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Families covered: Brailsford of Bolsover, Braylesford of Braylesford (Brailleford of Brailleford), Brailsford of Seynor (Brailesford of Senor or Senior), Brailsford of South Normanton
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Commoners starts with a quote from "Lysons in his Magna Britannia" which reports that "The ancient family of Brailsford was of Brailsford, in the county of Derby, temp. Henry II. Nicholas, the first who assumed the name, was son of Elsinus, who lived in the reign of William the Conqueror." Visitation starts with a Nicholas who, somewhat arbitrarily but with rough guidance from rough dates, we speculate was grandson of that first Nicholas.
Elsinus (a temp William I who r. 1066-1087)
1. Nicholas de Brailleford or Brailsford, Derbyshire
  A. ?? de Brailleford or Brailsford presumed intermediary generation
  i. Nicholas Brailleford the first mentioned by Visitation
  a. Henry Brailleford of Brailleford
  (1) Sir Henry Braylesford
  (A) Raufe Braylesford
(i) Sir Henry Braylesford of Braylesford
  Visitation reports that Sir Henry's wife was Jone Twyford. However, the contributor who has commented on the Bassets of Blore (see Basset4) reports that Joan's mother was Joan Audley who had previously been married twice (to John Le Estrange then John de Hastang). Provisionally we presume that Sir Henry married twice, as follows ...
  m1. Jone Twyford (dau/coheir of Sir Robert Twyford, son of Sir John)
  m2. Joan Audley (sister of Hugh de Audley of Blore)
  (a) Joan Braylesford
  m. Sir John Basset of Chedle (b 1345, d 1410/1)
  (b) Alice Braylesford possibly fits here
  m. Peter Warburton of Warburton (d 1421-2)
  The following connection is wholly speculative!
  (ii) ?? Braylesford
  (a) ?? Braylesford
  ((1)) John Braylesford of Brailsford (a 1472) the first mentioned on FMG (vol 4, p1249)
  m. Margaret (a 1489)
((A)) John Braylesford (dsp)
  ((B)) Thomas Braylesford (a 1472)
  m. Joan Base a 1472) (sister/heir of Roger Base)
  ((i)) John Braylesford or Brailsford of Brailsford & Seynor (in Hault), Hucknall and/or North Wingfield - continued below
  m1. Margaret // m2. ??
  ((ii)) Roger Brailsford
  ((iii)) Thomas Brailsford of Tupton (a 1529)
  m. Ann
  (B) Elizabeth Braylesford possibly fits here
  m. Sir John Chandos of Radborne (a 1300)



