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Families covered: Longuet of Honiton, Langholme of Conisholme, Lendrum of Jamestown (Magheracross), Lathbury, Lamott of London

John Samuel Longuet of Honiton (d before 23.09.1734)
m. Elizabeth Hare of Honiton (m1. _ Shepherd, m3. John Geneste of Dunker's Hill)
1. Benjamin Longuet of Louth (Lincolnshire) & Bath
  m. (02.08.1777) Mary Lilley of Dane Court
  A. Benjamin Longuet (b 18.08.1784, d 28.08.1784)
  B Mary Caroline Longuet (b 26.04.1779, dsp 1859)
  m. William Augustus Orlebar of Hinwick Hall (d 18.11.1873)
  C. Theresa Longuet (b 20.05.1778, d 05.09.1845)
  m. (01.11.1804) John Higgins of Turvey Abbey (b 1768, d 1846)
  D. Elizabeth Longuet (b 12.07.1783)
  m. John Hancock (Rear Admiral RN)
  E. Maria Longuet (b 30.10.1785, d 1863)
  m1. (30.04.1804) Richard Orlebar of Hinwick House (b 1775, d 1833)
  m2. Vere John Alson (Rector of Odell)
2. Susanna Longuet



Visitation (1562) identifies the arms of the following family as "Azure, a chevron ambattled between three cinquefoils, Or". That is similar to the arms of Langhern of Tregovethan which suggests that the families may have been connected.
Thomas Langholme, later of Conysholme
m. Marie Conysholme (dau/heir of John Conysholme of Conysholme)
1. Thomas Langholme of Conysholme
  m. Katherine Trancrosse (dau of William Transcrosse)
  A. John Langholme of Conysholme
  m. Agnes Leake (dau/coheir of Robert Leake of Friston by Marie, dau/coheir of Sir Ralph Rochford)
  i. John Langholme of Conisholme (a 1442, 1449)
  m. Agnes Mestmeales (dau/heir of Robert Mestmeales)
  a. William Langholme of Conisholme (a 1449, 1453)
  m. Ellen Vavasor (dau of Sir John Vavasor of Yorkshire)
(1) John Langholme of Conisholme (d by 1515) this generation shown by Maddison, not by Visitation (1562)
  m. Anne
  (A) John Langholme of Conisholme (b c1493, d c1527)
  m. Maude Gilliott (a 1527, dau/heir of Sir John Gilliott, Mayor of York)
  (i) Christopher Langholme of Conisholme (bur 04.01.1570-1, 2nd son)
m. Aldborough Goodrick (dau of Henry Goodrick of Ribston Hall)
  (a)+ issue - Henry, Katharine, Lucy
  (ii)+ other issue - Humfrey (dsp 1541), George (a 1527), Henry (d by 1577), Francis (a 1527), Anthony (bur 28.01.1592-3)
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas, Anne, Elizabeth, Isabella shown by Maddison, not by Visitation (1562)
  (2) Peter Langholme
  (3) Isabel Langholme
  m. William Quadring
  b. Agnes Langholme
  m. John Skipwith of Utterby
  c. Margaret Langholme (d 20.09.1506) possibly of this generation
  m. William Armine of Osgodby (d after 01.04.1487)



BLGI1912 identifies the arms of the following family as "Gu., three garbs or, on a chief arg., as many woolpacks, sa.".
James Lendrum of Corlea, co. Tyrone
1. George Lendrum of Moorfield, co. Tyrone
  m. Mary Story (b 1713, dau of John Story of Corick, brother of Joseph, Bishop of Kilmore)
  A. James Lendrum of Jamestown (previously known as Magheracross), co. Fermanagh
  m1. (11.1770) Ann Young (dau of William Young of Coolkeiragh House)
  i. George Lendrum of Jamestown (later renamed Magheracross?), Sheriff of co. Fermanagh (b 24.08.1776, d 22.10.1855) had issue
  m. (28.04.1805) Mary Jane Coddington (dau of Henry Coddington of Oldbridge by Elizabeth, dau of Lathom Blacker of Rathescar)
  ii. Letitia Lendrum (d unm)
  m2. (07.1812) Margaret Young of Loughesk ## see here ##
  B. Mary Lendrum (d 1822)
  m. (22.12.1767) John Richards of Dublin
  C. Rebecca Lendrum
  m. Hugh Nevin (Rector of Derryvolan)



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Sir Alfred Lathbury of Newton Soulney (a 1389, 1421)
m. Ela de Cateby (dau/heir of Ralph de Cateby)
1. John de Lathbury of Egginton, Derbyshire (a 1421, 1457)
  A. Robert de Lathbury
  i. John de Lathbury (a 1467)
  a. Thomas (sb William?) de Lathbury 'of Egginton' (a 1500)
  (1) Anne Lathbury
  m. Robert Leigh of Adlington (d 28.02.1524-5)
  ii. Agnes de Lathbury
  m. Robert Staunton of Staunton Harold
2. Reginald Lathbury of Cateby (a 1422, 1427)
  m. Elizabeth Mulso (dau of Sir Edmund Mulso, m2. Baldwin Bugg, m3. Sir Robert Moton)
  A. Thomas Lathbury (a 1427, 1470, youngest son)
  m. Margaret (a 1470)
  B.+ other issue (a 1427) - Alfred, John, Elizabeth
3. Ralph Lathbury



Baldwin Lamott or La Mott of Reyndegelts, near Ypres in Flanders
1. Francis Lamott of Colchester & London (d before 24.12.16501, came into England 4 Eliz. on account of Alva's persecution")
  m1. Mary
  A. ?? Lamott
  i. David Lamott (d before 29.05.1629)
  m. Elizabeth
ii. Sara Lamott
  B. John Lamott of London (b 01.05.1577, d 13.07.1655, alderman) this line supported by Visitation (London, 1634, 'Lamott')
  m1. Anne Tivelin of Canterbury (bur 30.1.1625-6, dau of David Le Roy (later King), "of a refugee family", "of Flemish of French origin")
  i. Hester Lamott (b c1607, d 1681)
  m1. John Manning 'of London'
  m2. Sir Thomas Honywood of Markshall
  ii. Elizabeth Lamott (dvp)
  m. (09.07.1632) Maurice Abbot (b c1602, son of Sir Maurice of London)
  m2. (1627) Elizabeth (d c1645, dsp c1645, widow of Levinus Monk)
  C. Abignel Lamott
  m. Jacob Aren
  D.+ other issue - Hester, Maria
  m2. Elizabeth Van Oeghem (a 12.1601)

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