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Families covered: Swynnerton (Swinnerton) of Swynnerton (Swinnerton)

The first few generations below follow the pedigree given in Collections (New Series) which TCP appears to broadly support albeit with some queries & minor contradictions on dates.
Aslen or Aelem or Ehelen, lord of Swynnerton & North Rauceby (a 1087)
1. Robert FitzAslen (or FitzEhelen) de Swynnerton (a 1122, 1154)
  A. Robert FitzAelem de Swynnerton (a 1166)
  i. Robert de Swynnerton (a 1200)
  a. Robert de Swynnerton, lord of Swynnerton (d c1224)
  m. Mabel
  (1) Robert de Swynnerton of Swynnerton (dsp before 1248)
  (2) Margery de Swynnerton (d 1255)
  m. John de Swynnerton (d 1254) @@ below
  b. John de Swynnerton of Little Sugnall (Parva Sugnall)
  m. Petronel, heiress of Little Sugnall & Dorslow
  (1) John de Swynnerton of Little Sugnall & Peshall, later also of Swynnerton (d 1254)
  TCP does not mention John's first marriage (thereby implying albeit without stating that Margery was mother of all of his children) but Collections (New Series) shows his first wife (and mother of his successors) Elenor de Peshall. There is some disagreement between TCP and Collections on the children, TCP mentioning Roger (dsp by 1268 leaving his widow Alice) & John (d by 1284, his wife being Muriel). The following follows Collections.
  m1. Elenor de Peshall
  (A) John de Swynnerton of Little Sugnall (dvpsp 1248)
  m. Aldith (dau/coheir of Adam de Bures)
  (B) Stephen de Swynnerton of Uselwall or Isewall (d 1276)
  m. Joan de Waure (dau of Roger de Waure of Eccleshall)
  (i) Roger de Swynnerton of Swinnerton (d by 08.02.1297/8)
  m. Joan (possibly dau of Sir Robert de Hastang)
  (a) Roger de Swynnerton, 1st Lord (d by 03.03.1337/8)
  m. Matilda (Maud)
  ((1)) Sir Roger de Swynnerton (dvpsp by 1327)
  m. Matilda
  ((2)) Robert de Swynnerton, 2nd Lord (b 02.02.1311/2, dsp c1349, rector of Barrow)
  ((3)) Sir Thomas de Swynnerton, 3rd Lord (d 12.1361)
  m. Matilda (Maud) Holand (dau of Sir Robert de Holand of Yoxhall)
TCP notes that Thomas's wife Maud has been identified as widow of Sir John de Latimer of Braybrooke (d 1356/7). Were that the case then she could not have been mother of Sir Thomas's children. However, that appears to another Maud, wife of another Thomas de Swynnerton.
  ((A)) Robert de Swynnerton, 4th Lord (d before 12.11.1396)
  m1. (by 1356) Elizabeth Beck (d by 1373, dau of Sir Nicholas Beck)
  ((i)) Matilda (Maud) Swynnerton
  m1. Humprey de Peshale or Peshall (d 1388)
m2. William de Ipstones (d 10.1399)
  m3. Sir John Savage of Clifton (d 01.08.1450)
  m2. Joan
  ((ii)) Thomas de Swynnerton of Swynnerton - continued below
  m. Cicely (d c1436)
((B)) Roger de Swynnerton (d 1374/94)
  ((C)) Anna Swynnerton
  m1. John le Beysin
  m2. Thomas Latymer
  ((D)) Alice Swynnerton
  m. (c1345) Sir John de Gresley (d c1395)
  ((4)) Richard de Swynnerton (d 1346)
  ((5)) Humphrey de Swynnerton of Desire & Badenhall (d 1372)
  m. Hillaria de Bromley (d 06.07.1372, dau of John de Bromley)
  (b) Sir John de Swynnerton of Hilton (d 1340)
  m. Anne Montgomery (dau of Philip de Montgomery)
  (c) Richard de Swynnerton of Chorlton (a 1350)
  (d)+ other issue - Nicholas (d 1357, rector of Mucklestone & Barrow), Stephen (a 1348), Alexander (d before 1324)
  (ii) John de Swynnerton of Uselwall or Isewall (d 1283-4 or 1315)
  (a) John de Swynnerton of Uselwall or Isewall (dsp 1337)
(iii)+ other issue - Gilbert, Richard, Stephen (parson of Swynnerton)
  (C) Robert de Swynnerton of Little Sugnall (d 1272)
  m. Cecily (dau of John de Charnes)
  (i) John de Swynnerton of Little Sugnall & Dorslow (a 1295)
  (D) Nicolas de Aspley
  (E) ? Simon de Aspley
  Collections (New Series) shows another child by this marriage as Richard de Peshall. However, we (provisionally) follow the Peshall records in showing Richard as John's son-in-law rather than his son.
  (F) Alice Swynnerton
  m. Sir Richard de Peshall
  m2. Margery de Swynnerton (d 1255, dau of Robert de Swynnerton) @@ above
  (G)+ other issue



