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Families covered: Cracroft of Hackthorn, Cracroft of Ingoldmells, Cracroft of Louth, Cracroft of Sleaforth, Cracroft of Whisby

Richard Cracroft of Ingoldmells (d 24.09.1516)
m. (before 1494) Elizabeth (a 1516)
1. John Cracroft of Ingoldmells (b c1500, d 14.05.1537)
  m. Jane (a 11.1538)
A. Francis Cracroft of Winthorpe (d 17.02.1569/70)
  m1. Katherine Grantham (dau of Hugh Grantham of Dunholme)
  i. John Cracroft of Whisby and Dumholme (b c1558, d 04.11.1622)
  m. Elizabeth Beverley (dau of William Beverley of Grimston)
  a. Robert Cracroft of Whisby 'of Hackthorn' (d by 1601, bur 14.09.1667)
  m. (28.02.1608-9) Martha Amcotts (bur 25.08.1667, dau of Sir Richard Amcotts of Aisthorpe)
  (1) Robert Cracroft of Whisby (bpt 04.05.1610, dvp bur 23.08.1647)
  m. Margaret Remington (d before 03.10.1655, dau of Richard Remington of Lund)
(A) Robert Cracroft of Whisby, later of Hackthorn (bur 02.06.1677)
  m. Anne Lodington (a 1726, dau of John Lodington of Fulnetby)
  (i) Robert Cracroft of Hackthorn (bpt 17.01.1676-7, bur 29.05.1712, 3rd son)
  m. (03.10.1701) Grace Baxter (bur 16.07.1709, dau of Rev. John Baxter of Lincoln)
  (a) Robert Cracroft of Hackthorn or Hackthorne (b 06.02.1702-3, bur 09.08.1763)
  m1. Anne Browne (b 1713, d 06.07.1738, dau of Martin Browne of Louth)
((1)) Anne Cracroft (b 06.07.1732, bur 28.08.1732) not mentioned by BLG1952 but is by Maddison
  ((2)) Grace Cracroft (b 19.09.1735, d 03.06.1790)
  m. (18.08.1757) William Marshall of Theddlethorpe (d before 06.1790)
  ((3)) Anne Cracroft not mentioned by Maddison but is by BLG1952
  m. Rev. John Langthorne
  ((4)) Mary Cracroft (b 07.06.1737, d 12.01.1809)
  m. (19.05.1766) John Nelthorpe of Little Grimsby
m2. (mcrt 05.06.1746) Rebecca Waldegrave (b c1723, d 04.10.1802, dau of Edward Waldegrave or Waldgrave of Louth by sister of Rev. Bernard Wilson)
  ((5)) Robert Wilson Cracroft of Hackthorn and Denham Court (b 06.03.1746-7, d 27.02.1787) not mentioned by BLG1952 but is by Maddison
  ((6)) John Cracroft of Hackthorn and West Keal, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 09.10.1748, d 02.10.1821)
  m. (04.02.1782) Penelope Anne Weston (d 29.09.1821, dau of Rev. Charles Fleetwood Weston of Somerby)
  ((A)) Robert Cracroft of Hackthorn, later Cracroft-Amcotts of Kettlethorpe (b 25.01.1783, d 03.09.1862, Colonel) had issue
  m. (14.06.1814) Augusta Ingilby (d 16.01.1857, dau of Sir John Ingilby, 1st Bart of Ripley, by Elizabeth Amcotts)
  ((B)) John Cracroft (b 09.10.1784, d 21.09.1842, Rev.) had issue
  m1. (1807) Eliza Anne Lewis (dau of James Lewis of London)
  m2. (1814) Jane Brown (dau of Hezekiah Brown of Lincoln)
  ((C)) Arabella Cracroft (b 22.07.1801, d 01.09.1873)
  m. (1823) Matthew Harry Lister of Burwell Park (d 09.01.1876)
  ((D))+ other issue - Penelope Anne (b 01.05.1789, a 1857), Emily (b 12.07.1790, d unm 1828), Lucy (b 29.04.1792)
  The following are not mentioned by Maddison but are by BLG1952.
  ((7)) Thomas Cracroft
  m. Isabella Franklin (dau of Willingham Franklin, sister of Sir John the explorer)
  ((A)) Emma Cracroft
  m. J.S.B. Lefroy
  ((B)) Sophia Cracroft
  ((8)) William Cracroft
  m. Elizabeth Hawkes (dau of Joseph Hawkes of London)
  ((A)) Walter Sewell Cracroft (d 1864) had issue
  m. Jane Cracroft
  ((B)) William Cracroft (d 1846)
((C)) Clementina Cracroft
  m. Alexander Wilson
  (b) John Cracroft (b 08.03.1704-5, d 20.06.1763)
  m. Sarah (d 17.03.1764)
  (c)+ other issue - Edward (b 19.06.1706), Thomas (bur 06.04.1708), Elizabeth (b 13.03.1703-4, d unm bur 19.07.1784), Grace (bpt 12.04.1708, d unm bur 09.02.1776)
  (ii) Elizabeth Crafroct (bpt 09.09.1675, a 1681) probably the Elizabeth (b c1677, d 07.10.1706) who married ...
  m. Thomas Bright (bpt 22.10.1663, bur 01.11.1744)
  (iii) Margaret Crafroct (a 1681) probably the Margaret who married ...
