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Families covered: Chichester of Arlington, Chichester of Calverleigh Court, Chichester of Marwood, Chichester of Widworthy

Amyas Chichester of Arlington
m. Joan Giffard (dau of Sir Robert (sb Roger?) Giffard of Brightley)
1. Henry Chichester of Arlington (b 1544-5, d 14.07.1589)
  m. (15.01.1571-2) Mary Burgoine (bur 24.04.1616, dau of John Burgoine of Zeale)
A. Amias Chichester of Arlington (b c01.1600/1, bur 25.01.1621-2)
  m. Susan Platters (a 1648, dau of William Platters of Saterley (Sotterley))
  i. John Chichester (b c1605, d 11.05.1644, 2nd son)
  m. Anne Howe (a 1641, dau of Francis Howe of East Tilbury)
a. John Chichester (bpt 30.04.1633, bur 13.04.1699)
  m1. (before 24.01.1660) Mary Kirkham (dau of Sir William Kirkham of Pinhoe)
  (1)+ issue (dsp) - John (bpt 24.09.1664), Amyas (bpt 08.01.1665)
  m2. Ursula Borlase (d before 04.1699, dau of Nicholas Borlase of Treludra)
(3) Giles Chichester of Arlington (bpt 12.01.1677-8, d before 17.11.1724)
  m. (09.10.1699) Catherine Palmer (d before 05.02.1735-6, dau/heir of James Palmer, niece of Roger Palmer, Earl of Castlemaine)
  (A) John Chichester of Arlington (bpt 10.06.1707, d 31.01.1783)
m1. Elizabeth Courtenay (dsp 16.10.1766, dau/coheir of John Courtenay of Molland)
  m2. (12.10.1764) Mary Macdonald (b c1738, d 05/6.12.1815, dau of Major Alexander Macdonald of Keppoch/Fernardrist)
  (i) John Palmer Chichester of Arlington (b 12.05.1769, d 11.1823)
  m1. (08.06.1790) Mary Ann Cary (d 31.10.1791, dau of George Cary of Torr Abbey)
  (a) Mary Anne Sophia Chichester (bpt 22.10.1791)
  m. (15.07.1809) Thomas Fitzherbert of Swinnerton Park (b 1789, d 1857)
m2. (03.07.1793) Agnes Hamilton (d 05.12.1814, dau of James Hamilton of Bangour)
  (b) Sir John Palmer Bruce Chichester, 1st Bart of Arlington (b 1794, d 20.12.1851) had issue
  m. (09.08.1838) Caroline Thistlethwayte (dau of Thomas Thistlethwayte of Southwick Park, m2. General Studholme Hodgson)
  (c) George Chichester (bpt 08.06.1797, d 14.07.1876, Major) had issue
  m. Maria Warren (dau of Henry Warren of Bromley Vale or Beckenham)
  (d) James Hamilton John Chichester (rector of Arlington) had issue
  m1. (20.03.1829) Mary Elizabeth Bateman (d 09.04.1830, dau of Richard Bateman of Hartington Hall)
m2. (01.05.1832) Louisa Blencowe (d 1834, dau of Robert William Blencowe of Dawlish)
  m3. (05.07.1836) Mary Ann Gertrude Whyte Moyser (d 26.10.1858, dau of Robert Whyte Moyser of Hotham)
  m4. (1862, sps?) Mary Anne Hildyard (dau of Col. _ Hildyard of Flintham)
  (e) Robert Bruce Chichester had issue
  m. Mary Bloxsome (d 03.11.1868, dau of Edward Bloxsome of Dursley)
  (f) Margaret Caroline Chichester (d 05.07.1849)
  m. (22.06.1830) Augustus Saltren Willett, later Clevland, of Tapeley Park
  (g) Julia Chichester (d unm 1815)
  m3. (21.02.1822) Sophia Catherine Ford (dsp 29.04.1847, dau of Sir Francis Ford, Bart)
  (ii) Charles Joseph Chichester of Calverleigh Court (b 02.09.1770, d 17.01.1837)
  m. (29.12.1791) Mary Honoria ffrench (d 26.09.1831, dau of Robert ffrench of Rahasane by Honora Frances, dau/heir of Joseph Nagle of Bally Griffin)
  (a) Joseph Chichester, later Chichester-Nagle of Calverleigh Court (b 22.11.1792, d 02.01.1880) had issue
m. (14.12.1826) Henrietta Caroline Fellowes (d 02.01.1880, dau of Hon. Newton Fellowes)
  (b) Sir Charles Chichester (b 16.03.1795, d 04.04.1847, Lt. Colonel) had issue
  m. (13.04.1826) Mary Barbara Constable (d 14.12.1876, dau of Sir Thomas Clifford Constable, 1st Bart of Tixall)
  (c) Elizabeth Chichester (d unm 22.10.1859)
  (d) Mary Anne or Marianne Chichester (d 13.12.1862)
  m. (08/27.09.1827) Sir Thomas Aston Constable, 2nd Bart of Tixall (b 03.05.1807, d 23.12.1870)
  (iii) Mary Macdonald (Macdonnell) Chichester (bpt 31.03.1768, d 16.09.1825)
  m. (17.06.1791) Sir Thomas Hugh Clifford, later Constable, 1st Bart of Tixall (b 1762, d 1829)
(iv) Elizabeth Courtenay Chichester (d 03.1820)
  m. (04.1798/9) George Blount (b 05.02.1771)
  (v)+ other issue - Elizabeth (b 09.09.1771, d 03.12.1772), Catherine (bpt 18.06.1765, d unm 07.1791), Ursula (bpt 27.02.1783, bur 28.02.1783)
  (B) Mary Chichester
  m. (17.11.1751) William Paston of Horton
  (C)+ other issue - Charles Palmer (bpt 22.10.1716), Catherine (bpt 18.06.1703), Ursula (bpt 28.04.1706)
  (2) Ursula Chichester
  m. (20.11.1697) John Rowe of Staverton (uncle of Robert)
  (3) Prudence Chichester
  m. (15.08.1706) Robert Rowe (nephew of John)
  (4)+ other issue - Gregory (bpt 20.5.1678, bur 24.05.31718), Robert (bpt 07.02.1681-1), Margaret (b 1683, d 1735)
  b.+ other issue - Amyas, Zachary
ii.+ other issue - Henry (b c1603, a 1620, dvp), Edward (b c1606, a 1620), Robert (b c1607,a 1620)
  B. Henry Chichester of Marwood, Devon (d 1650) "ancestor of Chichester of Marwood"
  m. Hester Cannon (d 12.1622, dau of Rev. Simon Cannon)
  i. Simon Chichester (b c1606, vicar of Belfast)
  The following connection comes from BLGI1912 ('Hamilton-Stubber of Moyne').
  m. Jane Maxwell (dau of Robert Maxwell, Bishop of Kilmore)
  a. Jane Chichester
  m. Robert Maxwell of Finnebrogue
  ii. Gregorie Chichester (b c1617, bur 29.02.1655-6, 3rd son)
  a.+ issue - Robert (bpt 08.01.1645), Simon (bpt 15.05.1648), John (bpt 08.04.1655), Hugh (bpt 21.02.1656), Elizabeth (bpt 13.11.1650)
  iii.+ other issue (a 1620) - John (b c1610), Anne (b c1607), Susan (b c1614), Mary (b c1615), Margaret (b c1616)
  C. Mary Chichester
  m. _ Trevelyan
  D. Susab Chichester
  m. Robert Kemp of Trevelver
  E.+ other issue - Lewis (b c1590, bur 20.01.1655-6), Nicholas (b 1592), Roger, John, Anne
2. John Chichester (a 1620)
  A. Mary Chichester
3. Robert Chichester (b 05.04.1540, bur 16.05.1622, 5th son)
m. Susanna Mansell
4. Phillip Chichester of Melbury, Somerset (a 1623, 8th son) had issue
  m. Catherine Prout (dau of Edward Prout, widow of William Hodges)
5. Bartholomew Chichester (dsp bur 28.09.1634, 12th son)
  m. Katherin Avery (bur 13.02.1636-7, dau of Richard Avery of Barstable, relict of John Andrewes of Biddiford)
6. Elizabeth Chichester
  m1. Henry Bellew
  m2. Stephen Braddon
7. Honor Chichester
  m. Balthazer Botiler of Stone
8. Frances Chichester
  m. John Wyott of Braunton
9. Margaret Chichester
  m. Edward Pointz (son/heir of Richard)
10.+ other issue - Richard (a 1620), Hugh (a 1620), Gifford (d before 1620), Severus (d before 1620), Edward (d 22.05.1590), Silvester (d before 12.06.1612), Paule (d 1589), Gregory, Francis (bur 13.07.1611), Roger (dsp)



