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Families covered: Hutchinson of Owthorpe

'The Genealogist' reports that the Hutchinsons of Owthorpe were "a younger branch of an ancient Yorkshire family". Thomas, the founder of this branch, "purchased lands at Owthorpe and elsewhere in Nottinghamshire, about the commencement of the sixteenth century".
Anthony Hutchinson of Cowlam near Driffield, Yorkshire
1. Thomas Hutchinson of Owthorpe, Nottinghamshire (2nd son)
  A. William Hutchinson of Owthorpe
  m. _ Watson of Harby or Hareby
  i. Thomas Hutchinson of Owthorpe
m1. _ Perpoint (dau of Sir George Perpoint of Holme Perpointe)
  Thoroton shows just Thomas's marriage to a dau of Sir George Perpont, showing her as mother of Thomas. Visitation shows the mother of Thomas as ...
  m2. _ Souch (dau of George Souch of Derbyshire)
  a. Thomas Hutchinson of Owthorpe & Cropwell (d 1599)
  m. Jane Sacheverell (dau of Henry Sacheverell of Radcliff-upon-Sore)
  (1) Thomas Hutchinson of Owthorpe (b 04.09.1589, d 18.08.1643, MP)
Information on Thomas is supported by HoP ("Thomas Hutchinson").
  m1. (c04.1621) Mary (possibly not Margaret) Byron (d 1619, dau of Sir John Byron of Newstead Abbey)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662-4, 'Hutchenson of Owthorpe').
  (A) son (dvp)
(B) John Hutchinson (or Hutchenson) of Owthorpe, Governor of Nottingham Castle, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire (bpt 18.09.1615, d 11.09.1663/4, Colonel, MP, regicide)
  Information on John is supported by HoP ("John Hutchinson").
  m. (03.07.1638) Lucy Apsley (d 10.1659, dau of Sir Alan Apsley, Lieutenant of the Tower of London, by Lucy, dau of Sir John St. John)
  (i) Thomas Hutchinson of Owthorpe (b c1637, a 03.1662, dsp)
  m. Jane Ratcliffe (dau of Sir Alexander Ratcliffe)
(ii)+ other issue - Edward, Lucius, John, Barbara, Lucy, Margaret, Alice/Adeliza
  (C) George Hutchinson (dsp(s) 1644)
  m. Barbara Apsley (sister of Lucy Apsley)
  (i) Alan Hutchinson (dvp?)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1662-4, 'Hutchenson of Willoughby on the Wolds').
m2. (17.12.1631) Katherine Stanhope (b c1592, d 1694! (or bur 28.12.1695), dau of Sir John Stanhope of Elvaston)
  (D) Charles Hutchinson (or Hutchenson) of Willoughby-on-the-Woulds, later of Owthorpe (bpt 15.06.1636, d 03.11.1695, MP)
  Information on Charles is supported by HoP ("Charles Hutchinson").
m. (19.12.1663) Isabella Boteler (b c1637, d 28.10.1728, dau/coheir of Sir Francis Boteler of Hatfield Woodhall)
  (i) Thomas Hutchinson (b c1667, a 1675, younger son) probably the Thomas of Owthorpe who married ...
  m. Isabella Burton (dau of Thomas Burton of Longner)
  (ii) Julius Hutchinson (b c1678, d 28.02.1738, younger son)
  m. Betty Norton (b c1685, d 22.02.1752, dau of Colonel William Norton (son of Colonel Richard of Southwick by Elizabeth, dau of William, Lord Viscount Say & Sele) by Elizabeth, dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Norton of Coventry, Bart)
  (a)+ issue - Thomas (a 1718), Botliler (a 1718), Charles (a 1718), Lucius (d by 1718), Isabella (a 1718), Norton (a 1718), Elizabeth (d by 1718)
(iii) Elizabeth Hutchinson (b c1672, d 10.03.1733-4) who married ...
  m1. (18.06.1697) John Kennedy, Master of Cassillis (dvp 1700)
  m2. (22.03.1701) John Hamilton, 1st Earl of Ruglen, 3rd Earl of Selkirk (b 1665, d 1744)
  (iv)+ other issue (a 11.1695) - Francis, Isabella
  (vi)+ other issue (dvp) - Charles (b c1665, a 1675), Francis, Boteler (b c1668, a 1675), Stanhope (b c1669, a 1675)
  (E) Stanhope Hutchinson
  (F) Isabella Hutchinson
  m. Charles Cotton of Beresford
  (2) Jane Hutchinson
  m1. Francis Grantham of Goltby (sb Goltho?)
  m2. _ Poulson or Poulton
  b. Dorothea Hutchinson
  m. John Waring of Estwell
  B. John Hutchinson
  i. George Hutchinson
  a.+ issue - John, Catherin, Mary, Anne

Main source(s): Visitation (Nottinghamshire, 1569+1614, Hutchinson) with some support/input from 'The Genealogist' (George Marshall, vol 2, 1878, 'Owthorpe and the Hutchinson Monuments', p305+), Robert Thoroton' s 'The Antiquities of Nottinghamshire' (vol 1 (1790), pp159-160) and input/support as reported above
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