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Families covered: Leigh of West Hall in High Legh, Leigh in South Carolina

Thomas de Legh of High Leigh (d 1314)
Visitation shows this Thomas as married to Agnes Lymm. We follow BLG1952.
m. Cicely
1. Thomas Leigh
  m. Alice
  A. Thomas Leigh (a 1333)
  m1. Jane Ligh (dau of John Ligh of Southbroke, son of Hugh, son of Edward) not named by BLG1952
i. Richard Leigh (a 1392)
  m. (1375) Maud Massey (dau of Geffrey Massey of Winsham or Wincham)
  a. John Leigh of West Hall in High Legh
  m1. Isabel Pole (dau of' Sir John Pole) not named by BLG1952
  (1) Richard Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (d 1486)
  m1. (1442) Alice Leycester (dau of John Leycester of Tabley)
  (A) Thomas Leigh of West Hall in High Legh - continued below
  m1. (1461) Dowse Booth (dau of Sir William Booth of Dunham)
  m2. Joan Holcroft (dau of John Holcroft of Holcroft)
(B) John Leigh of Oughtrington (d before 1569)
  m. Margaret Wylme (bur 10.04.1569, dau of William Wylme of Oughtrington)
  (C) Maud Leigh
  m. (1463) Nicholas Legh of East Hall (d c1496)
  (D) Dowse Leigh
  m. John Mere (son of William Mere)
  (E) Isabella Leigh
  m. John Venables (son of Peter of Antrobus)
(F) Ellen Leigh
  m. Richard Molesworth of Winsham
  (G)+ other issue - Hamlet, Peter, Richard
  m2. Jane (widow of Thomas Holford, son of William)
  (2) Roger Leigh of Oldgrave
  (A) Thomas Leigh
  (3) Margery Leigh
  m. (1442) John Leycester of Nether Tabley (b 1423, d 1496)
(4) Alice Leigh
  m. John Parr of Worsley
  m2. Jane (widow of Ralfe Davenport)
  b. Alice Leigh
  m. John Starky of Stretton
  ii. William Leigh
  iii. Agnes Leigh
  m. Robert Dumbill (sb Domville, son of John)
  iv. Margaret Leigh mentioned in Domville source
  m. Thomas Domville (son of John)
  m2. Margery
2. Margery Leigh
  m. William Massy (s/h of Robert of Tatton)
3. Agnes Leigh
  m. (1270) William Daniell of Lymm and Darresbury



Thomas Leigh of West Hall in High Legh - continued above
m1. (1461) Dowse Booth (dau of Sir William Booth of Dunham)
1. Richard Leigh (dvp)
  m. Beatrix Boydell (dau of Geoffrey Boydell of Pulcroft)
  A. Richard Leigh of West Hall in High Legh
  m1. (1503/4) Rose Davenport (dau of Ralph Davenport of Davenport)
  i. Thomas Leigh (dvpsp)
  m. Katherine Legh (dau of Ralph Legh of East Hall, she m2. Richard or Rafe Donne)
  ii. Parnall Leigh
  iii. Anne Leigh (dsp)
  m. Rafe Massy of Sherbrough
m2. Anne Hough of Leighton
  iv. Richard Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (d 1582)
  m1. Clemence Holcroft (dau of John Holcroft of Holcroft)
  a. Richard Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (dsp 1586)
  m. (div) Anne Belfield (dau of Peter Belfield of Gledge)
  b. Peter Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (d 14.03.1613/4)
  m. Elizabeth Castillon (d 24.07.1599, dau of Jean Baptist Castillon of Benham Valance)
(1) Peter Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (b 1594-5, d 1657, 2nd son)
  m. (1614) Mary Tipping (dau of George Tipping of Manchester)
  (A) Thomas Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (3rd son)
  m. (1660) Mary Austine (dau of William Austine of Westminster)
