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Families covered: Manning of Diss, Manning of Downe, Manning of St. Mary Cray, Manning of Stanbury, Manning of Starston, Manning of Warbleton

Several different lines are shown below but it is thought likely that most if not all of them descend from a common ancestor with one of the Kent line shown first. This family is still under investigation but we thought the page (just) worthy enough not to be treated as Draft.

John Manning of Codham (d c1414)
1. John Manning (d 1435)
  m. Juliana Brockhill (dau/heir of Richard Brockhill, relict of William Wallys)
  A. Hugh Manning of St. Mary Cray, Kent
  m. ?? Brandon (dau of Sir William Brandon, aunt of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk)
  i. John Manning of Downe (d 1543)
m. Agnes (Anna) Petley (dau/heir of John Petley of Downe)
  a. Henry Manning 'of Greenwich' (marshal of the royal household)
  m. Catharine Kerkener (dau/coheir of Erasmus Kerkener)
  (1) Henry Manning 'of Downe' (a 1607)
  m. Joyce Day (dau of Jacob/James Day of Buckinghamshire)
  (A)+ issue (a 1619) - Henry, Richard, John, Francis, Edward, Charles, William, Dorothea, Catharine, Maria, Martha
  Possibly son (but more likely cousin?) of one of the above-mentioned sons was Peter of Trowmer (a temp James I who r. 1602/3-1625) who, according to BHO, sold the manor of Downe Court.
  (2) Mildred Manning
  m. Thomas Whitfield of Morelake
  (3) Margaret Manning (bpt 30.05.1559, bur 1635)
  m1. Thomas Howard, Viscount Bindon (d 28.01.1581/2)
m2. Sir Edward Ludlow
  ii. Richard Manning of St. Mary Cray, Kent
  a. John Manning of St. Mary Cray
(1) Edward Manning 'of St. Mary Cray'
  m. Ann Willoughby (dau of Thomas Willoughby, Dean of Rochester)
  (A) Edward Manning of St. Mary Cray (b c1596, d 11.02.1640)
  m. Anna Nightingale (b 1570-1, d 08.1659, dau of Geoffrey Nightingale of Newport Pond)
  (i) Edward Manners (3rd son)
  m. (1654) Elizabeth Masters
  (a) Edward Manners (b c1654, d 23.12.1703)
  m. Ann Onslow (dau of Sir H. Onslow, m2. Stephen Parker)
  ((1))+ issue - Edward (dsp), Richard of Kevington (b 1698-9, dsp 24.04.1753), Thomas (dsp), Elizabeth, Anne, Mary
  (ii) Anna Manning probably the Anne who married ...
  m. Thomas Bonham of Valence (d 1676)
  (iii)+ other issue (a 1619) - Richard (b c1606), Thomas
  (2) Richard Manning (b c1543, dsp 18.01.1604)
  m. Rachel White (dau/coheir of William White)
  b. Thomas Manning
  (1) Richard Manning of Manning Hall (b 1633-4, d 22.09.1705)
  c. William Manning of St. Mary Cray
  The following comes from Visitation (London, 1634, Manning).
  m. Elizabeth
  (1) Hugh Manning of Footes Cray, Kent
  m. Anne Gellibrand (dau of John Gellibrand)
  (A) Francis Manning of London
  m. Mary Pyott (dau of William Pyott of London)
  (i)+ issue - Samuel, James



Richard Manning of Stanberie (Stanbury), Cornwall
m. Margaret Stanbury (dau/heir of Richard Stanbury son of Richard son of John)
1. Robert Manning
  A. John Manning
  m. Margery Rogers (dau/coheir of Robert Rogers by Mawde, dau/heir of John Dassell by Alice, dau/heir of Robert Hudisland of Bristol)
  i. John Manning
m. Margery
  a. John Manning
  m. Jane Rowland (dau/heir of John Rowland of Plymouth)
  (1) William Manning
  m. Thomasin Blanchard (dau/coheir of John Blanchard)
  (A) Nicholas Manning 'of Stanbury'
  m. Margaret Prust (a 1514, dau/coheir of Lawrence Prust of Thory)
  (i) John Manning (dsp 1601)
  m. Christian Ley alias Kempthorne