  m. John Brailesford of Mansfield (b c1673, a 1708)
  (iv)+ other issue - John (bpt 15.12.1668, bur 17.01.1670-1), Richard (bpt 24.12.1672, bur 02.01.1672-3), Mary (bpt 04/14.11.1665), Anne (a 1681), Jane (bpt 09.04.1674, a 1681)
(B)+ other issue - Margaret, Mary
  (2) Richard Cracroft of the Bail of Lincoln (bpt 16.11.1617, d c07.02.1685, 3rd son)
  m. Susanna (bur 07.05.1666)
  (3) Mary Cracroft (b c1614)
  m. (22.10.1640) John Shelton (d before 11.1667)
  (4) Elizabeth Cracroft (bpt 17.03.1615-6, a 02.1666)
  m. William Bedell
  (5) Jane Cracroft (a 02.1666)
  m. Francis Bland of Hablesthorp
  (6) Martha Cracroft (a 09.1684)
  m. (before 12.02.1666-7) Edward Barker
  (7)+ other issue - John (b c1616, a 02.1666), Thomas of Cold Hanworth (bpt 08.04.1628, d c03.1680-1), Henry (a 1634), Mary (bpt 28.03.1611)
  b. John Cracroft (a 1616, d before 1634)
  c. William Cracroft of Cold Hanworth (d 01.03.1637-8)
  m. (before 1624) Elizabeth (d before 1637)
  (1) Ephraim Cracroft in London (b c05.1627-8, a 1654)
  d. Francis Cracroft of Washingborough (a 1616, bur 28.05.1671)
  m. Jane (bur 17.04.1641)
  (1) John Cracroft of Spalding (dvp 04/5.1669)
  m. (29.06.1647) Margaret Lambe (dau of William Lambe of Spalding)
  (A) Margaret Cracroft (bpt 25.09.1653)
  m. (14.04.1675) Thomas Ogard
  (B)+ other issue - Thomas (a 01.1657), Lambe of London (bpt 16.07.1648, bur 25.03.1669), John (bpt 16.09.1649, bur 22.12.1649), William (bur 07.02.1650-1), John (bpt 22.02.1651-2, a 1657), William (bpt 29.02.1654-5, bur 16.05.1655), William (b 01.08.1662-3), Jane (bpt 19.08.1659)
  (2) Robert Cracroft of Donnington
  m. Anne
  (A) Robert Cracroft of Grantham (dvpsp before 04.05.1685)
  m. (03.04.1682) Jane Tomlinson of Grantham
  (B) Francis Cracroft of Leicester (a 02.1684)
  (3) Charles Cracroft of New Sleaford (bpt 31.08.1637, apothecary)
  m1. (26.04.1660) Jane Gibson (bur 03.12.1663)
  (A)+ issue - Jane (bpt 01.08.1661, bur 25.03.1679), Anne (bpt 21.04.1663)
  m2. (04.06.1666) Margaret Christopher (bpt 17.07.1645, bur 17.06.1667, dau of George Christopher of Winkhill)
  (C) Mary Cracroft (bpt 12.06.1667, bur 17.06.1667)
  m3. Susanna
  (D) Charles Cracroft of Sleaford (bpt 19.07.1669, bur 22.04.1715)
  m. Sarah (bur 28.10.1714)
  (i) Sarah Cracroft (bur 13.04.1739)
  (E)+ other issue - Joseph (bpt 17.05.1670), Francis (bpt 27.04.1672)
  (4) Francis Cracroft of Spalding (bpt 14.10.1635, a 05.1669)
  (A)+ issue - Francis (bpt 28.01.1671-2), John (bpt 12.09.1673), Mary (bur 11.12.1670), daughter (bur 30.06.1670)
  (5) Roger Cracroft (bpt 11.07.1639, d before 23.04.1669)
  (A) Edward Cracroft (a 04.1669)
  (6) daughter
m. John Lodington
  (7)+ other issue - Peter of Lincoln (bpt 01.11.1628, dvpsp c02.1651-2), Jane (bpt 29.12.1633, bur 23.12.1635)
  e. Bridgett Cracroft
  m. (after 14.07.1621) _ Dickenson
  f. Elizabeth Cracroft
  m. (before 14.07.1621) Thomas Appleby
  g. Anne Cracroft (d 1656)
  m. (before 1616) Charles Wilson of Sheepwash
  h. Jane Cracroft (bur 03.04.1635)
  m. (22.01.1617-8) Michael Lawes of Lincoln (plumber)
  i. Catherine Cracroft
  m. 930.06.1625) Edward Monke of Broughton
  ii. Richard Cracroft (bur 19.09.1561)
  m2. Anne (d 1586)
  iii. Daniel Cracroft of Stallingborough and Haltham-on-Bane (bur 14.08.1625)
  m. Ursula Louden (bur 21.03.1615-6, dau of _ Louden of Ormsby)
  a.+ issue - William (bpt 12.07.1612, bur 21.07.1612), john (b 18.10.1613, a 07.1621), Richard (bpt 21.03.1615-6)
  iv. Edmund Cracroft of London (b after 1547, grocer)
  m. (c08.1600) Elizabeth Howe of Goltho
  v. Jane Cracroft (b after 1547)
  B.+ other issue (a 05.1537) - Anthony, 2 daughters

Main source(s): BLG1952 (Cracroft-Amcotts of Hackthorn and Kettlethorpe), Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1906, Cracroft of Cracroft Hall in Hogsthorpe)
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