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Families covered: Turvile of Aston Flamville, Turvile of Husband's Bosworth, Turvile of Normanton Turvile, Turvile of Thurleston

Commoners reported that "The family of Tourville, or Turvile, is of Norman extraction, and the name may be found on the roll of Battle Abbey: but from which of the ten seignories of Tourville, in the duchy, the patronymic is derived cannot now be ascertained. ... (C)ompanion in arms of the Conqueror, and the first settler in England" was ...
William de Tourville (a 1066)
1. Ralph de Tourville (a temp Henry I who r. 1100-1135)
  A. William de Tourville
  i. Sir Hamon de Turvile of Normanton Turvile, Leicestershire (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
  a. Hugh de Turvile of Normanton Turvile (a 1235)
  (1) Ralph de Turvile of Normanton Turvile (a 1297)
This is thought to be the Rad'us (Radolphus or Ralph) who is the first of this family mentioned by the Visitation and identified therein as a benefactor of an abbey in Leicestershire, a fact also mentioned by Commoners. However, Commoners & Visitation disagree over the next few generations. Commoners shows Ralph as father of Hugh (a 1337) father by Cecily of Richard who married Sir William Flamville's daughter in 1400. We follow Visitation which shows an intermediary generation for that makes the dates seem more reasonable.
  (A) Richard Turvill (a 1346)
  (i) Ralph de Turvile of Normanton Turvile (a 1392)
  (a) Richard de Turvile of Normanton Turvile & Thurleston (d 1414-5)
m. (1400) ?? Flamville (dau of Sir William Flamville of Aston Flamville, son of Sir William son of Sir Robert)
  Again, Commoners & Visitation disagree over the next few generations. Visitation shows the above Richard as father of Hugo father of Nicholas father of the Richard who married Margaret Bouge. On this, however, consideration of the dates leads us to suspect that Commoners may be right in omitting those 2 intermediary generations. However, Nichols, who starts with the following Richard (m. Margaret Bouge), suggests that he died in 1415 which may be confusion with his father. However, some of Nichols's dates look odd (eg 1669 given when 1569 would be more likely).
  ((1)) Richard Turvile of Normanton Turvile, Thurleston & Aston Flamville
m. Margaret Bouge (d 1474, dau of Edmund Bouge, sister of Benjamin (sb Baldwin?) of Thurleston)
  ((A)) William Turvile of Normanton Turvile (d 1457)
  m. Elizabeth Fowlhurst (dau of Thomas Fowlhurst, sister of Sir Robert)
  ((i)) John Turvile of Normanton Turvile (d 1506)
m. Katharine Staunton (dau of Sir Thomas Staunton of Bonnington, sister of Thomas of Staunton Harold)
  ((a)) Sir William Turvile of Normanton Turvile, Thurleston & Aston Flamville (d 02.07.1552) - continued below
  m1. Helen Ferrers (dau of Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth)
  m2. Jane Warburton (dau of Sir Humphrey Warburton of Warburton & Arley)
  ((b)) Agnes Turvile
  m. Thomas Rolleston of Leigh
  ((c)) Mary Turvile
  m. Nicholas Bradborne
  ((d))+ other issue - John, Anne, Elizabeth, Frances
  (ii) Richard de Turvile of Normanton Turvile (a 1395)
  (B) Hugh Turvill (a 1346)



