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This section first uploaded 28.06.13.
VCH reports that "The family of Lisle occurs as early as 1227, when Margery de Lisle was dealing with land in Moxhull. In 1272 Helewis, widow of Nicholas de Lisle, brought an assize of novel disseisin against Anketill de Lisle concerning tenements here and in Wishaw. Nicholas was son of William, and Dugdale suggests that William was son of Henry, and Henry son of Herbert." It seems reasonable to suppose that Anketill was related to Nicholas but unfortunately VCH does not give any indication as to how that may have been.
Anketill Lisle of Moxhull, Warwickshire succeeded by ...
1. Nicholas Lisle of Moxhull (a 1282) succeeded by ...
  A. Henry Lisle of Moxhull (a 1326) succeeded by ...
  i. John Lisle of Moxhull succeeded by ...
a. William Lisle of Moxhull succeeded by ...
  (1) Henry Lisle of Moxhull (a 1480)
  (A) John Lisle of Moxhull (d 1537)
  (i) Nicholas Lisle of Moxhull (d 1540)
  m. Anne Swynnerton (dau of Thomas Swynnerton who d 1542-3) wife of Nicholas, possibly mother of ...
  (a) Thomas Lisle of Moxhull (d 1567)
((1)) John Lisle of Moxhull (d 1594)
  ((A)) Francis Lisle of Moxhull (b c1576, dsp 1595)
  ((B)) John Lisle of Moxhull
  ((i)) John Lisle of Moxhull (a 1640)
  ((a)) Mary Lisle of Moxhull
  m. Andrew Hackett (b 1660)
  ((b)) Elizabeth Lisle (d by 1692) possibly of this generation
  m. Sir Edward Rouse, 2nd Bart of Rouse Lench (dsp 1677)
  ((ii)) Bridget Lisle possibly of this generation
  m. Foulke Grosvenor of Sutton Coldfield (d 06.05.1652)
  ((B)) Mary Lisle (bur 13.07.1605) possibly of this generation
  m. (mcrt 1587) John Swynfen of Swynfen (bur 03.1632)



This section first uploaded 30.06.13.
Richard Lockwood of Cashel father of Lucy, possibly also of ...
1. John Lockwood of Cashel father of Gertrude, possibly also of ...
  A. ?? Lockwood of Cashel possibly father of ...
  i. Richard Lockwood of Cashel
  m. Dorothea Pennefather (dau of Lt. Col. Richard Pennefather of New Park)
  B. Gertrude Lockwood
  m. Lewis Barton Buckle (b 1786, dsp 1819, Captain)
  C. Sarah Lockwood 'of Cashel' possibly fits here
  m. (01.06.1779) Thomas Chadwick (b 1752, d 07.1812)
2. Lucy Lockwood
  m. (23.02.1749) Minchin Carden of Fishmoyne



This section first uploaded 03.07.13.
Ralph le Moigne
1. William le Moigne (d c1295?)
A. Henry le Moigne (d c1315?)
  m. Joan
  i. John le Moigne (d c1343?)
  m. Julian Chandos (dau of Sir Roger de Chaundos of Snodhill by Katherine Talbot)
  a. Henry le Moigne (d c1376?)
  (1) Henry le Moigne (b c1352?)
  (A) Henry Moyne or Moyns
  (i) daughter (Jane?)
  m. Sir John (sb William?) Fineux of Swingfield



This section first uploaded 09.07.13.
Thanks to a contributor (DCS, 08.07.13) for drawing our attention to some correspondence within RootsWeb (GEN-MEDIEVAL-L Archives : see here) which follows the ownership of Laleham through the Spiller family. VCH mentions one Henry who obtained the manor of Laleham in 1612 and died in 1650 having had a wife Anne who was alive in 1640. VCH also mentions Sir Henry's granddaughter Jane and his daughter Katherine. The Gen-Medieval correspondence raises the question as to whether or not there was more than one Henry. That correspondence was useful but left some issues unanswered. The following is an attempt to make sense of it all but it should be viewed as speculative. In particular, our showing that there were in fact three different Henrys associated with Laleham may not be agreed by all - and may not have been the case!
Sir Henry Spiller of Laleham, Middlesex (b by 1548, a 09.1627)
m. (by 1573) (Dorothy?) Decons or Dicons
1. Sir Robert Spiller of Laleham & Kingsey (bur 21.05.1637)
  Sir Robert's wife (and mother of Jane) is shown in Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Herbert ...', p298) as ...
  m. Elizabeth Dormer (dau of Sir John Dormer, sister of Sir Robert & widow of Sir John Dynham)
  A. Jane Spiller (b by 1625, d 1695)
  m. (03.08.1646) James Herbert of Kingsley & Shurland
2. Sir Henry Spiller of Laleham (d 1650)
  m1. (11.11.1615) Dorothy Dormer (bur 14.07.1624, dau of Sir John Dormer of Crendon by Jane Giffard)
  m2. Anne (a 1640, 1653)
  A. Henry Spiller, last of Laleham (b c1632?, a 1656)
3. Katherine Spiller (bpt 07.03.1602)
  m. (11.09.1621) Sir Thomas Reynell of Laleham (b 1588, d 05.1665)



