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Families covered: Willoughby of Galway Castle, Willoughby of Silton

Sir Anthony Willoughby
m. Elizabeth Gilbert (dau/coheir of Robert Gilbert of Somerset)
1. Walter Willoughby
  m. Elizabeth Cheyney (dau of John Cheyney of Berkshire)
  A. William Willoughbye of Aster, Warwickshire
  m. Blanche Grevill (dau of ?? Grevill of Beauchamp Court)
i. Robert Willoughby of Marshalls near Carifargus (Carrickfergus), Ireland
  m. Dorothy Sheldon (dau of Thomas Sheldon of Beoley)
  ii. Sir Francis Willoughby, Governor of Galway Castle then Dublin Castle (b c1571?, d 10.02.1659, Major General, 4th son)
Visitation ends showing that Sir Francis was "de Hibnia" (i.e. was in Hibernia = Ireland), married a dau of Francis "Slingesley de Cork", and had 5 children alive in 1623 - Thomas (b c1606), Anthony (b c1608), Francis (b c1611), Antoneta, Elianora. This makes it very likely that he was the Sir Francis who was the Governor of Galway then Dublin Castle, whose first wife we have seen identified in a web site as possibly a Slingsby, and was father by her of (at least) Anthony, Francis & Antonetta/Antonia. Some of the following details came from various web sites. Thanks to a contributor, HNK (04.01.11), for bringing the daughters' marriage connections to our attention (they were previously shown on a Temporary page). It looks as though Sir Francis's first wife was ...
m1. (Mary) Slingsby (dau of Francis Slingsby of co. Cork)
  a. Thomas Willoughby (b c1606, a 1623)
  b. Sir Anthony Willoughby, Governor of Galway Castle (b c1608, Colonel)
  c. Francis Willoughby (b c1611, d 1679, Colonel)
  m. Elizabeth
  (1) Katherine or Mary Willoughby
  m. William Stopford (b 1648, d 22.05.1683)
  d. Antoneta (Antonetta, Antonia or Antonina) Willoughby
  m. (10.01.1629) Sir James Scott of Rossie (Colonel)
  e. Elianora Willoughby probably the unnamed daughter (b c1608, dsp) who married ...
  m. Chidley Coote of Killester & Mount Coote (b c1605, d 19.11.1668, Colonel)
  m2/3. Elizabeth (a Barton?)
  f. Charles Willoughby in Dublin (b 1635, bur 02.09.1694, physician)
  g.+ other issue?
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (dsp?), William (dsp)
2.+ other issue - Robert, William, Anna, Dorothea, Francisca



Richard Willoughby of Silton, Dorset (d before 12.09.1524)
m. Isabel Bedick of Somerset (d before 15.12.1524, heir)
1. William Willoughby of Silton (d before 06.05.1560)
m. Agnes Stantor (dau of (John, probably not Peter) Stantor of Wiltshire)
  A. John Willoughby of Silton
  m. Frances Rogers (dau of Sir John Rogers of Dorset)
  i. William Willoughby of Silton, later of Cadbury in Somerset (d before 20.11.1638)
  m. (06.01.1605/6) Alice Blacker (dau of William Blacker of Salisbury)
  a.+ issue - William (b c1606), Thomas (b c1608), Richard (b c1609), John (b c1611), Robert (b c1612), Michael (b c1613), Ernley (b c1622), Maria, Alice, Jane
  ii. Richard Willoughby (a 1623)
  m. Jane Fisher of Southamptonshire
  a.+ issue (a 1623) - William (b c1602), Christopher (b c1603), John (b c1609), Cicilia (b c1605)
  iii. Frances Willoughby
  m. John Clavile of Bareston in Purbeck
  iv.+ other issue (dsp) - Giles, Rachell
  B. Catherine Willoughby
  m. Sir William Weston (Justice in Ireland)
  C. Dorothy Willoughby
  m. _ Harvey
2. Robert Willoughby
  A. William Willoughby
3.+ other issue - George, John, Elizabeth

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Willoughbie)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Willoughbie), Visitation (Dorset, 1623, Willoughby)
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