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Families covered: Rolleston of Lea (Ley), Rolleston of Swarkston, Rolleston of Watnall

Originally we were concerned that the 2 Richards who lead the 2 sections on this page were the same person, both being sons of a John (this one's father John being nephew of the other father John) and both having married a Makebridge. However, it appears that there is no further 'overlap' between their descendants so, provisionally at least, we show them as different people.
Richard Rolleston of (Lea &) Swarkston, Derbyshire
m. _ Wakebridge
1. William Rolleston
  A. John Rolleston
  i. Henry Rolleston
  a. John Rolleston
  (1) Roger Rolleston 'of Swarkston'
  m. Dorothea Babington (dau of Thomas Babington)
  (A) John Rolleston



Richard Rolleston of Lea or the Ley, Derbyshire
m. _ Wakebridge
1. William Rollestion
  m. Joane Wingfield (dau/heir of Ralph Wingfield)
  A. John Rolleston of the Ley
  m. _ Savile
  i. William Rolleston of the Ley
  m. _ Leaver of Lancashire
a. James Rolleston of the Ley or Lea the first mentioned by FMG
  m. Anne Babington (dau of John Babington)
  (1) Thomas Rolleston of the Ley
  m. Agnes (probably not Elizabeth) Turvile (dau of John Turvile of Newhall)
  (A) Francis Rolleston of the Ley (a 1569, d 1587)
  m. Mary Vernon (dau of Sir John Vernon or Verney of Harleston)
  (i)+ issue - George, Henry
  (B) Edward Rolleston (a 1614)
(C) Isabell Rolleston
  m. Richard Pershall of Horsley
  (D) Anne Rolleston
  m. Thomas Dethick of Newthall
  (E) Dorothy Rolleston
  m. Richard Colley of the Court
  (F) Ursula Rolleston
  m. Adam Beresford of Bentley
  (G)+ other issue - James, John, George, Christopher mentioned by FMG
  (2) Ralph Rolleston of Watnall Chaworth
  m. Margaret Bingham (dau/coheir of Richard (not Ralph) Bingham of Watnall Chaworth by Anne, sister/coheir of Sir Nicholas Strelley of Linby)
  (A) Thomas Rolleston
  m. Elizabeth Ashe (dau of Lancelot Ashe (or Astle) of (North Hounton) Yorkshire)
  Visitation (1614) shows their children as Edward, Lancelott, John, Anthony, Jane, Isabell & Mary. Visitation (1662-4) shows John & Phillip. FMG shows Lancelot, Jane, Isabel & Mary. Provisionally, we combine them.
  (i) Lancelott Rolleston of Watnall, Nottinghamshire
  m1. Elinor Mering
  (a) Valentyne Rolleston
  m. Edward Ballard of Wimswold
  m2. _ Ashe
  (b)+ other issue including John
  (ii) John Rolleston of Watnall (d 30.04.1637)
  m. Elizabeth Chambers (dau/coheir of Thomas Chambers of Mansfield)
(a) Lancelot Rolleston of Watnall Chaworth (dsp 1685)
  m. (c01.1638, ??) Katherine Hacker (dau of Richard Hacker of Flintham)
  (b) John Rolleston
  m. Elizabeth Flower (dau of Geogre Flower of Hucknell Torkard)
((1))+ issue (a 1663), John (b c1648), Lancelot (b c1649, d 1685, Sheriff)
  (c)+ other issue - Catherine, Elizabeth, Frances
  (iii) Phillip Rolleston
  m. Frances Pierrepont (dau of Robert, Earl of Kingston)
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Rolleston of Watnall) & BLG1952 (Dayrell formerly Rolleston of Watnall) with some input/support from FMG (p1279).
  (a) Edward Rolleston of Toynton (Lincolnshire) & Watnall
  ((1)) Christopher Rolleston of Watnall (d 21.03.1736)
  m. (29.09.1692) Hannah Holden (d 29.04.1725, dau of Samuel Holden of Aston)
  ((A)) Lancelot Rolleston of Watnall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (dsp 27.04.1751)
  m1. ??
  m2. Rosamund Greenwood (dau/coheir of Daniel Greenwood of Northampton)
  ((B)) John Rolleston, later of of Watnall (d 30.06.1770, rector of Aston)
  m. Dorothy Burdett (d 30.10.1794, dau of Sir Robet Burdett of Foremark)
  ((i)) Lancelot Rolleston of Watnall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (d unm 25.04.1802)
  ((ii)) Christopher Rolleston of Watnall, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (b 1739, d 03.04.1807)
  m. Anne Nicholas (d 14.02.1809, dau of Capt. _ Nicholas RN)
((a)) Lancelot Rolleston of Watnall (b 20.07.1785, d 05.1862, Colonel) had issue
  m1. (17.11.1808) Caroline Chetwynd (d 10.03.1844, dau of Sir Geroge Chetwynd, Bart of Grendon Hall)
  m2. Eleanor Charlotte Fraser (dau of Robert Fraser of Torbeck)
  ((b)) John Rolleston (d 17.11.1862, vicar of Burton Joyce, 3rd son) had issue
m. Elizabeth Smelt (d 09.04.1861, dau of Rev. Philip Smelt by Margaret, dau of Arthur Charles Stanhope of Mansfield Woodhouse)
  ((c)) Dorothy Rolleston
  m. William Tiffin (rector of Matterson)
  ((d))+ other issue (d unm) - Christopher (d 20.10.1840), Anne (d 16.02.1813)
  ((iii)) Robert Rolleston (b 1747, d 1826, 2nd/5th son?)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Rolleston) with some support from FMG (p1279).
  m1. Margaret Thornhill (dau of Thomas Thornhill)
  ((a)) George Rolleston of Maltby Hall, Yorkshire (d 21.02.1868, Rev.) had issue
  m. Anne Nettleship (dau of J. Nettleship of Gainsborough)
  ((b))+ other issue - Robert, Francis, Lucy, Maria
  m2. Jane Savage (dau of William Savage)
  ((iv)) Dorothy Rolleston
  m. William Chambers (rector of Achester)
  ((v))+ other issue - John (d young), John, Thomas
  ((C))+ other issue - Henry, Edward, Robert, Thomas, Hannah, 2 others (d young)
  (iv) Jane Rolleston
  m. _ Brownley
  (v) Mary Rolleston
  m. Henry Ball of Tissington
  (vi)+ other issue - Edward, Anthony, Isabell
  (B)+ other issue - Robert, James
  (3) Catherine Rolleston
  m. John Page
  (4)+ other issue - William (priest), Henry

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Rolleston of Rolleston)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662-4, Rolleston of Watnall), Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Rolston) with some support from Visitation (Staffordshire, 1614+1663-4, Rolleston of Rolleston), FMG (vol 4, MS610, 'Rolleston', p1278+) and input as reported above
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