John Chichester of Widworthy
m1/2. Katherine Peard (dau of Thomas Peard of Tavistock)
m2/1. (Joane) Rowe (dau of John Rowe of Staverton)
1. John Chichester of Widworthy
  m. (24.02.1570) Dorothy Dawbeney (dau of Giles Dawbeney of Wayford)
  A. Hugh Chichester of Widworthy (d before 10.05.1642)
  m. Martha Duke (dau of Richard Duke of Otterton)
  i. Richard Chichester (b c1600, d before 01.06.1639)
m. Joane
  a. John Chichester of Widworthy (a 1640, d before 12.09.1661)
  m. Margaret Were (d before 03.12.1714.dau of John Were)
  (1) John Chichester of Widworthy (a 1661)
  (2) Richard Chichester
  m. Elizabeth (a 1711)
  (A) John Chichester (a 1711)
  (3) Arthur Chichester
  (4) Mary Chichester (a 1711)
  m. (Sidenham) Mauditt
  (5) Martha Chichester (a 1661, 1711)
  m. _ Hildesly (d by 1711)
  b. Mary Chichester (a 1661)
  c. Martha Chichester (a 1661)
  m. _ Newbery
  d. Anne Chichester (a 1661)
  m. _ Thomas
  ii. John Chichester (d before 18.02.1650, rector of Widworthy)
  m. Jane (a 1650)
  iii.+ other issue - Hugh, Robert (a 1640), William (a 1640), Anne (a 1640), Dorothy (a 1640), Marie (a 1642)
  B. Elizabeth Chichester
  m. Peter Franklin of Widworthy
  C. Dorothy Chichester
  m. William Read of Uplowman
  D.+ other issue - Amias, William (a 1640)
2.+ other issue - Richard, Nicholas, Agnes

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