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Families covered: Basset of Blore, Basset of Cheadle (Chedley), Basset of Grendon, Basset of Langley
[Part of the information on this page was previously shown on Temp07, which section was first started on 18.08.05 and then revised on 05.10.05 and again on 18.10.06 following welcome input from a contributor (DSw, 04.10.05) who has prepared a book on (inter alia) the Bassets and the village of Blore. It was transferred here following significant input of data from the Staffordshire Visitation.]

Ralph Basset
1. Ralph Basset (a 1271)
  A. Ralph Basset of Parkhall of Chedley
  i. Ralph Basset of Parkhall of Chedley (a 1332)
  B. John Basset of Cheadle (Chedley)
i. Sir John Basset of Cheadle, later also of Blore, Sheriff of Staffordshire (b 1345, d 1410/1)
  m1. ?? (Catherine ?)
  m2. Joan Braylesford (dau of Sir Henry Braylesford of Braylesford by Joan Audley)
  Visitation (Staffordshire) shows Edmund & Ralph as sons by Sir John's 1st marriage, Thomas as by his 2nd marriage. Visitation (Sussex) shows Ralph (father of William) as son by Sir John's 1st marriage, Thomas as by his 2nd marriage. DSw suggests that his 3 sons (Thomas, Ralph and Edmund) were all the 2nd marriage. We provisionally follow DSw's suggestion.
  a. Thomas Basset of Braylesford
  m. (c1390) Margaret Meringe
  (1) Joane Basset
  m. Sir Ralph Shirley, Sheriff of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire (a 1422)
  b. Ralph Basset of Nuplace, later of Cheadle (Chedley)
  m. Matilda (Mawde) Beke (dau of Thomas Beke by Alice)
(1) Ralph Basset of Cheadle, Blore & Grendon
  m. Margaret Dethike (d 1466, dau of Reginald Dethike by Thomasina, dau of Hugo de Meynill, Margaret m2. Nicholas Montgomery)
  (A) William Basset of Cheadle, Blore, Grendon (Staffordshire) & Langley (Derbyshire)
  (i) William Basset, 'Viscomes Stafford' (a 1465, 1491)
m. Johanna Biron (dau of Richard Biron, son of John, sister of Margaret, wife (sb mother-in-law) of Thomas Welsh of Onlip)
  (a) John Basset of Blore (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Aston (dau of Sir John Aston)
  (b) Ralph Basset of Blore
  m. Elena Eggerton (dau of Hugh Eggerton of Wrinhill)
  ((1)) Margaret Basset
  m. Ralph Egerton of Ridley (d 04.03.1528)
(c) Nicholas Basset (dsp)
  m. Elena Montgomery (dau of Nicholas Montgomery)
  (d) William Basset of Blore & Langley
  m. Elizabeth Meverell (dau of Thomas Meverell of Throwley, she m2. Henry Cokayn)
  ((1)) William Basset of Blore, Grendon & Langley (b 1493, d 31.10.1553)
  Details on this William were kindly provided by DSw (18.10.06).
  m1. Anne Cokayne (b c1491, dau of Sir Thomas Cokayne of Ashbourne)
  ((A)) William Basset of Blore & Langley
  m. Elizabeth Fitzherbert (dau of Anthony Fitzherbert of Norbery)
  ((i)) William Basset of Blore (a 1583, dsp?)
((B)) Thomas Basset
  m. Helen or Catherine Cotes (dau of John Cotes of Woodcott by Ellen Lyttleton)
  ((i)) William Basset of Fole, later of Blore, Sheriff of Derbyshire (b 18.08.1552, d 09.11.1601)
  King's Staffordshire Pedigrees (1912, Basset) shows that it was this William who married ...
  m. Judith Austin (dau of Thomas Austin of Oxley, relict of William Boothby)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Basset (d 17.04.1643)
  m1. Henry Howard (son of Thomas, 1st Earl of Suffolk)
m2. (c1618) William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle (d 25.12.1676)
  ((ii)) Dorothy Basset
  ((C)) Margaret Basset
  m. Richard Copwood of Tatridge (William Copwood in Fole)
  ((D))+ other issue - Francis (dsp), daughter
  m2. (c1521) Isabel Cotton (d c1521, dau of Sir Richard Cotton of Ridware)
((F)) Maulde (Matilda) Basset
  DSw suggests that Matilda was daughter of Anne Cokayne.
  m. (1534) Ralph (not Philip) Okeover (d 29.03.1571)
  m3. (1527/8) Ellen Lytelton (dau of Thomas (sb Richard?) Lytelton, sister of Sir Edward of Pillaton)
  ((2)) Thomas Basset
  ((A))+ issue - Edward of Hintes, "divers daughters"
((3)) Francis Basset
  ((4)) Elizabeth Basset possibly of this generation
  m. John Beresford of Beresford and Enson (d 1475)
  ((5)) Mary Basset possibly of this generation
  m. William Beaumont
  ((6)) Dorothy Basset (d by 1532) sister of William, probably fits here
  m. Christopher Hunt (son of John of Ashover)
  (ii) Anne Basset possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Alsop
  (B) Cecilia Basset
  m. Hugo Erdeswike (son of Henry)
  c. Edmund Basset of Blore (dsp)
  DSw reports that Edmund's wife was called Matilda. This was presumably the Edward reported in BEB1841 (Delves of Doddington) as married to ...
  m. Matilda Delves (dau of John Delves of Delves Hall, Sheriff of Staffordshire)
2. Robert Basset (a 1253)
  A. William Basset of Nottinghamshire
  B. John Basset
  m. Uxorejus (sic) Liseux
  i.+ issue (a 1359) - Robert, William

Main source(s): Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, Bassett de Sapecott, Cheadle, Blore, Grendon et Fledborough), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, Basset and Egerton), Visitation (Staffordshire, 1583, Basset of Blore and Hints), Visitation (with a little support from Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Shirley) and (as mentioned above) some input from a contributor (DSw)
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