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Families covered: Dormer of Ascot, Dormer of Dorton, Dormer of Farthingoe, Dormer of Lee Grange, Dormer of Long Grendon, Dormer of Purston, Dormer of Rousham, Dormer of Shipton Lee

Sir Michael Dormer, Lord Mayor of London (a 1541)
1. Thomas Dormer of Burghfield, Berkshire (d 1550)
  A. child
2. William Dormer of Thame (Oxfordshire), Dorton & Long Crendon (Buckinghamshire) (d 1563)
m. Elizabeth Scriven of Calais
  A. Sir John Dormer of Dorton & Long Crendon, Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 18.10.1556, d 10.03.1626/7, MP)
  m1. Jane Giffard (bur 08.09.1605, dau of John Giffard of Chillington)
  i. Sir Robert Dormer of Dorton, Long Crendon & Ascot, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (d 1649)
  a. William Dormer of Ascot, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (d 25.09.1683)
  m. Elizabeth Waller (dau of Edmund Waller, poet)
(1) John Dormer of Ascot (dsps 1728)
  m. Katherine Spencer (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Spencer, 3rd Bart of Yarnton)
  (2) Anne Dormer probably of this generation
  m. Henry Dunch of Newington
  b. Robert Dormer of Dorton & Long Crendon 'of Rousham, Oxfordshire' (d 1689)
m1. Lady Katherine Bertie
  (1) Robert Dormer of Dorton (b c1660, d 1695)
  m2. Anne Cottrell (d 1695)
  (2) John Dormer of Rousham (d 1719)
  m. Diana Kirke (dau of General Piercy Kirke)
  (A) Diana Dormer (d 1743)
(3) James Dormer of Rousham (b 1679, d unm 1741, Lt. General, youngest son)
  Rousham passed to his cousin, Clement Cottrell, who assumed the name Cottrell-Dormer.
  (4) Frances Dormer (b 1681, dsp)
  m. Sir Joseph Daniel
  (5)+ other issue - Charles (b 1670, d Almanza 1707), Philip (b 1677, d Blenheim 1704)
  ii. Elizabeth Dormer probably of this generation
  m1. (sp) Sir John Dynham of Boarstall
  m2. Sir Robert Spiller of Laleham & Kingsey
  iii. Dorothy Dormer probably of this generation
  m. (11.11.1615) Sir Henry Spiller of Laleham
iv.+ 4 sons
  m2. (sp) Judith (widow of Sir Arthur Atye of Kilburn)
  m3. (10.1622, sp) Catherine Blount (dau of Michael Blount of Mapledurham, widow of Sir John Croke of Chilton)
  B. William Dormer (d 1624?, vicar of Olney)
3. William Dormer (d 1566, rector of N. Crawley)
4. John Dormer of Steeple Barton (d 1584)
  m. Elizabeth Goddard
  A. Gaspar Dormer (d c1597, 2nd son)
  m. Justina Humfrey (b 1557-8, d 05.07.1627, dau of Lawrence Humfrey)
  B. Elizabeth Dormer
m. Anthony Lisle
  C.+ other issue - Timothy, William, Joan, Frances, Margaret
5. Geoffrey Dormer of Farthingoe (d 1562)
  A. William Dormer of Farthingoe (d 1595)
  i. Geoffrey Dormer, last of Farthingoe
6. Ambrose Dormer of Ascot, Great Milton (d 1556)
  The following is supported by Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Dormer of Shipton Lee) & Visitation (Oxfordshire, 1566+1574, Bury of Hampton Poyle).
  m. Jane Bury (dau of James Bury of Hampton Poyle)
  A. Sir Michael Dormer, Sheriff of Oxfordshire (dsp 1624)
  B. Winifred Dormer
  m1. Sir William Hawtrey of Checkers
  m2. John Pigott of Stadham and/or Edellesborough (Ellesborough)



Peter Dormer 'of Newbottle' of Shipton Lee (Lee Grange) (d 01.04.1555)
Visitation shows only 1 wife for Peter, Agnes Cooper, mother of Gabriell, John, Jane, Alice, Mrs. Crispe & Mrs. Palmer with Gabriell being father of Peter (father of Fleetwood). BEB1841 identifies Agnes Cowper as his first wife and shows her as mother of Gabriel, the only child mentioned, the father of Peter. Until 06.10.15 we showed Gabriel as father of Peter but from that date we have used Lipscomb as the prime source for this family and so show the younger Peter as half-brother rather than son of Gabriel.
m1. Agnes Cooper (dau of Thomas Cooper or Cowper of Quainton)
1. Gabriel Dormer of Lee Grange (Shipton Lee) and Purston
  m. Bridget Lovett (dau of Thomas Lovett of Astwell, m2. John Hawtrey of Chequers)
  A. Elizabeth Dormer
  m. Edward Hawtrey of Hedsore (not Chequers)
2. John Dormer of Olney (a 542)
m. Agnes
  A. Katherine Dormer
  m. William Holte of Stoke Line
3. Alice (probably not Anne) Dormer
  m. Edmond Osbaldiston
4. Ellen (Elenor) Dormer
  m. Christopher Crispe
5. Anne Dormer
m. Robert Palmer
6. Jane Dormer
  m. _ Mereing
m2. Anne or Amey Crispe (d 1582, dau of Richard Crispe of Cobcott, m2. Francis Ingoldsby of Lenborough)
7. Peter Dormer of Lee Grange (Shipton Lee) & Purston (d 03.12.1583)
m. (1559) Margaret Fleetwood (dau of Thomas Fleetwood of the Vache)
  A. Sir Fleetwood Dormer of Lee Grange (Shipton Lee) & Purston (b c1570, d 01.02.1638-9)
  m. Mary Isham (bpt 24.05.1584, dau of Sir Euseby Isham of Pytchley and/or Braunston, widow of Edward Reade of Cottesbrook)
  i. John Dormer of Lee Grange (Shipton Lee) & Purston (bpt 06.01.1611, d 22.05.1679)
  m. Katherine Woodward (bur 23.08.1691, dau of Thomas Woodward of Ripple)
  a. Sir John Dormer, 1st Bart of Lee Grange & Purston (dvp 07.11.1675)
m. Susanna Brawne (d 24.02.1672-3, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Brawne of Alscot (Allscott))
  (1) Sir William Dormer, 2nd Bart of Lee Grange & Purston (bpt 28.09.1669, d unm 09.03.1725-6, 2nd son)
  (2) Susanna Dormer (bpt 24.09.1668)
m. Francis Sheldon of Abberton
  (3)+ other issue - John (dvp bur 08.01.1666), