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Families covered: Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton, Ferrers of Groby, Ferrers of Tamworth Castle

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William de Ferrers of Groby (b c1240, d before 20.12.1287)
m1. Anne Despencer (dau of Sir Hugh le Despenser of Loughborough)
1. William Ferrers, 1st Lord of Groby (b 30.01.1271/2, d 20.03.1324/5)
  m. Ellen Segreve (d 1342, dau of John Segreve, 2nd Lord)
  A. Henry Ferrers, 2nd Lord of Groby (b before 1304, d 15.09.1343)
  m. (before 20.02.1330/1) Isabel de Verdon (b 21.03.1316/7, d 25.07.1349, dau of Theobald de Verdon, 2nd Lord)
i. William Ferrers, 3rd Lord of Groby (b 28.02.1332/3, d 07.01.1370/1)
  m1. (before 25.04.1344) Margaret de Ufford (dau of Robert de Ufford, 1st Earl of Suffolk)
  a. Henry Ferrers, 4th Lord of Groby (b 16.02.1355/6, d 03.02.1387/8)
  BE1883, probably (according to TCP) following Dugdale who was citing Glover, identifies Henry's daughter as Joane, daughter of Lucas Poynings, 1st Lord St. John but TCP identifies her as ...
  m. (before 27.04.1371) Joan (d 30.05.1394, probably dau of Sir Thomas de Hoo of Luton Hoo and Stopsley)
(1) William Ferrers, 5th Lord of Groby (b 25.04.1372, d 18.05.1445)
  m1. (after 10.10.1388) Philippa Clifford (a 04.07.1405, dau of Roger de Clifford, 5th Lord)
(A) Sir Henry Ferrers (dvp)
  m. (before 13.07.1416) Isabel Mowbray (dau of Thomas Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk)
  (i) Elizabeth Ferrers (b 1419, d by 23.01.1482/3)
  m1. Sir Edward Grey, 1st Lord of Groby (d 18.12.1457)
  m2. (before 02.05.1462) Sir John Bourchier (d 1495)
  (B) Sir Thomas Ferrers of Tamworth (d 06.01.1458/9)
  BE1883 shows Thomas as William's son by Philippa Clifford. We have seen him somewhere shown as by Elizabeth Standishe but can't remember where!
m. Elizabeth Freville (dau of Baldwin de Freville of Tamworth Castle, sister/coheir of Baldwin)
  (i) Sir Thomas Ferrers of Tamworth (d 22.08.1498)
  m. Anne Hastings (dau of Sir Leonard Hastings of Kirby)
  (a) Sir John Ferrers (dvp c1485)
  m. Maud Stanley (dau of Sir John Stanley of Elford)
((1)) Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth (d 1509/15)
  m. Dorothy Harper (dau of William Harper of Rushall)
  ((A)) Sir Humphrey Ferrers of Tamworth (d 1553/4)
  m1. Margaret Pigot (dau of Thomas Pigot)
  ((i)) John Ferrers of Tamworth (d 1576)
  m. Barbara Cockayne (dau of Sir Francis Cockayne)
((ii)) Dorothy Ferrers
  m. Thomas Cockaine (Cockayne) of Ashborne
  m2. Dorothy (dau of Thomas)
  Possibly of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, was ...
  ((iii)) daughter
  m. Sir Walter Smith of Shelford
  ((B)) Anne or Jane Ferrers
  m. Sir Walter Graffeth (b c1460, d 20.10.1532)
((C)) Elizabeth Ferrers probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Chetwynd of Ingestre (d 1547)
  ((D)) Helen Ferrers probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Turvile of Normanton Turvile (d 02.07.1552)
  ((E)) Anne Ferrers probably of this generation
  m. John Peyto of Chesterton (d 1558)
  ((2)) Catherine Ferrers (d 1537) probably of this family
  m1. Thomas Cotton of Hamstall Ridware reported by AS
  m2. (c1506?) Sir Anthony Babington of Dethick (b c1475, d 23.08.1536)
This connection has been reported by a contributor (AS, 02.02.06). BLG1886 (Babington) describes Catherine's father as a knight of Derbyshire. We think that the elder sons of this family held lands in Derbyshire during their fathers' lifetimes so that description may not be inconsistent.
