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This section first uploaded 24.07.13.
Sir Robert Stockport (a 1248)
m. Roisa (m2. Alexander de Bamvile)
1. Sir Robert Stockport
  A. Sir Richard Stockport
  i. Jane Stockport
  m1. Sir Nicholas Eton (Elton) @@ below
  m2. Sir John Arderne
  B. Sir Robert Stockport
2. Margaret Stockport
  m. William Vernon (a 1231, justice of Chester)



This section first uploaded 24.07.13.
Sir Nicholas Elton (Eton)
m. Margery Colville (dau of William Colville)
1. Sir Nicholas Elton (Eton) 'of Poynton & Stockton'
  m. Jane Stockport (dau/heir of Sir Richard Stockport) @@ above
  A. Nicholas Elton (dsp)
  m. Margaret Arderne (dau of Sir John Arderne)
  B. Robert de Elton (Eaton)
  m. Isabell Damport (dau of John Damport, m2. Robert Fulham, m3. John Stathom, m4. Sir John Stafford)
  i. Richard de Stockport (de Elton of Stockport)
  m. Margaret Fitton (dau of Sir Richard Fitton)
  ii. Isabell Elton
  C. John Elton
  D. Cicely Elton
  m. Edward Warren (d before 1369)



This section first uploaded 21.08.13.
Robert FitzHugh of Malpas
1. Letitia or Leticia
  m1/2. William le Belward ancestor of families named Malpas & Cholmondeley
  m2/1. Richard FitzNigel of Malpas @@ just below



This section first uploaded 21.08.13.
We suspect that various sources have confused this family with that shown on Malpas1 and others. We hope to investigate this further in due course.
Richard FitzNigel of Malpas (d 1133)
m. Leticia (dau of Robert FitzHugh of Malpas) @@ just above
1. Robert de Malpas (a 1150)
  A. Gisla (?)
  m. William Patric de Malpas (d 1184)
  i.+ issue - William (dsp?), Robert (had issue)
2. Gilbert de Lymme (Cheshire) & Bold (Lancashire) (d c1180)
  m. Mabel
  A. Gilbert de Lymme (d 1216)
  m. Jocasta
  The following is largely supported by Ormerod (Cheshire, vol 1, p352).
  i. Hugh de Lymme (a 1258)
  m. Emma
  a. Alan de Lymme (a 1272)
  (1) Gilbert de Lymme
m. Anabilla
(A) Peter de Lymme
  (i) Peter de Lymme
  m. (1338) Margaret Warburton (dau of Sir Geffrey Warburton)
  (B)+ other issue (dsp?) - William, Richard, Robert, Christian, Cicely, Agnes, Edua
  (2) Agnes (a 1359)
b. Richard de Lymme (a 1258)
  m. Agnes de Legh (dau of Richard de Legh of High Leigh)
  (1) Thomas de Legh of High Leigh (d 1314)
  m. Cicely
  c. Simon de Stathum of Stathum, Cheshire (a 1270)
  d. Beatrix
  ii.+ other issue - Thomas, Roger
  B. Richard de Bold (d 1211)
  The Statham book shows Richard (m1. Alberta, m2. Waltania) as father of the following sons. Note that this contradicts what we show on Bold1.
i. Adam de Bold (dsp c1222)
  ii. Matthew de Bold (a 1242)
  a. Matthew de Bold
  (1) (William?) de Bold
  iii. Henry de La Quick (a 1213)
  C.+ other issue - Henry, Robert
3. Ralph de Annesley had issue - see here
4. William de Houton
5. Gervaise de Barnston
6. Agnes
  m. Nigel des Puis



This section first uploaded 21.08.13.
Sir Edmund Morley
1. Sir Edward Morley
2. Sir Walter Morley
  A. Robert Morley
  m. Isabella Deybridg (dau of Philip Deybridg)
  i. Richard Morley
  m. Johanna Delaland (heir)
  a. Lucy Morley
  m. Hugh Risley
  (1) Lucy Risley
  m. Roger (probably not William) Massey 'of Sale'
  (A) Goditha Massey (d 1418)
  m. (c1350?) Ralph (probably not Robert) Statham
  ii. Alice Morley
  m. _ Verdon
  iii. Amphillis Morley
  m. Phillip Wasnes



This section first uploaded 30.08.13.
Probably brother (or uncle) of John Wilson of Chesterfield was ...
Robert Wilson of Foolowe (a 1588)
1. John Wilson of Eyam, Derbyshire (a 1590)
  m. Grace
  A. John Wilson of Eyam apparently brother of ...
  B. Robert Wilson of Barton (Norfolk) & Eyam (b c1590, a 1663)
  i. Elizabeth Wilson (d 17.01.1691)
  m. Richard Milnes of Chesterfield
  ii. Ann Wilson
  m. Adam Gill of Chesterfield (b 1627, d 01.1687-8)
  iii. Debora Wilson (bur 18.11.1719)
  m. (after 08.1663) Robert Middleton of Leam (b 1645, bur 25.09.1690)



This section first uploaded 09.09.13.
John Green of St. Clement's Danes (Middlesex) 'of Nordan & London'
m. _ Brownlow mother of Alice, presumed also of ...
1. Sybilla Green (d c1714)
  m. (02.04.1678) Adrian Gamlyn of Moulton, Lincolnshire (dsp bur 28.05.1695, Colonel)
2. Jane Green (d unm bur 06.05.1695)
3. Alice Green (bur 30.06.1704)
  m. Francis Johnson of Ayscoughfee Hall (b 1638, d 1685)



This section first uploaded 11.09.13.
William de Manchester of North Stodleigh
1. Agnes de Manchester of North Stodelegh
  m1. William de Stodelegh @@ below
  m2. Thomas Colville of Cockwold
  A. Mary Colvile
  m. Ralph Carleton
  Foster adds a note to suggest that this may in fact have been Margery, wife of Hugo, son of Roger de Carleton.
2. Egedia de Manchester
  m. Hugh de Beltofte



This section first uploaded 11.09.13.
Hugo de Stodelegh
1. Symon de Stodelegh
  A. William de Stodelegh
  m. Agnes de Manchester of North Stodelegh @@ above
  i. William de Stodelegh (dsp 1298)
  ii. Agnes de Stodelegh
  m. John Slingsby



This section first uploaded 19.09.13.
Sir Hugh Wessenham (d 11.1375)
m. Agnes de Brus (b c1339, dau/coheir of John de Brus of Connington & Exton)
1. Robert Wessenham of Connington, Huntingdonshire (b c1363, d 09.08.1400)
  A. Thomas Wessenham of Connington (dsp 11.1459)
  B. Robert Wessenham (dsp 09.1477)
  C. Jane Wessenham (d before 09.1477)
  m. _ Folvylle
  i. Mary Folvylle (b c1423, d 14.03.1499)
  m1. William Coton (d 1455)
  m2. Thomas Lacy
  m3. Sir Thomas Bylling (Billing) (Chief Justice)
  ii. Anne Folvylle (d before 09.1477)
  m. _ Kebell
  a. John Kebell (b c1437, a 1477)

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