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Families covered: Mortimer of Aberdour, Mortimer of Attleborough, Mortimer of Foulis, Mortimer of Harlaxton, Mortimer of Richard's Castle, Zouche of Mortimer

BE1883 (Mortimer of Richard's Castle) suggests that the Robert who married Margery de Say was "the presumed son or brother of the 1st Hugh de Mortimer, of Wigmore" whilst BE1883 (Mortimer of Wigmore) shows that Robert as brother of Hugh, son of Ralph (by Milicent). However, there is no mention of such a direct connection within TCP which indicates merely that heraldic designs suggest a connection between the Mortimers of Richard's Castle and the Mortimers of Attleborough (see below) whilst, regarding the Mortimers of Attleborough, "No blood relationship has been proved between them and the Mortimers of Wigmore" although they both shared a (feudal) association with the house of Warrenne. That BE1883 is not correct in its suggested link is further supported by the claim in TCP that the father of the first Mortimer of Richard's Castle was ...
Robert de Mortimer of Essex
1. Robert de Mortimer of Richard's Castle (d before 05.07.1219)
  m. (1210) Margery de Say (d c1242, dau of Hugh de Say of Richard's Castle)
  A. Hugh de Mortimer of Richard's Castle (d 18.11.1274)
  i. Robert de Mortimer of Richard's Castle (d 07.04.1287)
  m. Joyce la Zouche (bur 13.03.1289/90, dau of William la Zouche)
a. Hugh de Mortimer (of Burford, etc.), Lord/Baron of Richard's Castle (d 20.07.1304)
  m. (by 1290) Maud (d by 15.02.1307/8, niece of William le Marshal)
  (1) Joane Mortimer (b 24.11.1291, d before 12.01.1341)
  m1. Thomas de Bykenore (dsp c1316)
  m2. Sir Richard Talbot of Richard's Castle
  (2) Margaret Mortimer (b 14.09.1295, d c12.1345)
  m1. (by 1309) Geoffery de Cornwall (d before 06.1335)
  m2. William de Evereys (d before 06.03.1337)
b. William Mortimer, later Zouche of Ashby, 1st Lord Zouche of Mortimer (d 28.02.1336/7)
  The following is supported by TCP (Zouche of Richard's Castle or Mortimer or Ashby).
  m1. (1316) Alice de Toeni (b c1283, d before 08.01.1325, dau of Ralph de Toeni of Flamsted)
  (1) Alan la Zouche, 2nd Lord of Mortimer (b 15.09.1317, d 12.11.1346)
  m. (before 1338) Eleanor (d 06.03.1359/60)
  (A) Hugh la Zouche, 3rd Lord of Mortimer (b 29.09.1338, dsp 11.07.1399)
  m1. Philippe (a 02.01.1374/5)
  m2. (by 09.1391) Joan Bramshott (d c06.1439, dau of John Bramshott of Gatcombe & Bramshott by Elizabeth, dau of John de Lisle of Gatcombe, sister/heir of John de Lisle of Gatcombe, m2. Sir John Pelham of Laughton)
  m2. (c01.1328/9) Alianore de Clare (b 1292, d 30.06.1337, dau of Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Hertford, 3rd Earl of Gloucester)
  (2) Robert la Zouche, 4th Lord of Mortimer (b c1318, dsp)
  BE1883 identifies this Robert as 4th Lord of Mortimer but TCP suggests that he died before 05.1375.
  Uncertain whether by first or second marriage was ...
  (3) Joyce la Zouche (a 04.05.1372)
  m. (before 31.05.1347) John de Botetourt, 2nd Lord (b 1318, d 1385)



William de Mortimer
See the note above which suggests that the connection between the Mortimers of Attleborough to the Mortimers of Wigmore, shown in the continuation and below, which is as suggested by RHG, has not been fully proved. A William de Mortimer "in Norfolk" is shown in various web sites as father of a Robert (possibly ancestor of the Mortimers of Attleborough) and Alan of Aberdour.
1. Robert de Mortimer in Norfolk the first mentioned by TCP
  A. William de Mortimer (d before 1180) named Robert by RHG
  i. Robert de Mortimer of Harlaxton (d before 21.09.1217)
  m. Alice (possibly dau of Warin de Munchensy)
  a. William de Mortimer of Harlaxton and Attleborough
  (1) Robert de Mortimer (d by 1265)
  (A) William de Mortimer of Attleborough (d 12.11.1297)
  m. Alice
  (i) Constantine de Mortimer of Attleborough (d before 09.08.1359)
  RHG shows that Constantine m1. Katharine (mother of his children) m2. Sibill. We follow TCP in showing the marriages the other way around.
  m1. Sibyl (d 09.11.1334)
  (a) Constantine de Mortimer (dvpsp 25.12.1355)
  m. Agnes (m2. Thomas de Gissing)
  (b) Sir Robert de Mortimer of Attleborough (d 25.09.1387)
Visitation (Norfolk, Chamberlayn) identifies this generation as a Sir Thomas who married Margery Peake, relict of Nicolas Biron, but RHG names him Sir Robert and shows that he married twice, Margery Fastolf (mother of Thomas & Constantine) & Margaret. TCP names him Robert and, whilst reporting that another source suggests that he married twice (Margery Fastolf (d 1341) and Catherine, probably dau of Stephen de Brockdish) identifies his wife/widow simply as ...
  m. Margery
((1)) Thomas de Mortimer (dvp before 1387)
  m. Mary Park (d 02.05.1406, dau of Nicholas Park, m1. _ Farewelle, m2. John Fastolf)
  ((A)) Sibyl Mortimer
  m1. Sir Ralph Bigod of Stockton
  ((i)) Elizabeth Bigod or Bigot
  m. William Garneys of Gelberton (d 1424)
  m2. Henry Pakenham
  m3. Thomas (or John) Manning
  ((B)) Cicely Mortimer
  m1. Sir John Harling (d before 01.07.1403)
  m2. (1411) Sir John Radcliff of Attleborough (b 1380, d 1440)
  ((C)) Margery Mortimer
  m. (1403) Sir John FitzRalph of Great Ellingham
  ((2)) Constantine de Mortimer of Bernham Broom
(c) William de Mortimer (canon of Lincoln)
  m2. (by 1342) Catherine
  (ii)+ other issue - Maud, Cassandra
  b. Robert de Mortimer
2. Alan Mortimer of Aberdour, Fife (to Scotland)
  m. (c1126) Anicea Vipont, heiress of Aberdour (dau of Sir John de Vipont)
  A. William Mortimer of Aberdour possibly father rather than brother of ...
  B. Constantine Mortimer of Aberdour
  i. Roger Mortimer of Foulis, Sheriff of Perth
  m. (1189) Christian Maule (dau/coheir of William de Maule of Foulis)
  a. Hugh Mortimer of Foulis
  (1) Roger Mortimer of Foulis (a 1300)
  (A) Roger Mortimer of Foulis (a 1333)
  (i) Roger Mortimer of Foulis
  m. Margaret (dau of Alexander Stewart or Menteith, son of Alexander, 6th Earl of Menteith)
  (a) Janet Mortimer --
  m. Sir Andrew Gray (d 1441) --

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : TCP ('Mortimer of Richard's Castle'), BE1883 ('Mortimer of Richard's Castle'), BE1883 ('Zouche of Mortimer')
(2) For line of Attleborough : TCP ('Mortimer of Attleborough'), RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of Mortimer of Attleborough', p435) with some support/contradiction from Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, 'Chamberlayn')
(3) For line of Aberdour & Foulis : various web sites
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