Commoners (for the lower section below) reports that "John Brailsford, the representative of a younger branch, settled at Senior, in Hucknall, in the reign of Edward VI. (who r. 1547-1553) was servant to Sir John Harpur, in 1662; his father had sold the family estate, but Senior was then possessed by a cousin, as appears by Dudgale's Visitation of Derbyshire" (in 1662). The first mentioned by Visitation (1569-1611) was ...
John Braylesford or Brailsford of Brailsford & Seynor (in Hault), Hucknall and/or North Wingfield - continued above
m1. Margaret
1. Richard Brailesford of Senor (Seynor or Senior) (b c1525, a 1559) the first mentioned by FMG (p1021)
m. Alice Madeley (dau of Thomas Madeley or Madley of Denston Hall)
  A. John Brailesford of Senor (b c1564, a 1593, dsp(s))
  m. Jane Aston (d 1644, dau/coheir of John Aston of Doveridge or Dowbridge, m2. John Crichley)
  i.+ issue - Henry (d(vp?)sp 1597), 3 daughters (d young)
  B. Thomas Brailesford of Senor (Brailsford of Seynor) (a 1611, d 1625-8) the first mentioned by Visitation (1662)
  m. Penelope Clay (b 1581, d 1635/55, dau/coheir of John Clay or Cley of Criche)
  i. John Brailesford of Duffeild (b 1603)
  Visitation identifies John's wife as a daughter of Thomas Grace of Kilburne. FMG (p1249) identifies her as ...
  m. Constance Grave (dau of John Grave of Duffield & Kilburn)
  a. Peter Brailsford of London (pewterer, youngest son)
  m. Dorothy
  (1)+ issue - John, Peter (married in France), Constance, Mary
  b.+ other issue (a 1662) - John (a 1662, d unm), Timothy (a 1662), Elizabeth (dsp), Penelope (d unm)
  ii. Thomas Brailsford of Seynor (Brailesford of Senor) (b 1605, d 12.1644, 3rd son)
m. Anne Scargill (bpt 1603, d 1692, dau/heir of Robert Scargill or Scargell of Haltfield in Dronfeild (by Dinah, dau of Henry Elliot of Tottesley), son/heir of Thomas of Steelbank (by Ann) son of ?? son of Sir William)
  a. Thomas Brailsford of Senor (Seynor) (b c1639, a 1708)
  m. Phoebe Alwood (dau/heir of Theophilus Alwood of Little Normanton, son (by Isabel, dau of Richard Brailsford) of William son of John of Little Normanton) @@ below
  (1) John Brailsford of Mansfield (b 14.12.1672, a 1708)
  m. Margaret Cracroft (dau of Robert Cracroft of Hackthorne)
  (A)+ issue - John, Thomas, Margaret, Anne
(2)+ other issue - William (b 1675, d unm), Henry (d infant), Ann (d infant)
  b. Henry Brailsford of Donaster (d 06.07.1684, grocer)
  m. Frances Burton (dau of Andrew Burton, alderman of Doncaster)
  (1)+ issue - (b c1672, d c1692), Henry, William (dsp), Mary
  c. Daniel Brailsford (dsp)
  d. Penelope Brailsford
  m. Henry Fox of Yolgrave
  iii. Nathaniell Brailesford (youngest son)
  FMG (p1249) shows Nathaniel dsp having married Helen, dau of John Stutfyn of Sherbrook. Visitation shows the following family.
  m. Elizabeth Pott (dau of John Pott of Shelton (Stretton))
  a. John Brailesford (b c1651, a 09.1662)
iv.+ other issue - Francis/Frances (a 1611, d unm), Theophilus of London, Timothy, Daniel (b by 1611), Gamaliel (b after 1611?), Joseph, Jonathan, William (Major), Mary
  C. Isabel Brailesford
  m. William Allwood or Alwood of Morton (son of John of Little Normanton)
  i. Theophilus Alwood of Little Normanton
  a. Phoebe Alwood
  m. Thomas Brailesford of Senor (Seynor) (b c1639, a 1708) @@ above
  D.+ other issue - Hercules, Rafe, Richard, Luke (dsp), Margaret, Jone (dsp)
2. Thomas Brailesford
m2. ??
3.+ other issue - Thomas of Stretton (a 1574), William (a 1608), Francis, William, Richard, Isabel, Anne



Commoners reports that the following Thomas "descended from the Brailsfords of Senior". We have yet to find a specific connection between his family and another in the database and so should not really include the following at all. We do show it in order not to lose sight of the data.
Thomas Brailsford of South Normanton, Derbyshire
m. (before 1689) Elizabeth Smyth of Bolsover (heir)
1. Thomas Brailsford of Bolsover & South Normanton
  m. (30.09.1713) Frances Machon or Meacham of Mansfield
  A. Thomas Brailsford of Bolsover & South Normanton
  m.(1740) Ellen Newbould of Mansfield Woodhouse
  i. Thomas Brailsford of South Normanton (b 1742, dsp 1820)
  ii. Samuel Brailsford (b 04.1745)
  m.(08.1786) Mary Christian (dau of Nicholas Christian of Castleton)
  a. Thomas Brailsford of Barkwith House (London), later of South Normanton & Toft Hill in Lincolnshire (b 10.10.1787, a 1858) had issue
  m1. (14.01.1815) Anne Shipley (dau of James Shipley or Shapley by Elizabeth, coheir of William Heathcote of Demerara & Stancliffe Hall)
  m2. (31.03.18540) Mary Anne Hale (dau of Rev. John Hale of Holton)
  b. Samuel Brailsford (d 1809, army surgeon)
  iii. Elizabeth Brailsford (d infant)
  B. Samuel Brailsford of Rowthorne (d 1808)

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