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Families covered: Fitzherbert of Bledlowe, Fitzherbert of Norbury, Fitzherbert of Shercock, Fitzherbert of Swynnerton

Sir Anthony Fitzherbert of Norbury (b 1470, d 27.05.1538, judge)
m1. Dorothy Willoughby (dsp 1597, dau of Sir Henry Willoughby of Wollaton)
m2. Mathilda Cotton (dau of Richard Cotton of Hamstall Ridware)
1. Sir Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury, Sheriff of Staffordshire (dsp 01.12.1591)
  m. (1534) Anne Eyre (dau of Sir Arthur Eyre of Padley)
2. John Fitzherbert of Padley (d 1590)
  m. Catherine Restwolde (dau of Edward Restwolde of the Vache)
  A. Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Westby (dau of John Westby of Westby)
  B. Anthony Fitzherbert of Norbury (d 1613)
  m. Martha Austen (dau of Thomas Austen of Oxley)
i. Sir John Fitzherbert of Norbury, Sheriff of Derbyshire (dsp 13.01.1649, Colonel)
  m. (c1631) Dorothy Harpur (dau of John Harpur of Breadsall)
  ii. Helen Fitzherbert
  iii. Mary Fitzherbert
  m. Thomas Lewyn of Norfolk
  iv. Catherine Fitzherbert (dsp)
  m. John Milward (son of Sir Thomas of Easton Dovedale)
v. Anne Fitzherbert
  m. Richard Congreve of Congreve and Stretton (b c1610, a 1680)
  vi. Elizabeth Fitzherbert (d 17.02.1630)
  m. Sir John Fitzherbert of Tissington (d 02.08.1642)
  C. Jane Fitzherbert
  m. John (probably not Thomas) Eyre of Dunston
  D. Mathilda Fitzherbert
  m. Thomas Barlow of Barlow
  E. Elizabeth Fitzherbert
  m. Sir Robert Harcourt of Stanton Harcourt (d after 02.03.1608)
  F. Mary Fitzherbert
m. Thomas Draycote of Sydnall
  G. Joan Fitzherbert mentioned only by Nichols
  m. Thomas Eyre
  H.+ other issue - Nicholas (dsp 1612), Francis (dsp), George (dsp), Anne
3. Richard Fitzherbert of Harlesmere
  m. Mary Westcote
  A.+ issue - William, Nicholas of Blythesbury
4. William Fitzherbert of Swynnerton
  m. Elizabeth Swynnerton (bur 04.04.1616, dau of Humphrey Swynnerton of Swynnerton)
A. Thomas Fitzherbert of Swynnerton and Bledlowe (d 1640)
  m. (1580) Dorothy East (dau of Edward East of Bledlowe and Frissills)
  i. Edward Fitzherbert of Swynnerton and Bledlowe (dvp 25.11.1612)
  m. Bridget Caryll (dau of Sir John Caryll of Angmering, m2. Sir Edmund Windsor of Knightley)
  a. William Fitzherbert of Swynnerton and Norbury (b c1612, d 1662)
  m1. Anne Brooke (dau of Sir Basil Brooke of Madeley)
  (1) Basil Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton (b c1630, a 1680)
  m. Jane Cotton (dau of John Cotton of Gedding Abbots, Boscombe and White Ladies)
(A) William Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton (b c1655)
  m. (1679) Elizabeth Owen (dau of Robert Owen of Weppra, son of John, Bishop of St. Asaph)
  (i) Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton (d 1765)
  m. (1713) Constantia Southcote (dau of Sir George Southcote of Blythesborough)
  (a) Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton (d 03.10.1778)
  m1. (1737, sp) Elizabeth Meaborne (dau of Anthony Meaborne of Pontop)
  m2. (1743) Mary Teresa Throckmorton (d 26.02.1791, dau of Sir Robert Throckmorton, 4th Bart)
((1)) Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton (b 30.08.1746, dsp 07.05.1781)
  m. (1778) Mary Anne Smythe (dsp 29.03.1837, dau of Walter Smythe of Brambridge)
  ((2)) Basil Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton (b 1748, d 23.05.1797)
  m. (1786) Elizabeth Heneage (d 1797, dau of James Windsor Heneage of Cadeby and Gatcombe)
  ((A)) Thomas Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton, Sheriff of Staffordshire (b 21.01.1789, dspms 04.02.1857) had issue
  m. (15.07.1809) Mary Anne Sophia Chichester (dau of John Palmer Chichester of Arlington)