Sir William Turvile of Normanton Turvile, Thurleston & Aston Flamville (d 02.07.1552) - continued above
m1. Helen Ferrers (dau of Sir John Ferrers of Tamworth)
1. John Turvile of Normanton Turvile & Thurleston
  m. Mary Findorn (dau of Thomas Findorn of Findorn or Findern or Fendern)
  A. Richard Turvile of Normanton Turvile & Thurleston (a 1563)
  m. Jane Babington (dau of Thomas Babington of Rodley)
  i. Soward Turvile of Normanton Turvile & Thurleston (a 1601)
  m. Ellin Armestrong (dau of Hugh Armestrong of Nottinghamshire)
  a. Henry Turvile
  Visitation ends with this generation. Commoners does not follow this line but notes that the above John, who married Mary Findorn, was ancestor of this line which expired with Elizabeth in 1776. We presume as follows:
  (1) ?? Turvile or Turville
  (A) ?? Turvile or Turville of Normanton Turvile & Thurleston
Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (i) ?? Turvile or Turville
  (a) Elizabeth Turville (bur 09.1776)
  b. Jane Turvill
  m. _ Bate
  c.+ other issue (a 1619) - Thomas (dsp), Hugh, Margaret
  ii. Martha Turvill
  m. George Blunt of Osbaston
  iii. Jane or Anna Turvill
  m. Charles Gunter of Berkshire
  iv. Elizabeth Turvill
  m. _ Alcock of Oxfordshire
  v.+ other issue - John of Wolvey, Katherine, Doothy
B. Galfrid Turvill (younger son)
  i. Ambrose Turvill
  C. Ellen Turvill
  m. _ Bickerton
  D. Margaret Turvill
  m1. _ Malory
  m2. _ Cleyton
  E.+ other issue - Thomas, George, Robert, Jasper, Ralph, Francis
2. Michael Turvile dDsp)
  m. Elizaberht Bradborne (dau of Sir Humphry Bradborne)
m2. Jane Warburton (dau of Sir Humphrey (sb John) Warburton of Warburton & Arley)
3. George Turvile of Aston Flamville (d 1552)
  m1. Anne Sheldon (dau of John Sheldon of Sheldon)
  m2. Margaret Hynde (d 1569, dau of Sir John Hynde of Madingley)
  Visitation shows the children as all by Anne Sheldon but Commoners, BLG1886 & Nichols all show them as all by Margaret Hynde.
A. Henry Turvile of Aston Flamville, Sheriff of Leicestershire (bur 16.02.1615/6)
  m. Anne Cooke (dau of William Cooke of London)
  i. George Turvile of Aston Flamville (b 1580, d 1649/1658, 2nd son)
  m. (23.02.1599) Anne Martin (d 1658, dau of John Martin of Poole House)
  a. Henry Turvile of Aston Flamville (bpt 15.08.1602, d 1671)
  m1. (sp) Margaret Anderton (d 1609, dau of Christopher Anderton of Lostock)
m2. (sp) Elizabeth Ravenscroft (d 1629, dau of Thomas Ravenscrof of London)
  m3. Grace Berry (a 1685, dau of Humphry Berry of Berry Nerbert)
  (1) William Turvile of Aston Flamville
  m1. Catharine Englefield (dau of Sir Francis Englefield, Bart of Wotton Basset)
(A) William Turvile of Aston Flamville (bpt 25.05.1667, d 03.1702-3)
  m. Frances Fortescue (dau of Charles Fortescue of Husband's Bosworth)
  (i) Carrington Francis Turvile of Aston Flamville (b 09.03.1689-90, d 29.10.1749)
  m. Elizabeth Doughty of Snarford
(a) George Turvile (b c1724, dvp 05.10.1735)
  (ii) Charles Turvile
  m. Margaret (probably not Mary) Salvin (dau of Anthony Salvin of Croxdale)
  (a) William Turvile of Husband's Bosworth, Leicestershire (d 12.06.1777)
  m. Mary Bolney (d 08.12.1788, dau of Henry Bolney)
  ((1)) Francis Fortescue Turvile of Husband's Bosworth
  m. (09.04.1780) Barbara Talbot (d 04.01.1806, dau of Charles Talbot, sister of Charles, Earl of Shrewsbury)
  ((A)) George Fortescue Turvile of Husband's Bosworth Hall (b 05.02.1782, d 10.12.1859) had issue
  m. (09.10.1826) Henrietta (d 12.01.1869, dau of Baron Adolph von der Lanckin of Galenbeck)
  ((B)) Louisa Mary Turvile
  m. (01.05.1817) William Kerrill Amherst of Parndon Hall
((C))+ other issue - James Charles (d 27.06.1839), John Henry, Francis Thomas (Rev.), William Benjamin (d unm 15.03.1833), Edward Felix (d unm 10.12.1826), Elizabeth Alatha
  (iii)+ other issue - Henry (b 13.04.1697), Pole (d 1698-9), John (dsp bur 24.03.1739), James (b 08.1700, dsp 17.07.1720)
  (B)+ other issue - Christiana (d 1668), Grace, Anne, Catharine (d unm 14.06.1694)
m2. Isabella Cockaine (dau of Sir Aston Cockaine of Pooley)
  (F) Isabella Turvile (d 19.07.1742)
  m. Thomas Whitgreave of Moseley (d 10.09.1728)
  (G)+ other issue - Henry (bpt 01.11.1674), George (b c1677), Adrian (b c1679), Charles
  (2) Kerenhappuch Turvile
  m. John Oneley (sb Oneby) of Barwell
  (3) Anne Turvile (bpt 03.09.1642)
  m. Robert Cotton of Burton-upon-Trent
  (4) Grace Turvile
m. Carrill Smith (son of Charles, 1st Viscount Carrington)
  (5) Dorothy Turvile
  m. George Smith of Ashby
  (6)+ other issue - Mary (d unm), others (d infant), others (d unm)
  b. William Turvile of Willoughby, Leicestershire (bur 10.09.1669) had issue
  m. Mary Prestgrave (dau of Rev. John Prestgrave of Broughton Abbey)
  c. Pole Turvile of Tenby, Pembrokeshire (d before 05.08.1686)
  m. Mary Stephen (dau of Peregrine Stephen, widow of John Alleyn of Gresley)
  d. Dorothy Turvile (b 1599)
  m. Richard Berrie (brother of Humphrey of Berrie Nerbert)
  e. Katharine Turvile (b 1600, d 1653)
  m. (17.12.1622) John Rooes (esquire to King James I)
  ii.+ other issue - William (b 1577, d infant), Frances (dsp 04.08.1638)
  B. Thomas Turvile (bur 02.07.1611) 
  m. Elizabeth Wright (dau of William Wright of Nuneaton)
  i. Hezekiah Turvil (bpt 26.01.1598, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Rudiard (dau of Lawrence Rudiard of Winckfield)
  a.+ issue - George, Elizabeth
  ii. Anne Turvil
m. _ Wyatt
  iii.+ other issue (d unm) - George (bopt 01.05.1599, d 1652), Ruth (bpt 05.05.1601, bur 05.11.1632), Erasmus (Bur 20.01.1639, "a maid")
  C. John Turvile (d 1606)
  D. Elizabeth Turvile
  m. William Lister of Somerby
  E. Anne Turvile
  m. George Savage of Walton in the Wolds
3. Michael Turvile (dsp 1577)
  m. Elizabeth Bradburne (dau of Sir Humphrey Bradburne of the Hough)
4. Elizabeth Turvile
  m. Sir Humphrey Bradburne of the Hough
5. Mary Turvile
  m. _ Waldron of Oadeby
6. Anne Turvile
  m. _ Swillington

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 2, 'Turvile of Husband's Bosworth', p644+), Visitation (Leicestershire, 1619, 'Turvile'), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John NichoÏs, vol 2, part 2, 1798, 'Pedigree of Turvile of Normanton Turvile, Aston Famvile, and Husbands Bosworth', p465) with some support for the lower section from BLG1886 (Turville of Bosworth Hall)
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