  (i) Peter Leigh (d 1719, rector of Lymm and Whitchurch, 2nd son)
  m. Elizabeth Egerton (dau of Thomas Egerton of Tatton Park)
  (a) Egerton Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (bpt 30.03.1702, d 1760, rector of Lymm)
m1. Anne Yates (dau of Hamlet Yates of Crowley)
  ((1)) Peter Leigh (dvp 1758, rector of Lymm)
  m. Mary Doughty (dau of Henry Doughty of Broadwell)
  ((A)) Egerton Leigh of West Hall in High Legh (b 25.10.1752, d 22.06.1833)
  m. (21.09.1778) Elizabeth Jodrell (d 12.03.1807, dau of Francis Jodrell of Yeardsley & Twemlow)
((i)) Egerton Leigh of West Hall and Jodrell Hall, Sheriff of Cheshire (b 23.08.1779, d 15.10.1865) had issue
  m. (26.12.1809) Wilhelmina Sarah Stratton (d 24.11.1849, dau of George Stratton of Tew Park)
  ((ii)) Peter Leigh (b 20.08.1782, rector of Lymm)
  m1. (10.11.1812) Mary Blackburne (dau of Thomas Blackburne)
  m2. (18.03.1828) Jane Steward (dau of Harriot Steward of Watford)
  ((iii)) Mary Anne or Marianne Leigh (d 02.08.1874)
  m. (14.06.1802) James Abercromby, 1st Lord Dunfermline (b 07.11.1776, d 07.04.1858)
  ((iv)) Charlotte Leigh (d 1823)
  m. Joseph Jellicoe of Finchley
  ((v)) Emma Leigh (d 15.03.1851)
  m. (01.05.1811) John Smith of Dale Park (d 20.01.1842)
  ((vi)) Augusta Leigh
  m. (1821) Thomas Dumbleton of Hall Grove
  ((vii))+ other issue - Caroline, Harriet (d 1809)
  ((B)) Timothy Leigh (d unm 1814)
((C)) Mary Leigh
  m. Richard Lancaster (vicar of Aisley)
  ((D)) Anne Leigh (d 1836)
  m. John Frodsham (Captain, RN)
  ((2)) Egerton Leigh (b 1732, d 09.1798, Archdeacon of Shropshire)
  m1. Letitia Legh (dau of George Legh of East Hall)
  m2. Theodosia Leycester (dau of Ralph Leycester of Toft)
  Not sure which wife was mother of ...
  ((A)) Susanna Leigh
  m. (22.12.1797) Ralph Leycester of Toft (b 1764)
  ((B)) Theodosia Leigh
  ((3)) Anne Leigh
  m1. Rev. Felton
  m2. Rev. Cockayne
  ((4))+ other issue - Thomas, Hamlet, Mary, Elizabeth
  m2. Elizabeth Drinkwater
  ((6))+ other issue - John, William (d infant), Austine, Samuel, George (d unm 1816), William, Hester, Jane
  m3. Cassandra Phelps
  ((14))+ other issue - Henry, Cassandra, Ariana, Catherine
  (b) Thomas Leigh (b 1708, d 19.04.1774, rector in Canterbury)
  m. Jane Barnes (d 02.01.1766, dau of J. Barnes)
  ((1)) Egerton Leigh (bpt 25.01.1735, d 1788, vicar of Tilmanstone and Sandwich)
  m. (1768) Sarah Stone (d 10.05.1810, dau of John Stone of Langley)
  ((A)) James Allett Leigh of Leatherlake House (b 21.09.1770, d 1857) had issue
  m. (12.1796) Sarah Smith (d 29.09.1824, dau of Robert Smith of Bishops Waltham)
  ((B)) Egerton Peers Leigh of Langley Place and Chertsey Abbey (b 23.04.1774, d unm 20.05.1832)
  ((C)) Elizabeth Jane Leigh (d 13.09.1852)
  m. (29.09.1792) Anthony Harvest Isaacson
  ((2)) Elizabeth Leigh
  ((3)) Charlotte Leigh
  m. (1462) Johnson Lawson (vicar of Throwley)
(c) Peter Leigh (b 1710, d 1859, Chief Justice in South Carolina)
  m. Elizabeth Latus (dau of William Latus of South Carolina)
  ((1)) Sir Egerton Leigh, 1st Bart (Attorney General in South Carolina)
  m. (1756) Mary Bremar (dau of Francis Bremar of South Carolina)
