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Families covered: Cheney of Badger Hall, Cheney of Bramble-hanger, Cheney of Gaddesby, Cheney of Sundon, Cheney of Woodhey (West Woodhay)

Sir Roger Cheney of Woodhey, Berkshire
Metcalfe suggests that Roger's wife was Ann, dau of William Stanley of the Pype, but Rylands & Visitation (Berkshire, 1532) identify her as ...
m. Anne Stanley (dau of Richard Stanley of the Pipe (Lancashire))
1. John Cheney of Woodhey (d 1545, esquire to the body of King Henry VIII)
  m1. Jane Norrys (dau of Sir William Norrys of Yattendon)
  A. John Cheney of West Woodhey (Woodhay) (d 1567)
m. (1531) Dorothy Yate (dau of John Yate of Charney)
  i. Thomas Cheney of Woodhay (d 1582)
  m1. Mary Roberts (dau of Thomas Roberts of Glastenbury)
  a. Thomas Cheney, last of West Woodhay (a 1589)
  m. Elizabeth Ruffin
  (1) Henry Cheney (b c1574?, a 1589)
  (2) Dorothy Cheney
  m. Thomas Polden
  b. Margaret Cheney
  m2. Anne Scott (dau of Edward Scott of ye Mote)
  c. Robert Cheney of West Woodhey
  m. Celina (dau of John Baptist Castelion of Benham Vallens)
  (1)+ issue - Henry, John, Barbara, Mary
  d. Henry Cheney
  m. _ Philpott (dau of Sir George Philpott)
  ii. Mary Cheney
  B. Humphrey Cheney (dsp)
  C. Edward Cheney of Uphaven, Wiltshire
  m. Margery (widow of Thomas King)
D. John Cheney of Bamsted (Hampsted) (2nd of the name)
  m. Elizabeth Tydder
  i. Thomas Cheney (a 1589)
  m. Elizabeth Stoughton
  a. William Cheney
  E. Margaret Cheney
  m. Lord Sowch
F. Elizabeth Cheney
  m1. (Walter) Willoughby (son of Sir Anthony Willoughby)
  This is possibly the Elizabeth who (also) married ...
  m2. Robert Doyley of Merton (d 1577)
  G. Jane Cheney
  m. _ Palmer of Oxfordshire
  H. Katherine Cheney
  m. John Arderne of Cottesford
  Visitation (Berkshire, 1532) identifies John's 2nd wife as Jane, dau of John Carrew of Haycome, but Rylands identifies her as ...
  m2. Jane Williams (sister of John, Lord Williams of Thame, m2. Edward Harvey of Thirley)
  I. Frances Cheney
2. Julian Cheney



BLG1886 reports that "This family claims to be a branch of the family of Cheney (or Cheyne) of Sherland".
Edward Cheney 'of Monyash' of Yoxall, Staffordshire
BLG1886 identifies Edward's wife as a dau of Hawkins Browne of Burton-upon-Trent. This appears to be ...
m. Anne Browne (dau of Rev. William Browne of Burton-upon-Trent (by Ann Hawkins), sister of Isaac Hawkins Browne)
1. Robert Cheney of Meynell Langley, Sheriff of Derbyshire (a 1765)
  m1. Dorothy Cheshyre (heiress, relict of _ Peach)
  A. Robert Cheney 'of Badger Hall' (b c1765, d 1819, Lt. General)
  m. (1799) Harriet Carr (dau of Ralph Carr of Dunston Hill)
  i. Robert Henry Cheney of Badger Hall (dsp?)
  ii. Edward Cheney of Badger Hall (b 1803, dsp 16.04.1884, Captain)
iii. Ralph Cheney (b 25.10.1809, d 20.07.1869)
  iv. Frederica Cheney (b 1801-2, d 23.02.1878)
  m. (27.02.1822) Capel Cure of Blacke Hall
  v. Harriet Margaret Cheney (b 1809-10, d 25.03.1852)
  m. Robert Pigot
  m2. Bridget Leacroft of Wirksworth
  B. Edward Cheney of Gaddesby, Leicestershire
  m. Elizabeth Ayre
  i. Edward Henshaw Cheney of Gaddesby, Sheriff of Leicestershire (a 1886)
  ii. daughter possibly Eliza who married ...
  m. John Ewart
  C.+ other issue



Shown here for convenience, it is not known whether or not the following family had any connection to the Cheneys of Sherland, Woodhey. etc..
Robert Cheney of Bramble-hanger, Bedfordshire
m. Mary Docwra (sister of Thomas Docwra of Putridge)
1. Thomas Cheney of Bramble-hanger
  m. Frances Brocas (dau of _ Brocas of Swakeley)
  A. Sir Thomas Cheney of Sundon, Bedfordshire
  m. Margaret St. John (dau of Oliver St. John, 3rd Lord of Bletso)
  i. Thomas Cheney of Sundon (a 1634)
  m. _ Merry (dau of Sir Thomas Merry, Clarke of the Greene Cloth)
  a.+ issue
  ii. Barbara Cheney possibly of this generation
  m. Richard Stone of Segenhoe (a 1634)
  iii.+ other issue - William, Dorothy
  B. John Cheney of Luton, Bedfordshie
  m. Anne Coultman
  i.+ issue - Thomas, Robert, George, Frances, Anne, Elizabeth, Katherin

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