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Families covered: Montacute of Salisbury, Montague of Sutton

This family's name is shown variously as Montacute or Montagu. Somewhat arbitrarily, we use Montacute for the generations covering the senior line of the family, that includes the Earls of Salisbury, and Montagu for the branches.
Drogo de Monte-Acuto (a 1086)
1. Drew or Drogo de Montacute
  A. Richard de Montactue (b c1135, d before 1166)
  i. Drew de Montacute (dsp)
  TCP suggests, but is by no means certain, that Richard married twice and that Drew was the following William's half-brother.
  m. Alice
ii. William de Montacute, Sheriff of Somerset and Dorset (d c06.1217)
  m. Isabel
  a. Drew de Montacute (b c1185, dvp c1216)
  m. Aliva or Aline Basset (dau of Alan Basset, Lord Wycombe, she m2. Richard Talbot)
  (1) William de Montacute (b c1210, d 23.09.1270)
  m. Berthe
(A) Simon de Montacute, 1st Lord (d 1315)
  BE1883 reports that Simon married Aufrick (dau of Fergus of the Isle of Man, sister of Orry) but TCP notes "It has been surmised that he also m. Aufrica de Connoght (heiress of the Isle of Man) but no evidence of such marriage has been found." BE1883 shows that Hawise de St. Amand was wife of Simon's younger son, called Simon, but TCP reports that it was this Simon (the father) who married ...
  m1. (c1270) Hawise de St. Amand (dau of Amauri de St. Amand)
(i) Sir William de Montacute, 2nd Lord (d 1319)
  m. (c1292) Elizabeth de Montfort (d 08.1354, dau of Sir Peter de Montfort of Beaudesert)
  (a) William de Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury (b 1301, d 30.01.1343/4)
  m. Catherine Grandison (dau of William, Lord Grandison)
  ((1)) William de Montacute, 2nd Earl of Salisbury (d 03.06.1397)
  m1. Joane Plantagenet (dau of Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Kent)
  m2. Elizabeth Mohun (dau of John de Mohun, 2nd Lord of Dunster)
  ((A)) William de Montacute (dvpsp 06.08.1382)
  m. Elizabeth FitzAlan (dau of Richard FitzAlan, 10th Earl of Arundel)
  ((2)) Sir John de Montacute, 1st Lord Montacute (a 1389)
m. Margaret Monthermer (b 1329, d 1394/5, dau of Thomas, 2nd Lord)
  ((A)) Sir John de Montacute, 3rd Earl of Salisbury (d 05/7.01.1400)
  m. Maud Francis (dau of Sir Adam Francis or Fraunceys of London)
  ((i)) Thomas de Montacute, 4th Earl of Salisbury (d Orleans 1421/8)
  m1. Eleanor Holand (dau of Thomas Holand, 2nd Earl of Kent)
  ((a)) Alice de Montacute, Countess of Salisbury (d 1463)
  m. Sir Richard Nevill, 1st Earl of Salibury (d 12.1460)
  m2. Alice Chaucer (dau of Thomas Chaucer of Ewelme)
  ((ii)) Richard de Montacute (dsp)
  ((iii)) Anne de Montacute (d 28.11.1457)
m1. Sir Richard Hankford of Hewish, etc (b c21.07.1397, d 08.02.1430/1)
  m2. Sir John Fitz-Lewis of West Horndon (d 27.10.1442)
  m3. John Holland, 1st Duke of Exeter (d 1446)
  ((iv)) Elizabeth de Montacute
  m. Robert Willoughby, 6th Lord of Eresby, Earl of Vendosme and Beaumont (d c1452)
  ((v)) Margaret de Montacute
  m. William Ferrers, 5th Lord of Groby (b 25.04.1372, d 18.05.1445)
  ((B)) Thomas de Montactue, Dean of Salisbury (d 1404)
  ((C)) Robert de Montacute of Sutton Montague - continued below
((D)) Sir Simon de Montacute (Montagu)
  m. Eleanor / Elizabeth Boughton (dau of William Boughton)
  ((E))+ other issue - Eleanor, Sibyl (nun), Katherine, Margaret (nun)
  ((3)) Robert de Montacute
  ((4)) Sibyl de Montacute
  m. Sir Edmund FitzAlan
  ((5)) Philippa de Montacute Y
  m. Roger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March (b c1328, d 1359) Y
((6)) Elizabeth de Montacute (d 31.05.1359)
  m1. Giles de Badlesmere, 2nd Lord (dsp 1338)
  m2. Hugh Despencer (dsp 08.02.1348/9)
  m3. Guy de Briene or Bryan, Lord Bryan (d 31.12.1369)
  ((7)) Anne de Montacute
  m. John Grey (son of Lord Roger Grey)
(b) Sir Edward de Montacute, Baron Montacute or Montagu (d 14.07.1361, 3rd son)
  m1. (before 29.08.1338) Alice Plantagenet (dau of Thomas Plantagenet of Brotherton, Duke of Norfolk)
  ((1)) Joane de Montacute (b 02.02.1348/9, d before 12.06.1376)
  m. (before 02.02.1362/3) William de Ufford, 2nd Earl of Suffolk (d 15.02.1381)
  m2. Joan (a 1379)
  (c) Katherine de Montacute
  m. Sir William Carrington
  (d) Alice de Montacute
  m. Sir Ralph Daubeney, 2nd Lord (a 1343)
  (e) Mary de Montacute (a 06.1359)
  m. (before 10.05.1327) Sir (Richard) Cogan (b 09.10.1299, d 04.1368)
  (f) Hawise de Montacute
  m. Sir _ Bavent
  (g)+ other issue - Simon (a 1336, Bishop of Worcester then Ely), Elizabeth (prioress of Haliwell), Maud (abbess of Berking), Isabel (nun at Berking)
  m2. (by 1287) Isabel
  (ii)+ other issue
  iii. Richard de Montacute



Robert de Montacute of Sutton Montague - continued above
1. John Montague
  m. Agnes More
  A. William Montague of Sutton Montague
  i. William Montague of Slow, Somerset
  m. _ Peverell of Devon
  a. Joan Montague
  m. John Molins
  (1) John Molins
(A) Henry Molins
  (i) William Molins
  b. Emma Montague
  m. James Duport
  (1) Thomas Duport
  (A) Henry Duport of Sheepshead, Leicestershire
  (i) Thomas Duport
  c. Elianor Montague
  m. John Bevin
  (1) John Bevin
  m. _ Daubney (dau of Giles Daubney)
  (A) Margaret Bevin
  m. Ellis Keymer
  (2) Katherine Bevin
  m. Alexander Muttleberie or Muttlebery
  d.+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth
2. William Montague of Somerset

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