  ((A)) Sir Egerton Leigh, 2nd Bart (d 27.04.1818)
  m. Theodosia Boughton (d 14.01.1830, dau of Sir Edward Boughton, 6th Bart)
  ((i)) son (dvp)
  ((ii)) Theodosia de Malsburgh Leigh (d 1870)
  m. (1811) John Ward, later Ward-Boughton-Leigh, of Brownsover Hall (d 18.06.1868)
  ((B)) Sir Samuel Leigh (b 01.03.1770, d 11.12.1796)
  m. (1793) _ Greig
  ((i)) Sir Egerton Leigh, 3rd Bart (b 16.11.1796, d c1870)
  ((C)) Martha Leigh
  m1. Nathan Garrick
  m2. _ Grazlebrooke
  ((D)) Elizabeth Harry Leigh
  m. (1781) Baron von Malsburg of Hesse Cassel (Lt. Colonel)
  ((E)) Mary Leigh
  m. (1783) John Smith of Madeira
  ((F))+ other issue - Thomas Egerton (b 1775), Harriet Anne, Charlotte Lucy (d unm 1801)
  (d) Mary Leigh (bpt 1713)
  m. John Head, Archdeacon and Prebendary of Canterbury
  (e)+ other issue - John (bpt 12.09.1703), Jane, Hester (bpt 1710)
  (ii)+ other issue - Austine (bur 30.07.1724), William (d 1741)
  (B) Laurence Leigh or Legh (younger son)
  m. Mary Beevin (dau of John Beevin of Chester)
(C)+ other issue - Peter (b c1616, d unm), Richard (d 12.08.1670), John, Edmund, William, James, Elizabeth
  (2) Anne Leigh
  m. Thomas Cooper of Ewborne
  (3) Elizabeth Leigh
  m. Nathaniel Lancaster (d 01.1661, rector of Tarporley)
  (A) Sarah Lancaster probably of this generation
  m. Samuel Clark (b 11.1626, d 02.1671, rector of Leighton Buzzard)
  (4) Frances Leigh
  m. William Edwards of Chester
  (5) Christian Leigh
  m. Thomas Bate (MD)
  (6)+ other issue - Richard (d young), Mary, Jane, Elinor, Margaret
  c. John Leigh of London
  m. Dorothy Eaton (d 1583, widow of Robert Holcroft)
  (1)+ issue - John, William, Elizabeth (d young), Margaret
  d. Jane Leigh
  m. John Aston of Aston
  e. Elizabeth Leigh
  m. Thomas Turbeck or Torbeck or Tarbok
  f. Margaret Leigh
  m. Thomas Houghton
  g.+ other issue - John (dsp), Francis of London (dsp), George (dsp), Thomas (d infant), Jane
m2. Margery Cooke of Chester (widow of George Tyrrell of Thornton)
  l. Agnes Leigh
  m. _ Herrenden
  m.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1574, a 1595), John (dsp), George (dsp), William (dsp)
  v. George Leigh
  a. ? Anne Leigh
  vi. John Leigh
  m. Mary Barlow (dau of Alexander Barlow)
a. ? John Leigh
  vii. Dorothy Leigh
  m. David Massy of Broxton
2. George Leigh of Manchester (3rd son)
  A. (Elizabeth) Leigh
  m. Alexander Barlow
3. Alice Leigh
  m1. Hamon Massy of Hale
  m2. George Newton
4. Jane Leigh
  m. Mathew Legh of Swineyard or Swinhead
5.+ other issue - Thomas, James, John, Roger (parson of Lymm)
m2. Joan Holcroft (dau of John Holcroft of Holcroft)
9. Jane Leigh
  m. Thomas Sanky of Little Sanky
10.+ other issue - John, Thomas

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BLG1952 )Leigh formerly of West Hall, High Legh), Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Leigh of High Ligh of the Westhall)
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 (Leigh formerly of West Hall, High Legh) with support from Visitation (Cheshire, 1580, Leigh of High Ligh of the Westhall), Visitation (Cheshire, 1613+1663, Leigh or Legh of the West Hall, High Leigh)
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