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Families covered: Perceval of Eastbury, Perceval (Percivall) of Weston

BP1934 (Egmont) reports that the David Perceval of Tykenham who is shown below (and on the continuation page) was descended from Ascelin Gouel de Perceval who accompanied the Conqueror to England. On Lovel02 we show what is often reported as the early generations of that descent - but note also the doubt expressed by TCP (Egmont) - but here (provisionally) provide an alternative connection (to Lovel01). We suspect that the following (top section) is not wholly secure though we have no reason to doubt its later generations.
Sir Richard de Perceval of Stawell, Eastbury, etc. (d c1202)
m. _ de Mohun (dau of William de Mohun of Dunster)
1. Robert de Perceval of Eastbury, Somerset (dsp before 1281)
2. Hamelin de Perceval (dsp)
3. Richard de Perceval
  A. Robert de Perceval, Lord of Eastbury, etc., later in Ireland, '1st Lord' (d 1285)
  Commoners reports that Robert was summoned to Parliament as a peer but TCP (Perceval or Percival) has an entry on this which reports that, although this is reported in Beatson's 'Political Index', "no Parliamentary Barony of that designation ever existed in Ireland."
  i. Richard Perceval, '2nd Lord' (d 1285)
  ii. Robert Perceval of Portlester (co. Meath), '3rd Lord' (d 22.10.1303)
  m. Grace FitzMaurice (dau of Thomas FitzMaurice, 1st Baron of Kerry)
  a. Thomas Perceval, '4th Lord' (d 1322)
  B. Hugh de Perceval of Correville Lyndbays & Watton (dsp 1277)
  C. John de Perceval of Watton
  m1. ??
  i. Roger Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (d 1287)
  m. Joan (dau/heir of Sir John de Breteche of Carhampton, etc.)
  a. Sir John Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (d c1339)
  m. Milicent (dau/heir of Laurence de Sanct Mauro)
  (1) John Perceval (dsp before 1345)
  (2) Sir Walter Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (d before 1349)
  m. Alce de Acton (dau/heir of William de Acton)
  (A) John Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (d before 1377)
(i) son (dvp(sp))
  (B) Sir Ralph Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (b c1369, d 1403)
  m. Elizabeth de Wyke (dau/coheir of John de Wyke)
  (i) Sir John Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (dsp before 1420)
(ii) Sir Richard Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (d before 1439)
  m. Agnes Arthur (dau of Sir Richard Arthur of Clopton)
  (a) John Perceval of Eastbury, etc. (dsp 1439)
  (b) Ralph Perceval of Weston - continued below
  (c) Ralph Perceval of Weston, Tykenham (Somerset), etc. (d Bosworth 22.08.1485)
  m. _ Vincent (dau of Richard Vincent of Rolleston)
  ((1)) Edmund Perceval of Dublin
  ((2)) Thomas Perceval of Tykenham
  m. Alice Cave (dau of William Cave, sister/heir of John of Sydenham)
  ((A)) David Perceval, lord of Tykenham, Rolleston, etc (d 05.12.1534)
  m. Alice Bythemore (dau of Thomas Bythemore of Overwere, sister/heir of John)
  (iii) Walter Perceval
  (C) Sir John Perceval
  m2. Alice (sister/heir of Oldo de Dampmartin)
  ii.+ other issue - John de Watton (dsp 1285), Sir Richard de Correville (had issue)



Ralph Perceval of Weston, Somerset - continued above
Commoners reports that Ralph was ancestor of the Percevals of Weston, Somerset, "which family became extinct in the male line in 1691." We presume that Ralph was father of ...
1. ?? Perceval
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  A. ?? Perceval or Percivall
  i. James Percivall of Weston Corton, Somerset
m. _ Luttrell
  a. James Percivall or Percival 'of Weston'
  m. Elizabeth Berkeley (dau of Sir Morris Berkeley (Barkley) of Bruton)
  (1) James Percivall of Weston (a 1623)
  m. Alice Chester (dau of William Chester of Almsburie)
  (A) James Percival or Perceval (b 1610) apparently the father of ...
  (i) Mary Perceval (3rd daughter)
  m. Nicholas Southcote of Grenane
  (B)+ other issue (a 1623) - Thomas, Charles, Katherine, Anne, Elizabeth
  (2) Elizabeth Percivall
m. George Chappell
  (3) Gertrude Percivall
  m1. Thomas Dyer
  m2. Barnibye Leigh
  (4) Anne Percivall
  m1. _ Parson
  m2. _ Cheeke
  (5) Grace Percivall
  m. James Dugdale
  (6) Florence Percivall
  m. Tobie Peirse

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol IV, Perceval of Barntow, p609+)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Somerset, 1623, Percyvall)
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