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Families covered: Weston of Callew Weston, Weston of Canings (Bishop Cannings), Weston of Colyton (Colliton), Weston of Somerby

Except as shown, we do not know what connection if any there was between the families shown on this page (they share the page for our convenience) or between them and that shown on Weston01 (and continuations) or Weston03. The coat of arms reported for the family shown in the top section indicates that that family at least was not connected to either of those other two 'main' families. We have not seen coats of arms for any of the other families shown on this page except for the family shown in the bottom section whose arms bear a similarity of design but not of colours or content to that used by the family of Weston03..
William Weston of Callew Weston (in Stalbridge, Dorset), Lord Chief Justice in Ireland (d before 28.10.1595)
m. Catherine Willoughby (dau of William Willoughby of Silton)
1. Thomas Weston of Callew Weston (d before 07.12.1668)
  m. Anne Willowby (dau of Henry Willowby of Knolye Odierne)
  A. Thomas Weston of Callew Weston (d 1669?)
  m. Anne Lutterell (d before 28.01.1689/90, dau of John Lutterell of Dunster Castle)
  i. William Weston of Callew Weston, Sheriff of Dorset (b c1634, a 1679)
m1. Anne Hardy (dau of John Hardy of Woolcombe Matravers (in Melbury Bubb))
  a. William Weston (d 21.10.1727)
  m. Elizabeth Brune (b 1682-3, d 05.03.1765, dau of Charles Brune of Plumber (in Lydlinch))
  (1)+ issue - William (b c1707, d 18.09.1725), Thomas (b 1710-1, d 03.03.1763), Betty (bpt 31.08.1703), Mary (bpt 01.12.1704)
  b.+ other issue - Anne, Mary
  m2. (c12.1680) Mary Goddard of Tollard Royal
  ii. Anne Weston
  m. _ Douch
  B. Hugh Weston
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Elizabeth
  C. James Weston
  i. Anne Weston
  D. Anne Weston probably of this generation
  m. (27.09.1620) Thomas Weston @1@ just below



Visitation reports that the following Thomas's "ancesters (sic) came out of Essex (as they affirme)".
Thomas Weston of Canings (Bishop Cannings), Wiltshire (bur 18.06.1596)
m. Agnes Sloper
1. John Weston of Canings (a 1623)
  m. Elinor Watts (dau of William Watts)
  A. Thomas Weston (a 1623)
  m. (27.09.1620) Anne Weston (dau of Thomas Weston of "Kellaways (Calew Weston) in com Dorset") @1@ just above
  i.+ issue - Thomas (bpt 21.10.1621), William (bpt 09.11.1623), Anthony (bpt 03.12.1626), Edward (bpt 27.08.1630), Ann (bpt 26.10.1632), Jane (bpt 03.11.1633)
  B.+ other issue - Edward, Anna, Maria (bpt 17.03.1593/4), Suzan



Stephen Weston, Bishop of Exeter (b 1665, d 08.01.1742-3)
m. Lucy Sleech (d 04.03.1741-2, dau of Richard Sleech of Eton, sister of Stephen, Provost of Eton)
1. Stephen Weston (d 19.01.1751-2)
  m. Elizabeth Oxenham of South Tawton
A. Stephen Weston of Little Hempston (b 1747, d 1830)
  m. (1784) Penelope Tierney (b 1757-8, d 02.1790, dau of James Tierney of Cleve Hall)
2. Edward Weston of Somerby Hall, Lincolnshire (d 15.07.1770, Secretary for Ireland)
  m1. Penelope Patrick (dau/coheir of Symon Patrick (son of Symon, bishop of Ely))
  A. Charles Weston (d 1786, rector of Therfield (Hertforshire), prebendary of Durham, St. Paul's & Lincoln)
  m1. Anne Weston (d 15.04.1769, dau of Lucy Weston) @2@ below
  i. Penelope Anne Weston (b 11.12.1763, d 29.09.1821)
m. (04.02.1782) John Cracroft of Hackthorn (b 1748, d 1821)
  m2. (14.05.1771) Arabella Delabene (dau of Henry Delabene of York by Arabella Thompson of Humbleton)
  ii. Anne Weston
  m. _ Underwood (Captain)
  iii. Elizabeth Weston
  m. Henry Marsden of Burntwood
iv. Lucy Weston
  m. Adam de Cardonnel Lawson of Cramlington
  a. Hannah Mary Lawson probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. (19.02.1824) Joseph Edward Greaves (b 1791, d 1851, Lt. Colonel)
  v.+ other issue (dsp) - Charles Fleetwood (b 11.04.1778), Edward
  m2. Anne Fountaine (d 02.1782, dau of John Fountaine of Melton)
  A. Anne Weston
  m. Sir Jacob Wolff, Bart (d 1809)
3. Lucy Weston of Dawlish, Devon (d 30.01.1759, Captain)
  m. Elizabeth Page
  A. Anne Weston (d 15.04.1769)
  m. Rev. Charles Weston (d 1786) @2@ above
  B. Elizabeth Weston probably of this generation
  m. (1758) Richard Inglett, later Inglett-Fortescue of Buckland Filleigh (b 1731, d 1790)
4. daughter probably of this generation
  m. George Baker (vicar of Modbury, archdeacon of Totnes)



Robert Weston of Lemstersowe, Wales
m. Elizabeth Vernon of Ludlow
1. John Weston of Colliton (Colyton), Devon
m. Betres (Beatrice) Morrice of Colliton
  A. John Weston of Colyton (bur 10.06.1555)
  m1/2. _ Pyne of Hayes
  m2/1. Joane Lechland of Colyton (bur 28.04.1582)
  i. Robert Weston of Colyton (bur 23.01.1606-7)
  m. (19.05.1561) Katherine Walrond of Bovey Tracey (bur 30.10.1614)
  a. John Weston of Colyton (bpt 12.10.1562, bur 12.04.1628)
m. Katherine Somerset (dau/coheir of William Somerset of Greenwich by dau of _ Lile of Lilesdon)
  (1) Cornelius Weston 'of Colyton' (bpt 30.12.1593, a 1620, 3rd son)
  m. (1610) Mary Mohun (dau of Maximilian Mohun)
  (2)+ other issue - John (bpt 02.01.1590-1, bur 21.07.1615), Robert (bpt 03.09.1592, bur 20.04.1593), Robert (bpt 12.06.1605, a 1620), Walter (bpt 22.12.1606, a 1620), Francis (bpt 22.02.1607-8, a 1620), Henry (bpt 14.07.1609, a 1620), Timothy (bpt 19.09.1620, a 1620), Margaret (bpt 02.11.1595), Rebecka, Cicilia (bpt 20.05.1604), Anne (bpt 09.12.1611), Katherine (bpt 08.01.1612-3), Mary
  b.+ other issue - Francis (bpt 05.02.1566-7), Robert (bpt 23.03.1572-3, bur 24.02.1610-1), Richard (bpt 04.07.1574), Petronell (bpt 16.09.1564), Dorothy (bpt 24.04.1569), Jane (bpt 29.03.1575-6)
  ii. John Weston of Axmouth
  m. Jane Walrond
  a. William Weston (b c1590, a 1620)
  B. Matilda Weston
  m. John Mallock of Axmouth

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(2) For upper-middle section : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, 'Weston') with some input from the Harleian editor
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