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Families covered: Lovel of Castle Cary (Kary), Lovel of Hawick, Lovel of Tintenhull

TCP (Lovel of Castle Cary) starts with: "The surname Lovel, Luvel, Lovet (Lupellus - little wolf) was not uncommon in Norman times, and there is no likelihood that the families bearing it came from a common stock." The family of Castle Cary covered by this page is shown in BE1883 and many web sites to have been connected to the Lovels of Tichmarsh. However, not only does TCP not mention the possibility of such a connection but, through the quote just given, appears to warn against the making of any assumption about such a connection. When this page was first uploaded we warned that TCP disagreed with BE1883 but nevertheless showed the connection reported by BE1883 with equal prominence. On 19.11.04 we decided to redo this page to be more consistent with our general approach of giving TCP precedence over BE1883. The following section in italics shows the connection reported by BE1883 (and Commoners, vol 4, 'Perceval of Barntown') which not only claims that the Lovels of Castle Kary (Cary) shared early ancestry with the Lovels of Titchmarsh (whom we report on Lovel02) but also suggests that the Lovels of Castle Kary were a senior branch compared with those of Titchmarsh. For the moment (for we may review this in due course) we show that connection here for its interest value but confirm that we discount it, giving precedence to what is shown on Lovel02.
Robert, Lord of Breherva, held castle of Yvery (d c1083) "a younger son, as it is said, of Eudes, sovereign Duke of Brittany"
1. Ascelin Gouel de Perceval, later Earl of Yvery, 'Lupus'
  m. Isabella (natural dau of William, Comte de Breteuil)
  A. Robert, Earl of Yvery (dsp 1121)
B. William 'Goel de Perceval' of Castle Kary, Earl of Yvery, 'Lupellus' (d c1155)
  m. Auberie (dau of Robert, Earl of Mellent (by Elizabeth, dau of Hugh, Earl of Vermandois, son of of Henry I, King of France), sister of Waleran de Bellemonte, Earl of Mellent)
  i. Waleran, Baron de Yvery had issue
  ii. Ralph Lupellus or Lovel, Lord of Castle Kary (dsp before 1159)
  m. Maud (dau of Henry de Newmarch)
  iii. Henry Lupellus or Lovel of Castle Kary (d before 1199)
  a. Ralph Lovel of Castle Kary (dsp 1207)
  b. Henry Lovel of Castle Kary (d 1218)
  (1) Richard Lovel of Castle Kary (d 1253) ancestor of later Lovels of Castle Cary
  iv. William Lupellus or Lovel of Minster Lovel (d before 1196) ancestor of Lovels of Titchmarsh
  v. Richard de Perceval (d c1202) ancestor of Percevals (Earls of Egmont, etc.), but see note on Lovel02
  Note that, on RHG (vol 2, pp590-1), the author reports "we have constantly referred to the History of the House of Yvery, published in 1742, in which the family of the Somersetshire Gournays is largely treated of. This work was written under the superintendence of John second Earl of Egmont, and partly with a view to forward his claim to the Barony of Gournay of Harptree."
  m. _ de Mohun (dau of William de Mohun of Dunster)
  C. John de Harpetree ancestor of the Gournays of Harptree - connection made on Lovel02
  D. daughter
  m. Radulfus Rufus
  E.+ 5 sons
2.+ 2 sons



TCP shows the following ancestry for the Lovels of Castle Cary.
Ralph (Lovel) (of Tintenhull) (a 1078)
1. Baldwin Lovel (of Tintenhull)
  A. Ralph Lovel (of Tintenhull)
  m. Margaret (d before 1164, heiress of Hawick, from Roxburghshire)
  i. Henry Lovel of Castle Cary and Hawick (d by 1194)
  m. Alice de Cary (a 1212)
  a. Ralph Lovel of Castle Cary and Hawick (dsp by 1207)
  m. Maud de Newmarche (dau of Henry de Neufmarche)
  b. Henry Lovel of Castle Cary and Hawick (dsp before 12.1216)
  As shown above, BE1883 appears to suggest that this Henry (younger brother of Ralph) was father of the Richard we show as his younger brother.
  m. Christian (a 1254)
  c. Maurice Lovel (dsp)
  d. Richard Lovel of Castle Cary and Hawick (d 1253)
  m. Alice (a 1256)
  (1) William Lovel (dsp)
  (2) Henry Lovel of Castle Cary and Hawick (d 1262)
  m. Eve (d 1294)
  (A) Richard Lovel of Castle Cary and Hawick (dsp 1263/4)
  m. Cecily (a 01.1271/2)
  (B) Hugh Lovel of Castle Cary and Hawick (d before 21.05.1291 / c1280)
m. Eleanor (a 03.1297/8)
  (i) Richard Lovel, 1st Lord of Castle Cary (d 31.01.1350/1)
  m. (before 1307) Muriel de Soules (d 1318, dau of Sir John de Soules)
  (a) James Lovel (b c1316, dvp Morlaix 09.1342)
  m. (c1328) Elizabeth or Isabel (d c1350)
  ((1)) Richard Lovel (b c1333, d young)
  ((2)) Muriel Lovel of Castle Cary (b c1332)
  m. Nicholas St. Maur or Seymour, 2nd Lord (d 08.08.1361)
  (b) Joan Lovel
  m. Sir John de Moels, 4th Lord (d before 21.08.1337)
  (c) Eleanor Lovel
  m. Roger Rouhaut of Aston Rowant
  (ii) Olivia Lovel
  m. John de Gournay
  e. daughter (3rd dau) possibly of this generation
  m. Matthew Wake of Ebbesbourn & Brockhole

Main source(s): TCP (Lovel of Castle Cary), BE1883 (Lovel of Kary)
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