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Families covered: Barttelot (Bartelott) of Stopham

Adam Barttelot of Ferring & Stopham (bur 1100) "came to England with William the Conqueror"
1. William Barttelot of Stopham
  A. William Barttelot
  i. Richard Barttelot of Stopham (b 1216)
a. Adam Barttelot (a 1295)
  (1) Thomas Barttelot of Stopham (a 1326)
  (A) John Barttelot
  (i) Adam Barttelot of East Preston & Stopham (d 1371-2)
m. Assoline Stopham (dau of John de Stopham)
  (a) John Barttelot of Stopham (d 1428)
  m. Joan Stopham (dau of William de Stopham, son of John by Joane Foord of Foordhouse)
  ((1)) John Barttelot of Stopham (d 1453)
  m. Joan Lewknor (d 1473, dau of John Lewknor, son of Sir Thomas, by dau of Sir John D'Oyley by Margaret, dau of Thomas Tregoz, 3rd Lord)
  ((A)) Richard Barttelot of Stopham (d 1482) - continued below
  m. Petronella Walton
  ((B)) John Bartelot of North Stoke (d 1470)
  m. Joan Wood (sister of Lord Chief Justice Thomas Wood of Sussex)
  ((C)) Thomas Barttelot of Oakhurst (d 1489, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Oakhurst (dau of William de Oakhurst)
  (21)) Joan Barttelot (d 14.09.1459) probably of this generation
  m. John Threele (d 04.1465)



Richard Barttelot of Stopham (d 1482) - continued above
m. Petronella Walton
1. John Barttelot of Stopham (d 1493)
  m. Olivia Artour (dau of John Artour or Arthur of London)
  A. John Barttelot of Stopham (dsp 1528)
  m. Katherine Dawtrey (sister of Sir John Dawtrey of Moor House)
B. Richard Barttelot (d 1514)
  m. Elizabeth Gates (dau of John Gates)
  i. William Barttelot of Stopham (b c1504, d 1601)
  m. Anne or Agnes Covert (dau of William Covert of Hascombe)
a. Robert Barttelot (dvp 1573)
  m1. Barbara Onley (dau of Thomas Onley of Pulborough)
  (1) Elizabeth Barttelot
  m2. Mary Apsley (dau of John Apsley of Thakeham or Thackham)
  (2) Richard Barttelot of Stopham (b c1564, d 1614)
  m1. Mary Covert (dau of Richard Covert of Slaugham)
  (A) Walter Barttelot of Stopham (d 01.1640, MP)
  m. Mary Middleton (d 1626, dau of John Middleton of Hills Place, Horsham)
  (i) Frances Barttelot
  m. J. Lawrence (rector of Stopham)
  (ii) Mary Barttelot
  m. Henry Barttelot of Stopham (b 1618) @@ below
  (iii) Anne Barttelot
  m. Theodore Walker
  (iv) Jane Barttelot
  m. Christopher Coles of Pulborough
  (v) Elizabeth Barttelot (d young?)
  (vi) Barbara Barttelot
  m. Richard Mille of Gretham
  m2. Rose Hatton (dau of Richard Hatton of Thames Ditton)
  (B) William Barttelot or Bartlett
m. Anne Stradwick (dau of William Stradwick of Kersford)
  (i) Mary Bartlett
  (C)+ other issue - Richard, Robert, Mary
  (3) Henry Barttelot of Stopham (3rd son?)
  m. Anne Marlott (dau of John Marlott of Muntham & Itchinfield)
  (A) Henry Barttelot of Stopham (b 1618)
  m. Mary Barttelot (dau of Walter Barttelot of Stopham) @@ above
  (i) Walter Barttelot of Stopham (d 1702)
m. Anne Bettesworth (d 1690, dau of Thomas Bettesworth of Halnaker)
  (a) Walter Barttelot of Stopham (b 04.1665, d 01.1744)
  m1. Isabel Barker (d 1707, dau of Rev. Edmund Barker of Buriton)
  ((1)) Walter Barttelot (dvp 10.1743, rector of Rottingdean, prebendary of Chichester)
  m. Barbara Smyth (d 1742, dau of George Smyth of Binderton)
  ((A)) Walter Barttelot of Stopham, Sheriff of Sussex (d 06.1764)
m. (1750) Elizabeth Hooker (d 1767, dau of Thomas Hooker of Great Chart)
  ((i)) Walter Barttelot, later Smyth 'of Stopham' (b 19.03.1751, d 02.02.1837)
  m. (09.06.1772) Philadephia Wickens (d 05.1809, dau of Rev. John Wickens of Petworth & Tillington by Philadephia Mitford)
  ((a)) Walter Barttelot or Smyth (b 07.1781, dvp)
  m. Elizabeth Skerrett (dau of Col. _ Skerrett)
  (((1))) Walter Barttelot or Smyth (b c1815, d 05.1828)
  ((b)) George Barttelot or Smyth of Stopham (b 08.1788, d 28.11.1872, 3rd son) had issue
  m. (22.11.1819) Emma Woodbridge (d 1877, dau of James Woodbridge of Richmond)
  ((c)) Anna Maria Barttelot or Smyth (d 23.06.1825)
  m. (11.06.1799) John Aldridge of St. Leonard's Forest (d 07.04.1803, Captain)
((d))+ other issue (d unm) - John Wickens (b 02.1786, d 18.04.1812), Edmund (b 08.1790, d 11.1809), Philadephia (d 05.05.1839), Georgina (d 10.10.1865), Lucy Dorothea (b 07.1779, d 12.1803), Elizabeth (b 11.1782, d 05.1805), Sophia Jane (b 08.1786, d 01.1805)
  ((ii)) George Smyth Barttelot (b 06.1752, d 1778)
  ((iii)) Hooker Barttelot of Great Chart (b 02.1754, d 1838)
  m. Theresa Maria MacDonagh (dau of Capt. _ MacDonagh)
  ((a)) Julia Barttelot (d 1842, only child) probably of this generation
  m. (19.03.1811) Peter Ryves Hawker of Longparish (d 1842)
((2)) Mary Bartelott (b c1690, d 20.03.1770) probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. James Lloyd of Lancing (b 1689-90, d 03.06.1754)
  m2. (1710) Mary (dsp 06.1721-5, widow of John White of Steyning)
  (ii) Henry Barttelot of Fittleworth, Sheriff of Surrey (d 1710)
  (B) William Barttelot
  (4) Dorothy Barttelot
  m. Owen Onley of Pulborough
  ii. Thomas Barttelot ancestor of the Barttelots of Gloucestershire
  It was previously thought that this was probably the same person as Thomas Bartlett, ancestor of the Bartletts of Castle Morton & Senbury (in Gloucestershire), but we later realised that the dates make that impossible.
  iii. Edmund Barttelot of Ernley (d 1591) had issue
  iv. Otho Bartlet (bur 29.03.1607)
  Vivian (Devon, p843) reports that Otho, "tradition says, was one of the two brothers of William Barttelot or Bartlet of Stopham Manor, co. Sussex, who came to Exeter in the sixteenth century". That should be viewed with some suspicion as BP1934 names 2 brothers as shown just above. However, if showing Thomas in this generation was not correct, Vivian may be correct.

Main source(s): BP1934 (Barttelot) with some support from Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Bartlett-Barttelot), BLG1952 (Bartlett formerly of Holmwell), Commoners (vol 2, Bartelott-Smyth of Stopham)
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