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Families covered: Marmion (Marmyon) of Fontney, Marmion of Scrivelsby, Marmion of Tamworth, Marmion of Tanfield, Moels of Cadbury, Moels of Moels, Mortimer of Somerset, Mortimer of Toppinghohall

BE1883 identifies the arms of Baron Marmion as "Vairé arg. and az., a fesse, gules".
Robert de Marmion (or Marmyon) of Fontney (Normandy), later of Tamworth (d c1106)
m. Hawise
Robert is thought to have been Champion of Normandy. He was probably father of ...
1. Roger de Marmion of Fontney, Tamworth and Scriveslby
  m. (?) dau of Urse d'Abetot
  A. Robert de Marmion of Fontney, Tamworth and Scriveslby (d 1143/4)
  m. Milicent (she m2. Richard de Camville)
  i. Robert de Marmion of Fontney, Tamworth and Scriveslby (d c10.1181)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Gervase son of Hugh, Count of Rethel)
a. Robert de Marmion of Tamworth and Scrivelsby, Sheriff of Worcestershire (d 1218)
  m1. Maud de Beauchamp
  (1) Robert Marmion of Tamworth and Scrivelsby (d c1242)
  m. Juliane de Vassy (dau of Philip de Vassy)
  (A) Philip Marmion of Tamworth and Scrivelsby, Sheriff of Warwickshire, etc (d before 05.12.1291)
  m1. Joan de Kilpeck (dau of Hugh de Kilpeck)
  (i) Joan Marmion, heiress of Tamworth Castle (dsp before 13.08.1295)
  m. William de Morteyn
  (ii) Mazera Marmion, heiress of Tamworth Castle
  m. Ralph de Cromwell of Cromwell (d before 18.09.1289)
(iii) Maud Marmion (dsp)
  m. Ralph le Butler (de Botiller)
  m2. Mary (d before 26.09.1313)
  (iv) Joan Marmion, heiress of Scriveslby
  m1. Sir Thomas de Ludlow
m2. Henry Hillary
  partner unknown
  (v) Robert Marmion
  TCP reports that Robert married Isabel, dau of Giles son of Ralph. A contributor (OWC, 16.01.08) identified her father as follows and kindly provided a connection as follows:
  m. Isabel (d by 1292, dau of Giles son of Nicholas by Margery, dau of Geoffrey de Appleby)
  (a) Amice Marmion
  m. John de Whitacre of Nether Whitacre
((1)) Isabel de Whitacre (de Bromwich?)
  m. Sir John de la Roche / Sir Thomas de Bermingham
  m2. Philippe
  (2) Robert Marmion of Witringham (Wetrington) (d by 1241)
  m. Avice (a 1284, dau of Gernegan FitzHugh, son of Hugh de Tanfield)
  (A) William Marmion (d 1275)
  m. (1248) Lorette de Dover (dau of Richard de Dover of Chilham)
  (i) John Marmion of Tanfield etc, 1st Lord (d before 07.05.1322)
m. Isabel
  (a) John Marmion of Tanfield etc, 2nd Lord (b c1292, d 30.04.1335)
  m. Maud de Furnivalle (dau of Thomas, Lord Furnivalle)
  ((1)) John Marmion, 3rd Lord (dsp c1360)
  m. Maud (a 1374)
  ((2)) Avice Marmion
  m. John de Grey, 2nd Lord of Rotherfield (b 1300, d 1359)
  ((3)) Joan Marmion
  m. Sir John Bernack or Bernake of Tattershall
  Unsure who was the mother of ...
  (3) William Marmion of Torington, Lord (a 1264, dsp)
  B. Geoffrey de Marmion of Llanstephan thought by some as possibly the same person as Geoffrey of Clifton & Arrow who was father of ...
  i. Albreda Marmion (a 1233, heiress)
  m. William de Camville of Clifton
2.+ other issue - Helto, Manasses



Nicholas de Moels of Watlington and Cadbury, Sheriff of Hampshire then Yorkshire then Kent (d after 1264)
m. Hawyse de Newmarch (dau of James de Newmarch)
1. James de Moels (dvpsp before 17.03.1252/3)
2. Roger de Moels of Cadbury (d 1294)
  m. Alice (dau of William de Preux)
  A. John de Moels of Cadbury, 1st Lord (d 20.05.1310)
  m. (by 1302) Maud Grey
i. Nicholas de Moels, 2nd Lord (dsp before 29.01.1315/6)
  m. (before 02.1312/3) Margaret Courtenay (d 18.03.1348/9, dau of Sir Hugh de Courtenay, Lord of Okehampton)
  ii. Roger de Moels, 3rd Lord (d unm before 13.07.1316)
  iii. Sir John de Moels, 4th Lord (d before 21.08.1337)
  m. Joan Lovel (dau of Sir Richard Lovel of Castle Cary)
  a. Muriel de Moels (b c1322)
  m. Thomas Courtenay of Southpole (d c1363)
  b. Isabel de Moels (b 31.05.1326)
  m. William de Botreaux of Boscastle, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 22.07.1349)
  B. Johanna Moels possibly fits here
  m. John Wotton of Widworthy
  i. John Wotton of Widworthy
  m. Engaret Dymock (dau/heir of Walter Dymock)
  a. Alice Wotton (coheir)
  m. (Sir) John Chichester of Donwer (b c1385, d 14.12.1437)
3. Maud (?) de Moels
  m. Richard de Lorti
4. Agnes de Moels
  m. (sp) William de Braose, Lord of Bramber & Gower (d c01.1290/1)



Mark Mortimer ("lost a considerable estate in Somerset by inundations of the sea")
1. Mark Mortimer
  m. Abigail Walmesley of Blackmore
  A. John Mortimer 'of Somerset' of London then Goughs Hall (Hertfordshire) & Toppinghohall (Essex)
  m1. Dorothy Cromwell (b 01.08.1660, dsp 14.05.1681, dau of Richard Cromwell, the Protector)
  m2. Blanch (or Sarah) Tippers (dau of Sir James (John?) Tippets)
  i.+ issue - John (d young), Margaret
  m3. (1690) Elizabeth Sanders (b 18.09.1673, dau of Samuel Sanders of Little Ireton by Margaret, dau of Eure Armine of Osgodby by Cecilia)
  iii. Samuel Mortimer of Toppinghohall (b 27.06.1691)
  iv. Cromwell Mortimer of Toppinghohall (d 07.01.1752, Secretary to the Royal Society)
  a. Hans Winthrop Mortimer of Toppinghohall then Cawldthorpe (d 1807?, of Lincoln's Inn, MP)
  v. Thomas Mortimer
  a. Thomas Mortimer (a 1763)
  vi.+ other issue - John, Elizabeth, Anne

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