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Families covered: Botetourt of Botetourt, Botetourt of Mendlesham, Botetourt of Weobly, Botreaux of Boscastle, Botreaux of Botreaux

Many web sites show John, the 1st Lord, as a son of Edward Longshanks (King Edward I of England), some as an illegitimate son, others as a legitimate son by Edward's second wife, Margaret of France. Neither TCP nor BE1883 make any mention of any such connection. GenEU (Anjou) reports that King Edward had an illegitimate son called John Walter FitzRoy de Botetourte whose similar identification, if he existed, may have led to this confusion. As both TCP & BE1883 may have been expected to report the possibility of a descent from King Edward had such been considered possible, we suspect that this connection is a relatively new 'discovery' and merely report the fact that (for reasons of which we are not aware) there are some who think there was such a connection. Whilst TCP reports that John's "parentage is unknown", Lipscomb provides the following 2 earlier generations.
Geoffrey de Bottetourt
1. William de Bottetourt of Weobly Castle, Northfield Worcestershire
  A. John de Bottetourt or Botetourt of Mendlesham (Suffolk), etc., 1st Lord (d 25.11.1324, Admiral) the first mentioned by BE1883 & TCP
  m. (1285) Matilda (a 05.1329, dau of Thomas FitzOtho (by Beatrix de Beauchamp), sister/heir of Otho)
  i. Thomas de Botetourt of Weobly Castle (dvp)
  m. Johanna de Somery (d 1338, dau of Roger de Somery)
  a. John de Botetourt, 2nd Lord (b 1318, d 1385)
m1. Matilda de Grey (dau of John de Grey, 1st Lord of Rotherfield)
  (1) Elizabeth de Botetourt (d young)
  m. Sir Baldwin Frevile of Tamworth (d 1388)
(2) Joyce de Botetourt (d 1410)
  m1. Sir Baldwin Frevile of Tamworth (d 1388)
  m2. Sir Adam Pershall of Weston-under-Lizeard (dspm)
  m2. (before 31.05.1347) Joyce Zouche (a 04.1372, dau of William Morimer, later Zouche of Ashby, 1st Lord Zouche of Mortimer)
  (3) John de Botetourt (dvp 1369)
  Lipscomb suggests that John's wife was Alice (m2. Sir Thomas de Harcourt) but BE1883 &TCP identify her as ...
  m. Maud de Grey (dau of John de Grey, 2nd Lord of Rotherfield, m2. Sir Thomas de Harcourt)
  (A) John de Botetourt (d before 1385)
  (B) Joyce de Botetourt (dsp 01.01.1406/7)
  m. (1386) Sir Hugh Burnell, 2nd Lord (b c1347, d 1420)
  (4) Alice de Botetourt
  m. John Keriell or Kerriott
(A) Johanne Keriell or Kerriott
  m. John Wykes
  (i) Agnes Wykes (d unm)
  (ii) Joyce Wykes
  m. Hugh Stanley
  (5) Catherine de Botetourt
  m. Maurice or Thomas de Berkeley of Uley (d c1361)
  (6)+ other issue - Matilda (Abbess of Polesworth), Agnes (nun )
  ii. John de Botetourt of Gestingthorp & Belchamp Otho, Essex(d 1339)
m. Margaret (d 1376)
  a. John de Botetourt (d before 1376)
  m. Johanna Gernon (dau of John Gernon of Lees Hall & Bakewell)
  (1) Johanna de Botetourt
  m. Sir Robert Swyneburne
  iii. Otho de Botetourt of Mendlesham
  a. John de Botetourt of Mendlesham
m. Catharine Wayland (dau of Sir William Wayland (Weyland))
  (1) Joane de Botetourt
  m. John Knyvet (a 1398)
  iv. Robert de Botetourt
  v. Elizabeth de Botetourt (d 11.04.1384)
  m1. William de Latimer, 3rd Lord (b c1301, d before 02.11.1335)
  m2. (before 20.08.1337) Robert de Ufford, younger of Suffolk (dvpsp before 29.06.1368)
  vi. Johanna de Botetourt
  m. (?) Robert FitzWalter (of Wodeham family)
  vii. Maud de Botetourt (d 14.09.1391) probably of this generation
  m. (before 10.01.1327/8) Reginald de Grey, 4th Lord of Wilton (b 01.11.1311, d 05/6.1370)
  viii. Ada de Botetourt possibly of this generation
  m. Sir John de St. Philibert of Easton Hastings



Hamon Boterel ## see also Boterell1 ##
1. William de Botreaux (Boterel)
  m. Alice Corbet (dau of Robert FitzCorbet of Alcester)
  A. William de Botreaux (d c1220)
  m. Isabel de Saye, Baroness of Clun (d 1199, dau of Elias de Saye, Lord of Clun)
The above connection was obtained from various web sites which show William and Isabel having a son Reginald. We assume that this was the following Reynold who is the first of this family to be mentioned by TCP.
  i. Reynold de Botreaux (d 1273)
  a. William de Botreaux (d 1302)
  (1) William de Botreaux (d c1342)
  m. Dionisia Champernowne (dau of Sir Henry Champernowne of Clist) identified on various web sites
  (A) Reynold de Botreaux (d 1346)
  (i) William de Botreaux of Botreaux Castle or Boscastle, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 22.07.1349)
  m. Isabel de Moels (dau of Sir John de Moels, 4th Lord)
  (a) William de Botreaux, 1st Lord (b 01.09.1337, d 10.08.1391)
m. (02.1369/70) Elizabeth Daubeny (d 29.05.1433, dau of Sir Ralph Daubeny, Lord, by Katherine Thweng)
  ((1)) William de Botreaux, 2nd Lord (b c1367, d 25.05.1395)
  m. Elizabeth St. Lo (dau of Sir John St. Lo of Newton St. Lo)
  ((A)) William de Botreaux, 3rd Lord (b 20.02.1388/9, d 16.05.1462)
m1. (before 1411) Elizabeth Beaumont (b 1389, dau of John Beaumont, 4th Lord)
  ((i)) William Botreaux (d infant)
  ((ii)) Anne Botreaux (dvp)
  m. (1426) Sir John Stafford
  ((iii)) Margaret Botreaux, Baroness Botreaux (d 07.02.1477/8)
  m. Robert Hungerford, 2nd Lord (d 14.05.1459)
  m2. (before 1458) Margaret de Ros (d 1488, dau of Sir Thomas de Ros, 9th Lord)
  ((B)) John Botreaux of Brixton possibly of this generation
  ((i)) Anne Botreaux
  m. Sir John de Lisle of Wodyton & Thruxton (d 1470/1/4)
  ((C)) Anne or Alice Botreaux (d 17.10.1420)
  m1. Fulke FitzWarine, 6th Lord (b 1389, d 31.10.1407)
  m2. (1409) William Clinton, 4th Lord of Maxtock (Marstoke) (b 14.09.1377, d 30.07.1432)
  (B) Margaret Botreaux (d 28.11.1361) possibly of this generation
  m. (by 1310) John Dinham, 3rd Lord (b 14.09.1295, d c14.04.1332)
  ii. Emma de Botreaux
  m. Joscelyn de Valletort

Main source(s):
(1) For Botetourt (uploaded 22.07.03, reviewed & expanded 07.11.15) : BE1883 (Botetourt), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 4, 'Pedigree of Bottetourt, Barons of Newport Pagnell, &c.', p276), TCP (Botetourt)
(2) For Botreaux (uploaded 22.07.03) : TCP (Botreaux)
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