This section first uploaded 09.07.13.
Hugh Whistler (d 1659, rector of Faccombe, Hampshire)
m1. Hannah (d 1626)
1. John Whistler (b 1625, d 1685, vicar of Clapham, Sussex)
  A. John Whistler of Newbury (Berkshire) & Beckley (Hampshire) (d 1721)
  m. Mary
  i. John Whistler of Stow Wood, Oxfordshire (bpt 1717, d 1786)
  m. Elizabeth (d before 1794) widow of John, presumed mother of ...
a. Webster Whistler (b 16.01.1747, d 02.03.1832, rector of Hastings & Newtimber, Sussex)
  m. (17985) Mary Lashmer
  (1) Penelope Whistler (eldest dau)
  m. (23.10.1823) Thomas Smith of Hornsey then New South Wales (b 1795, d 1842)
m2. Sarah (d 1646)
2. Henry Whistler of Epsom, Surrey
  A. (Mary) Whistler (coheir)
  m. Edward Cheek of Stamford Orcas
  i. Jane Cheek (d 1760, heir)
  m. Sir Thomas Webster of Battle, Bart (d 1750)



This section first uploaded 10.07.13.
Thomas Hutchinson of Pinner (b 1572, d 1656)
m. Margaret Alanson (b 1583, d 1656, dau of Roger Alanson of London)
1. John Hutchinson of Lichfield, Staffordshire (b 1611, d 1705, rector of Astbury)
  m. Elizabeth Hacket (dau of John Hacket, Bishop of Lichfield & Coventry)
2. Margaret Hutchinson
  m. Henry Wright of Gaysham Hall, Barking, Essex (d 1692)
  A. Sarah Wright
  m. (1662) Thomas Cartwright, Bishop of Chester (b 1634, d 1689)
3. Anne Hutchinson (d 1693)
  m. Sir Francis Rewse of Hedgstone, Harrow-on-the-Hill (d 1654?, Scout-Master-General, Lt. Colonel)
  A. Frances Rewse
  m. (1679) Thomas Flesher of London (bpt 1648)



This section first uploaded 10.07.13.
James Hill of Hulcote, Easton Neston, Northamptonshire (b 1725, d 10.09.1774)
m. (27.01.1759) Ann Buswell (b 1731, d 22.01.1795)
1. Thomas Hill of Hulcote then Tiffield & Shutlanger, Northamptonshire (b 06.04.1761, d 18.11.1854)
  m. (03.02.1791) Elizabeth Wesley (b 1768, d 10.11.1848, dau of Shadrach Wesley of Blisworth (b 1737, d 1803) by Sarah (d 1824))
  A. Sarah Ann Hill (b 22.11.1794, d 10.06.1858, 2nd dau)
  m. (31.08.1826) John Smith of Manor House & Greens Park (b 20.06.1798, d 18.08.1869)



This section first uploaded 17.07.13.
Ranulph de Hallum
1. Sir Hugh de Hallum
  m. _ Morvile (dau of Edward Morvile son of Hugh)
  A. John de Hallum
m. Margaret Pigott (dau of Randoll Pigott)
  i. Sir John de Hallum
  m. Jane Bromley (dau of John Bromley)
  a. Sir Hugh Hallum
  m. Katherine Moberley (dau of Sir Hugh Moberley)
  (1) Jone Hallum
  m. John Hatton of Great Aldersey (a 1354)
  (2) Elizabeth Hallum
  m. Sir Robert Henington



This section first uploaded 20.07.13.
Robert or Randall Minshull of Hulgreve
We suspect that there has been confusion between 2 generations.
m1/2. Ellen Crewe (dau of John Crewe of Nantwich, sister of Randulph a 1539) wife of Robert
m2/1. Elizabeth Arderne (dau of Ralph Arderne of Harden who d 1538) wife of Randoll
1. Ellen Minshull dau of Robert
  m. Robert Lee of Lee
2. Eleanor Minshull dau of Robert
  m. Roger Wright
3. Elizabeth Minshull dau/coheir of Robert, possibly of this generation
  m. Thomas Gamull (d 1534-5)



This section first uploaded 20.07.13.
Descended from Nicholas Vernon, who was born early in the 13th century, was ...
William Vernon of Whotcrofte (Whatcroft), Cheshire
m. _ Wright of Middlewiche (coheir)
1. William Vernon of Whotcrofte (Whatcroft)
  m. Isabell Trevet (dau of Thomas Trevet of Sproston)
  A. Oliver Vernon of Whatcrofte (a 1613)
  m. Jane Manwaringe (dau of John Manwaringe of Calveley)
  i.+ issue (a 1613) - William (b c1585), Robert



This section first uploaded 20.07.13.
Michael de Harcla, Sheriff of Cumberland (a 1295)
1. Andrew de Harcla, Sheriff of Cumberland, Earl of Carlisle (d 03.03.1322/3)
  m. ??
2. John de Harcla of Whitehall, Cumberland (d 1322/3)
  m. Ermerarde wife of John, presumed mother of ...
  A. Andrew de Harcla (b c1319)
3. Isabel de Harcla probably of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Le Franceys or De Vernon (b 1262, d c1329)
4. Sarah de Harcla (b 1280, d 1327) probably of this generation
  m. Thomas de Musgrave (b c1280, d 21.08.1314)



This section first uploaded 20.07.13.
Robert de Rodelent of Thurstanton, etc. (a 1066) possibly father of ...
1. Matthew de Rodelent of Thurstanton
  A. William de Thurstanton
  i. Richard de Thurstanton (dsp)
  ii. Peter de Thurstanton (dvp)
  a. Agnes de Thurstanton, heiress of Thurstanton
  m. Patrick de Haselwall (a 1277, 1300)
2. Simon de Rodelent (monk)



This section first uploaded 22.07.13.
Rafe Holland
m. Rose Skevington (dau/heir of John Skevington son of William by Mary, dau/heir of Hugh de Brickhill of Bretton by Mary Swetnam (heir))
1. Isabell Holland
  m. Hugh de Ravenscroft
2. Alice or Catherine Holland
  m. Robert Winnington (a 1399)

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