Randal Manning
m. Katharine Dening (dau of Nicholas Dening of Devon)
1. John Manning of Warbleton '& Cralle' (Sussex) & London
  m1(div?m2.?). Hester Lamott (f 10.1681, dau of John Lamott of London, m2. Sir Thomas Honywood of Markes Hall)
  m2. ??
  A. John Manning of Warbleton (d unm 1633)
  B. Ann Manning (d 1665)
  m1. Sir Thomas Lawley, Bart (d 19.10.1646)
  m2. Sir John Glyn (b 1602, d 15.11.1666, sergeant-at-law (later lord chief justice))
  C. Elizabeth Manning
  m1. Robert Caesar
  m2. Francis Coventry of Carshalton (b 1612, d 1680, son of Thomas, Lord Coventry)



Thomas or John Manning of Great Ellingham, Norfolk (a 1428)
m. Elizabeth Mortimer (dau of Sir Thomas Mortimer of Attleborough, widow of Sir Ralph Bigot of Stockton then Henry Pakenham)
1. Christian Manning
  m. William de Grey of Merton (d 1474)
2.+ 2 daughters



Thomas Manning of Roydon, Norfolk
m. Mary
1. Thomas Manning (bpt 20.02.1630, d 1672?)
2. John Manning (bpt 24.03.1632)
  m. Abigail
  A.+ issue - Thomas, John, James, George
3. Samuel Manning (bpt 18.06.1638, bur 10.09.1701)
  m. Deborah Wainforth (dau of Thomas Wainforth of Roydon)
  A. Samuel Manning (bpt 19.06.1682, bur 10.02.1734)
  m1. Ann
  i. Samuel Manning (bpt 28.02.1723, bur 03.12.1743)
  m2. Alice Baylie (b c1680, d 16.11.1761, dau of Thomas Baylie of Harleston)
  B. Thomas Manning of Starston, Norfolk (bpt 20.11.1687)
m. Susan Clarke (dau of Gregory Clarke of Henstead & Blunderston)
  i. Thomas Manning of Bungay & Starston (b 1723-4, d 15.01.1787)
  m. Frances Simpson (dau/heir of John Simpson of Bungay & Debenham)
  a. Frances Manning (b 06.03.1749, dsp 17.11.1833)
  m. Thomas Jenkinson Woodward of Clare Hall & Walcott Hall (b 1744-5, d 31.01.1820, Lt. Colonel)
  ii. William Manning (b c1743, d 29.11.1810, rector of Diss)
  m. Elizabeth Adams (d 01.1782, dau/heir of Rev. William Adams of Rolelsby)
a. William Manning (b 30.09.1771, d 03.01.1857, rector of Diss & Weeting) had issue
  m. (28.07.1812) Elizabeth Donne (d 02.01.1864, dau/coheir of Rev. William Sayer Donne of Colton, son of William, cousin of the poet Cowper)
  b. Susan Manning (b 07.09.1770, dsp 01.04.1837)
  m. John Sharman
  c.+ other issue - Thomas (b 08.11.1772, d 02.05.1840, traveller), Edward of King's Lynn (b 01.09.1778), Frances (b 22.08.1776, d unm?), Anne (b 04.02.1780, d unm?)
  iii. Anne Manning
  m. Simon Kerrich of Harleston & Geldeston
  iv.+ other issue - Susanna (b 1738-9, d unm 09.04.1812), Deborah
  C. Deborah Manning (bpt 12.09.1680, d 13.09.1708)
  m. Edward Bosworth (b 1673-4, d 14.06.1714, rector of Thelton, son of Rev. Edward of Biss by Elizabeth, dau of Sir John Castleton & sister/coheir of Sir Philip, Bart)
  D. Anne Manning (bpt 11.08.1685)
  m. Thomas Carter of Norwich (d 02.10.1730)
2. Mary Manning
  m. William Hore of Diss

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