyley) of Stoke Doyle.
  m2. (1376) John de Cobham of Hever (d 12.11.1399)
  b. Isabel (d before 11.1342) shown as of this generation by Elwes & Robinson
  m. (before 1326) Sir John de Bohun (b 1301, d 1367)
2. Philip de Tregoz (a 1158)

Main source(s): TCP (Tregoz), BE1883 (Tregoz) with support for the lower section from 'A History of the Castles, Mansions, and Manors of Western Sussex' by Dudley George Carey Elwes & Rev. Charles Robinson (1876, 'Tregoz and Lewknor of Goring', p102)
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