  ((3))+ other issue - Richard, Maude, Alice, Isabell
  (b) Anne Ferrers
  m. Sir Thomas Gresley of Drakelow, Sheriff of Staffordshire (b 1455, d 1503)
  (c)+ other issue - Margaret, Leonard, Sir Ralph, William
(ii) Sir Henry Ferrers of Hambleton, Rutland & East Peckham (d 28.12.1500)
  m(2). Margaret Heckstall (dau of William Heckstall (or Hextall) of Heckstall (in East Peckham), widow of Willam Whetenhall)
  (a) Sir Edward Ferrers of Peckam, later of Baddesley, Sheriff of Warwickshire (b 1470, d 29.08.1535, MP)
  m. (1497) Constance Brome (d 30.09.1551, dau of Nicholas Brome of Baddesley Clinton)
  ((1)) Henry Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton (dvp 1526)
  m. Catherine Hampden (dau of Sir John Hampden of Hampden)
  BLG1952 reports that Henry and Catherine were succeeded by their grandson Edward (following) but the Visitation shows them as his parents.
((A)) Edward Ferrers of Baddesley Clinton (b 1526, d 10.08.1564)
  m. (1548) Bridget Windsor (d 1582, dau of William Windsor of Bradenham, 2nd Lord)
  ((2)) Edward Ferrers of Bebington 'of Wood Bevington'
  m. Elizabeth Grey (dau of William Grey of Wood Bevington)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Ferrers
  m. Thomas Randolph of Wood Bevington
  ((B)) Constance Ferrers (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. (by 1575) George Huntley of Boxwell
  ((3)) George Ferrers of Wetherley
  m. Marianne Sheldon (sister of William Sheldon (not Shelton) of Beoly)
((4)) Nicholas Ferrers of Pinchthorp
  m. Margaret Whetnall (dau of Hide & Alicia Whetnall)
  ((A))+ issue - Edward, Elianora (dsp)
  ((5)) Jane Ferrers
  m. William Findern of Findern (Nuneaton) ??see here??
  ((6)) Ursula Ferrers
  m1. John Beaufoy of Edmondescott
  m2. _ Newport of Honningham
  ((7)) Anne Ferrers
  m. Sir Valentine Knightley of Fawsley (d 1566)
((8)) Margaret Ferrers
  m. Thomas Frognell
  (b) Richard Ferrers
  (c) Elizabeth Ferrers
  m. James Clarke of Fordhall
  (C) Margaret Ferrers (d 16.01.1451/2) probably of this marriage
  m1. (1427) Richard Grey, 6th Lord of Wilton (d 08.1442)
  m2. (before 14.02.1445/6) Sir Thomas Grey of Richemount, Lord Richemount Grey (d 1461)
  (D)+ other issue - John, Edmund of St. Albans
  m2. Margaret Montacute (dau of John Montacute, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury)
  m3. (before 26.10.1416) Elizabeth Standishe (d 01/2.1441/2, dau of Sir Robert de Standishe of Ulnes Walton (by Iseude), widow of John Wrottesely then Sir William Botiller)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is not known, was ...
  (F) daughter
  m. Sir William Colepeper of Oxenheath
  b. Elizabeth Ferrers (nun)
  c. Margaret Ferrers
  m. Thomas de Beauchamp, 4th Earl of Warwick (d 1401)
  m2. (before 25.05.1368) Margaret Percy (02.09.1375, dau of Henry Percy, 2nd Lord of Alnwick)
ii. Ralph Ferrers
  m. Joan Grey (dau of Richard Grey, Lord of Codnor)
  iii. Philippa Ferrers
  m. Guy de Beauchamp, younger of Warwick (dvp)
  iv. Elizabeth Ferrers (d 22.10.1375)
  m. (before 1361) David of Strathbogie, Earl of Atholl (b c1332, d c12.1369)
  B. Thomas Ferrers
  m. Elizabeth Freville (dau of Baldwin Freville)
  C. Anne Ferrers (d 08.08.1367)
  m. (20.04.1335) Edward Despencer of Buckland (d 30.09.1342)
2. Anne Ferrers
  m. John de Grey, 2nd Lord of Wilton, Governor of Caernarvon (d 1323)
m2. Eleanor de Lovaine (dau of Sir Matthew de Lovaine of Little Easton)

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