Thomas de Swynnerton of Swynnerton - continued above
m. Cicely (d c1436)
1. William de Swynnerton of Swinnerton (d before 28.05.1429)
  m. Elena Trumwyn
  A. Humphrey Swynnerton of Swinnerton (d before 14.02.1464)
  m. Anna Swynnerton (dau of Thomas Swynnerton of Hilton)
i. Humphrey Swynnerton of Swinnerton & Hilton (d c1504)
  m. Joan (a 1527)
  a. Thomas Swynnerton, Sheriff of Staffordshire (d 1542-3)
  m. Alice Stanley (dau of Sir Humphrey Stanley of Pipe)
  (1) Humphrey Swynnerton of Swinnerton & Hilton (d 25.08.1562)
  m. Cassandra Giffard (d 01.1570, dau of Sir John Giffard of Chillington)
  (A) Margaret Swynnerton (d 1586-7)
  m1. (1547) Henry Vernon of Sudbury (d 1569)
  m2. George Winter
  (B) Elizabeth Swynnerton (bur 04.04.1616)
  m1. William Fitzherbert of Swynnerton
  m2. Francis Gatacre of Gatacre
(2) Anne Swynnerton
  m. Nicholas Lisle of Moxhull
  b. Thomasine Swynnerton
  m. _ Harrison
  c. Dorothy Swynnerton
  m. _ Crosby of Staffordshire
  d. Isabella Swynnerton
  m. _ Arden
  e. Elizabeth Swynnerton
  m. Michael or Nicholas Bayley of Willenhall
  f. Helen Swynnerton
  m. Sir Edward Littleton of Pillaton (d 10.10.1558)
  g. Joyce Swynnerton
  m. _ Heton (Heyton of Wolverhampton or Helne of Worcester)
  h. Anne Swynnerton
  m. _ Litley or Lisley of Lister
  ii. John Swynnerton of Swynnerton (d 1521)
  m. Maud
  iii. ? William Swynnerton (dsp)
  iv. Roger Swynnerton
  m. Joane Neville (dau of Francis Neville of Yorkshire)
  a. Roger Swynnerton
  m. Mary Robinson (dau of Roger Robinson of Staffordshire)
  (1) Thomas Swynnerton
  (2) Robert Swynnerton
  m. Margaret Jennings (dau of Thomas Jennings of Hertfordshire)
  (A) Thomas Swynnerton (a 10.1573)
  m. Lenia or Helia Augstine
  (B) Henry Swynnerton of London (a 1588)
  m. Ellen Symmings (dau of Thomas Symmings)
  (2) Elizabeth Swynnerton
  m. Robert Shepherd
  (A)+ issue - Richard, Henry, 4 daughters
  b.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Joane, Mary, 20 others
  It is thought likely, but has not been proven, that one of the younger sons of Roger was father of ...
  (1) ?? Swynnerton
(A) John Swynnerton of Oswestry & London (d 1608)
  m. Mary
  (i) Sir John Swynnerton of Stanway Hall, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of London (d 1616)
  m. Thomasine Buckfold (d 1650)
  (a) Henry Swynnerton of Stanway Hall (dsp 12.1617)
  m. Mary de la Maier (dau of David de la Maier)
  (b) Thomas Swynnerton of Stanway Hall (d 1627, 3rd son)
  m. Joane Symond (a 1626, dau of Thomas Symond of London)
  ((1)) John Swynnerton (dsp)
((2)) Thomasine Swynnerton (b c1624, d 13.04.1697)
  m1. Sir William Dyer of Tottenham, Bart (d 1680)
  m2. (08.08.1683, sp) John Hopwood of Tottenham, later of Stanway
  (c) Mary Swynnerton
  m. Sir John Miller
  (d) daughter
  m. _ Pym
  (e)+ other issue - Richard (a 1622, dsp), Robert of London (a 1633, dsp), daughter
  v. Helen Swynnerton possibly of this generation
  m1. Henry Delves
  m2. Humphrey Peshall of Horsley
  vi.+ ? other issue - William (dsp), Roger
  B. Elizabeth Swynnerton possibly of this generation
  m. John Thirkell of Smallwood

Main source(s): 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire' by the William Salt Archaelogical Society ('An Account of the Family of Swynnerton' from First Series vol vii pt 2 (1886) plus 'The Descent of the Earlier Swynnertons of Eccleshall' from New Series vol iii (1900)) with some support from TCP (Swynnerton) and a little support/contradiction from BE1883 (Swynnerton)
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