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Families covered: FitzRalph of Great Ellingham, FitzRalph of Pebeners, Fiott of St. Saviour's (Jersey), Fiott of St. Martin's (Guernsey), Finlay of Corkagh, Finney of Catcliffe

William of Pebeners
1. Ralph of Pebeners
  A. William of Pebeners
  i. Raufe of Pebeners
a. Sir John FitzRaufe (FitzRalph) of Pebeners 'of Great Ellingham'
  m. (1403) Margaret Mortimer (dau/coheir of Thomas Mortimer)
  (1) John FitzRalph 'of Great Ellingham'
  m. Julian (d 1446)
  (A) William FitzRalph (dsp)
  (B) John FitzRalph of Skulton, Norfolk (dsp)
  m. Alice Whalesburg (dau of Sir John Whalesburg)
  (C) Maud FitzRalph
  m. Sir John Conyers of Fenningham
  (D) Joane FitzRalph
  m. Robert Hotot
  (E) Elizabeth FitzRalph possibly daughter rather than sister of John
  m. Sir Robert Chamberlain
  (2) Robert FitzRalf
  ii.+ other issue - Lora, Catharine
  B.+ other issue - Raufe (priest), Joan, Agnes



John Fiott of St. Saviour's, Jersey
m. Catherine Athier (dau of John Athier of Jersey)
1. John Fiott of St. Saviour's
  m. Mary Perchard (dau of Clement Perchard)
  A.+ issue - James, John
2. John Fiott of St. Saviour's (b 1703-4, d 09.02.1786)
  m1. Jane Remon (b c1709, dsp 26.12.1784, dau/heir of John Remon of Jersey)
  m2. Anne Mary (or Mary Anne) Dumaresque (b c1711, d 08.10.1763, dau of Edward Dumaresque of St. Ouen by Anne de Cartaret)
  A. Nicholas Fiott of La Hogue
  m. Elizabeth de Cartaret (dau of John de Cartaret, Jurat)
  i. Nicholas Fiott
  m. Anne Mallet
  ii. John Fiott
  iii. Mary Esther Fiott
  m. Edward D'Auvergne (nephew of General J. D'Auvergne)
  iv. Elizabeth Fiott
  m. John Rowcliffe
  v. Jane Fiott
m. Thomas Durell of Southampton (Major)
  vi. Anne Fiott
  m. John Hunter
  B. Edward Fiott (b 10.11.1749, d 10.01.1836)
m. (16.11.1786) Sarah Lys (d 28.01.1837, dau of Henry Lys)
  i.+ issue - Edward (d young), Sarah (a 1841)
  C. John Fiott of London (b c1749, d 27.01.1797)
  m. (19.07.1782) Harriet Lee (d 25.06.1794, dau of William Lee of Totteridge by Philadelphia, dau of Sir Thomas Dyke, Bart)
  i. John Fiott, later Lee of Totteridge (b 28.04.1783)
  m. (25.10.1833) Cecilia Rutter
  ii. Nicholas Fiott (later Lee?) (b 05.06.1794, youngest son) had issue
  m. (11.06.1835) Harriet Jenner Dyke (dau of Sir Percival Hart Dyke of Lullingstone Castle, Bart)
  iii.+ other issue - William Edward (b 28.07.1786, RN), Edward (b 12.01.1791, d 18.11.1824), Harriet (b 05.06.1785, d 06.02.1841), Louisa (b 06.10.1787, d unm 01.03.1832), Sophia (b 06.10.1789, bur 28.11.1795), Sarah Anne (b 27.10.1792, bur 22.02.1794)
  D. Anne Fiott (a 1817)
  m1. John Ireland of Penrith (dsp)
  m2. Thomas Axford of Walbrook
  E. Mary Fiott (d 1771?)
  m. John Le Geyt
  F.+ other issue - Nicholas in London (d unm), Thomas (d young)
3. Catherine Mary Fiott
  m. Hugh Hocquard of Jersey
4.+ other issue - Thomas of St. Saviour's, Gideon



Thomas Fiott of St. Martins, Guernsey
Some details of Thomas and his family come from 'A Chronicle of the Ancient and Noble Norman Familt of De Havilland, originally of Haverland' (1895, p122).
m. Mary Le Marchant (dau of Elisha Le Marchant of the Haye-du-pints) mother of Carterette, presumably also of ....
1. Martha Fiott (d 10.1773) probably of this generation, presumed older than Carterette
  m. (01.06.1766) Richard Gore of Sandymount (b 1728)
2. Carterette Fiott (dau of Rev. Thomas Fiott of St. Martins)
  m. (02.05.1771) Sir Peter de Havilland (b 07.11.1747, d 14.04.1821, Jurat, Baililff of Guernsey)



John Finlay
m. Mary Savage of Portaferry
1. Abraham Finlay (d 1722)
  A. Thomas Finlay of Corkagh, co. Dublin (d 07.12.1771)
  m. (02.1735) Deobrah Steele (dau of Lawrence Steele of Rathbride)
  i. John Finlay of Corkagh (d 1823, Colonel, MP)
  m. Elizabeth Stear (dau/coheir of William Stear of Ginnets)
  a. Thomas Finlay of Corkagh (d 1837, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (1804) Ursula Cromie (d 1868, dau of John Cromie of Cromore)
  b. Louisa Finlay probably of this generation
  m. Richard Jebb (d 1834, judge)
  ii. William Henry Finlay 'of Ginnetts'
  m. Mary Anne Stear (dau/coheir of William Stear of Ginnets, sister of Elizabeth)
  a. Elizabeth Finlay (b c1778, d 07.1843)
  m. (08.07.1801) Hans (Blackwood), 3rd Lord Dufferin (b 1758, d 1839)
2.+ other issue



?? Finney
1. William Finney of Catcliffe (glass manufacturer)
  m. (13.07.1718) Mary Fox (dau of George Fox of Fullwood by Mary, dau of Francis Pole of Park Hall)
  A. William Finney of Catcliffe (glass manufacturer)
  m. Mary Finney (dau of ?? Finney of Rothwell) @@ below
  i. Josiah Finney of Sheffield (silversmith)
  a.+ issue - Frederick of Sheffield, 2 daughters
  ii. William Finney of Hull (d unm)
  iii. Ann Finney
m. Robert Swan of Sheffield (butcher)
  a. William Swan of Sheffield
  b. Anne Swan
  m. _ Hodgson
  c. daughter
  m. _ Dyson of Barnsley
  B. John Finney of Leeds (ironmonger)
m. Jane Croft of Leeds
  i. Charlotte Finney
  m. John or Thomas Parkin of Sheffield
  ii.+ other issue (d young) - John Pole, John Pole, Jane
  C. daughter
  D. daughter
  m. _ Tiouf
2. ?? Finney of Rothwell
  A. Mary Finney
  m. William Finney of Catcliffe @@ above
  B. daughter (d unm)

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