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Families covered: Vernon of Haddon, Vernon of Harlaston, Vernon of Stokesay, Vernon of Sudbury
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Sir William de Vernon of Harlaston (a 1231, chief justice of Chester)
Collins identifies Sir William's wife as Alice Avenell (whom we show as his mother). We follow BP2003 & BP1934 who identify Sir William's wife as ...
m1. Margery de Stokeport (dau of Sir Robert de Stokeport)
BP2003 shows a major change from what is shown by BP1934 & Collins. The latter mention just one son, Richard who had issue as shown in italics below, whereas BP2003 reports that Richard did marry but dsp by 1270 and also mentions Robert, showing him to be ancestor of later Vernons of Harlaston through a daughter, as shown below.
1. Sir Richard de Vernon (a 1252, d(sp) by 1270)
  Collins shows Richard as the husband of Mary/Margaret de Stockport whom we show as his mother. BP1934 shows Richard's wife as ...
  m. Margaret de Vipont
  A. Sir Richard de Vernon of Haddon & Harlaston
  Collins shows Richard as married to Isabel, dau of Geoffrey de Gernons. BP1934 suggests that he had the following wives.
  m1. Alionore de Frenes (dsp, dau of Giles de Frenes)
  m2. Juliana de Vesci (dau of William de Vesci or Vesey)
  i. Sir Richard de Vernon, Lord (dvp before 03.02.1322/3) see 'recently reported ancestry' below ##
  m. Matilda Camville (dau of Sir William Camville of Aston)
2. Robert de Vernon (d by 1270)
  m. Hawise de Brailsford
  A. Hawise Vernon
  m. Gilbert le Franceys (son of Adam & nephew of John le Franceys of Mauds Meaburn) @@ just below
m2. (by 1233) Alice Bauville (dau of Thomas Bauville, widow of Philip de Orreby)
3. Ralph de Vernon



As reported above, BP2003 indicates that the male line of the later Vernons of Haddon, etc., started with the following father of John & Adam le Franceys. Note that we have seen several different accounts for some of the later generations which disagree with the following {for example: MGH (NS3 vol 3 (1900), 'Cokayne Pedigree', p222+) for the ancestry of Agnes, wife of John Cokayne of Ashborne} but we follow BP2003 on the assumption that that has been based on recent research.
?? le Franceys
1. John le Franceys of Mauds Meaburn
2. Adam le Franceys
A. Gilbert le Franceys
  m. Hawise Vernon (dau/heir of Robert de Vernon) @@ just above
  i. Sir Richard Le Franceys or De Vernon (b 1262, d c1329)
  m. Isabel de Harcla (dau of Michael de Harcla, sister of Andrew, Earl of Carlisle)
  a. Richard de Vernon (dvp by 03.02.1322/3) see 'previous recorded ancestry' above ##
  m. Matilda Camville (dau of Sir William Camville of Aston (sb Clifton?), 2nd Lord)
  (1) Sir William de Vernon of Haddon & Harlaston (b 1312-3, d by 1329)
BP1934 identifies Sir William's wife as Margaret, dau of Robert, Baron of Stopford. Collins shows her as Benedicta, sister/heir of Fulk Pembruge of Tonge Castle, which appears to be confusion between wives of later generations. BP2003 identifies William's wife as ...
  m. Joan
  (A) Sir Richard de Vernon of Haddon & Harlaston (d 09.1376) generation omitted by Collins
  m. Juliana Pembruge (dau of Robert/Roger de Pembruge (by Juliana Zouche), sister/heir of Fulco)
(i) Sir Richard de Vernon of Haddon & Harlaston (b 1370, d 1401)
  Collins combines this and the next generation, mentioning just one Sir Richard, a minor in 1403, later Speaker of parliament, married to Jenetta, dau/heir of Sir Rees ap Griffith, cousin/heir of Sir Richard Stacpole. BP1934 identifies Sir Richard's wife as Johanna, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Stacpole & sister of Isabella, widow of Rese ap Griffith. BP2003 identifies her as ...
m. Jane (dau//heir of Rhys ap Griffith, of Wichnor)
  (a) Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon, Sheriff (b 1394-5, d 1451, Speaker, Treasurer of Calais)
  m. Benedicta Ludlow (d 1444, dau of Sir John Ludlow of Hodnet by Isabella, widow of Fulco de Pembruge)
  ((1)) Sir William Vernon of Haddon (b 1418, d 1467) - continued below
  m. Margaret Swynfen (dau of Sir William Swynfen)
  ((2)) Edmund Vernon 'of Staffordshire' mentioned by Collins
  m1. Benedicta Pype (dau/coheir of Robert Pype of Spernore)
  ((A)) Ann Vernon
  m. Edward Leech of Chatsworth
  m2. Joan Handsacre (dau/heir of William Handsacre of Handsacre)
((B)) Agnes Vernon
  m. Nicholas Westcote (later Littleton?) (son of Thomas)
  ((3)) Ann Vernon mentioned by Collins
  m. Sir John Bradbury of Housh (sb Bradbourn of Hough?)
  ((4)) Isabel Vernon mentioned by Collins
  m. Sir John Stanley
  ((5)) Agnes Vernon mentioned by Collins
m. John Cokayne of Ashbourne
  ((6)) Margaret de Vernon (d 1486) probably of this generation
  m1. Richard Longueville of Wootton (dvp c1444)
  m2. Sir Richard Roos or Ros of Whitefriers (poet)
  (b)+ 1 son and 2 daughters mentioned by BP1934
  (2) Isabella de Vernon
  BP1934 mentions an Isabella of this generation who married Sir Richard Stafford. We have not yet been seen such a marriage and think it not unlikely that this was the Isabella who married as follows though it is possible that the wife of one or both of the following was of 2 generations later.
  m1. John Vampage
  m2. Sir Richard Stanley of Elford