  ((B)) John Fitzherbert of Norbury and Swynnerton (b 02.09.1792, d unm 13.10.1863, captain, 3rd son)
  ((C)) Francis Fitzherbert (b 20.11.1796, d 29.05.1857, 5th son) had issue
  m. (28.07.1828) Maria Teresa Gandolfi (d 04.06.1876, dau of John Vincent Gandolfi of East Sheen by Teresa, dau of Thomas Hornyold of Blackmore by Teresa Fitzherbert)
  ((D))+ other issue (d unm) - Basil (b 02.07.1790), George (b 30.07.1793, d 1852), Mary Margaret (d 1799), Elizabeth (d 1812)
  ((3)) William Fitzherbert, later Fitzherbert-Brockholes of Claughton (b 26.10.1758, d 23.07.1817, 4th son)
  m. (20.06.1791) Mary Heneage (d 05.04.1833, elder dau of James Windsor Heneage of Cadeby and Gatcombe)
((A)) Thomas Fitzherbert-Brockholes of Claughton (b 1800, d unm 12.1873)
  ((B)) Charles Fitzherbert-Brockholes (b 1804, d 1853) had issue
  m. (02.1825) Mary Carruthers (d 30.08.1845, dau of Alexander Carruthers of Ulverston)
  ((C))+ other issue
  ((4)) Constantia Fitzherbert (dsp 1813)
  m1. (08.08.1768) Joseph Hesketh, later Brockholes of Claughton (dsp 1782)
  m2. Philip Saltmarshe
((5)) Barbara Fitzherbert (d 1808)
  m1. George Tasburgh of Bodney
  m2. George Crathorne of Crathorne
  ((6)) Charlotte Fitzherbert (d 29.08.1790)
  m. (22.11.1779) Sir Thomas Gage, 6th Bart of Hengrave (d 01.12.1798)
  ((7)) Teresa Fitzherbert (d 1815)
  m. Thomas Hornyold of Blackmore
((8)) Lucy Fitzherbert (d 1816)
  m. (1792) James Dormer (b 16.02.1765, d 1810)
  ((9))+ other issue - Edward Cotton (d 1768), Robert (d 1802), Mary (d 1807, nun), Frances (nun), Catherine (d infant), Catherine (d unm 1800), Anne (d unm 1811)
  (b) Mary Fitzherbert (d 1766)
  m. Thomas Weld (son of Humphrey son of Humphrey of Lulworth)
  (c) Catherine Fitzherbert
  m. Robert Berkeley of Spetchley (dsp 1804)
  (d)+ other issue- Frances, Constantia
  (ii) Jane Fitzherbert
  m. Richard Massey of Rixton
  (iii)+ other issue - Basil of Gray's Inn (b c1661, dsp?), Robert, Winefred, Catherine, Mary
  (B) Winifred Dorothy Fitzherbert
  m. (1691) Charles Eyston of East Hendred
(C)+ other issue - Thomas, Edward, John Cotton, Basil, Anthony, Mary, Frances, Bridget, Anne
  Some of these named in King's Staffordshire Pedigrees 1912 (Fitzherbert).
  (2) Thomas Fitzherbert of Shercock
  m. _ Pierce (dau of Henry Pierce or Piers of Pierce or Piers Court or Shercock)
  (A) William Fitzherbert of Shercock (d 04.1742)
  m. Anne Carleton (dau of Andrew Carleton, Archdeacon of Kilmore)
  (i) Frances Fitzherbert
  m. Rev. Richard Richards
  (ii) Anne Fitzherbert
  m. Robert Ker
(iii) Mary Fitzherbert
  m. Rev. William Whittingham
  (iv) Letitia Fitzherbert
  m. John Ruxton of Ardee (d 1785)
  (v)+ other issue (dsp) - William, Andrew, Arthur, Amelia (d unm)
  (3) Mary Fitzherbert
  m. John Gower of Colmers
  (4) Frances Fitzherbert
  m. John Giffard of Chillington (b 1637, d 1694)
  (5) Bridget Fitzherbert
  m. Basil Bartlett of Castle Moreton
(6)+ other issue - William (d young), Francis (d 1687, priest), Edward, John, Anne
  m2. Eleanor Stafford (dau of Sir Francis Stafford of Portglenone & Bradfield)
  b. Elizabeth Fitzherbert
  m. Joseph Mayne of Crestlow
  B. Anthony Fitzherbert
  C. Anne Fitzherbert
  m. Walter Heveningham of Aston and Pipe
5. Elizabeth Fitzherbert
  m. William Basset of Langley and Blore
6. Dorothy Fitzherbert
  m1. Sir Ralph Longford of Longford
  m2. Sir John Port of Ewall
7. Catherine Fitzherbert
  m. John Sachevel of Morley

Main source(s): BP1934 ('Stafford') with a little input/support from BLG1886 ('Fitzherbert of Blackcastle'), 'History and Antiquities of the County of Leicester' (John Nichols, vol 4, part 2, 1811, 'Pedigree of Fitzherbert of Twycross', p853)
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