Sir William Vernon of Haddon (b 1418, bur 30.06. 1467, Constable of England, Treasurer of Calais) - continued above
m. (1435) Margaret Swynfen (dau/heir of Sir William Swynfen by Jocosa, dau of William Durvassal alias Spernore & heiress of Robert Pype)
1. Sir Henry Vernon of Haddon, Harleston, etc. (d 03.04.1515)
  m. Anne Talbot (d 17.05.1494, dau of John Talbot, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury)
A. Sir Richard Vernon of Haddon (d 1516/7)
  m. Margaret Dymoke (dau of Sir Robert Dymoke of Scrivelsby, m2. Sir William Coffin, m3. Sir Richard Manners)
  i. Sir George Vernon of Haddon, 'King of the Peak' (d 1565)
  m. Margaret Talboys (dau of Sir George Talboys of Kyme)
  a. Margaret Vernon, heiress of Tong Castle
  m1. Sir Thomas Stanley of Winwick (d 1576, son of Edward, Earl of Derby)
  m2. (1579) William Mather
  b. Dorothy Vernon, heiress of Haddon (d 24.06.1584)
m. Sir John Manners of Haddon Hall (d 04.06.1611, son of Thomas, Earl of Rutland)
  m2. Matilda Longford (dsp 1596, dau of Sir Ralph Longford of Longford, m2. Sir Francis Hastings)
  B. Thomas Vernon of Stokesay (Stocksey), Salop
  m. Anne Ludlow (dau/coheir of Sir John Ludlow of Stokesay & Hodnetby Elizabeth, dau of Richard Grey, Lord Powis)
  i. Thomas Vernon of Stokesay (d 05.03.1561, sb 1556?)
  m. Dorothy Ludlow (dau of Sir Francis Lovel)
a. Henry Vernon (dsp 1607, 'Lord Powis')
  ii. Eleanor Vernon
  m. Francis Curzon of Kedleston (b c1524)
  C. Humphrey Vernon (d 1542)
  m. (1493) Alice Ludlow (dau of John Ludlow of Hodnet)
  D. Sir John Vernon of Sudbury, Sheriff of Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire (d 09.02.1545/6, 5th son?)
m. Ellen de Montgomery (dau of Sir John de Montgomery of Cubley)
  i. Sir Henry Vernon of Sudbury (d 1569)
  m. (31.03.1547) Margaret Swinnerton (d 1591, dau/coheir of Humphrey Swinnerton of Swinnerton & Hilton)
  a. John Vernon of Sudbury (b c1539?, dsp(s) 1600)
  m. Mary Littleton (dau of Edward Littleton of Pillaton, widow of Walter Vernon of Houndshill)
  b. Henry Vernon of Hilton & Esington (& Sudbury) (d 21.06.1592)
  m. Dorothy Heveningham (dau of Christopher (not Sir Anthony) Heveningham)
  (1) Margaret Vernon (b c09.1592)
  m. Sir Edward Vernon (b 1584, d 1657)
  c.+ 2 daughters
  E. Elizabeth Vernon (d 1563)
  m. Robert Corbet of Moreton Corbet (d 1514)
  F. Mary Vernon (d 1525)
  Collins reports that Mary d 1525 having married Sir Edward Aston of Tixall. The Aston records do show Sir Edward as m2. Mary Vernon but his 1st wife d. 1562. We suggest that this was the Mary who married ...
  m. William Fisher of Alderwayes & Rolleston (d 1519-20)
  G. Anne Vernon
  m. Sir Ralph Shirley
  H. Beatrix Vernon
  Collins reports that Beatrix m. Sir Henry Fuljamb of Walton. Noting that BP2003 reports that there were only 4 daughters of this marriage, and that the Fuljamb records suggest that his wife (Benedicta) was daughter of Sir William and had a child by 1472/3, we show his spouse a generation earlier.
  I. Margaret Vernon
m. Sir John Saville
  J.+ other issue - Christopher, Arthur (rector of Whitchurch, d 15.08.1517)
2. Richard Vernon of Haselbeach & Sheley (Netherseale), Lincolnshire (dspl)
  A. Richard Vernon probably of this generation
  i. Richard Vernon
  a. Joan Vernon
  m. John Rowe (d 1569)
3. Ralph Vernon (4th son)
  A. William Vernon 'of Barrowby'
  m. Dorothy Deene (dau/coheir of James (John) Deene (probably not Devon))
  i. Joan (probably not Dorothy) Vernon
  m1. Sir Richard Bozon
  m2. Henry Saville of Lupput (Lupset)
  ii.+ 4 daughters
4. Bennet Vernon probably the Benedicta who married ...
  m. Henry Foljambe of Walton
5.+ other issue - William, Elizabeth, Margaret, Alice

Main source(s): BP2003 ('Vernon, Baron of Kinderton') with input/support/contradiction from BP1934 ('Vernon'), Collins (Egerton Brydges, vol 7 (1812), 'Vernon, Lord Vernon', p396+)
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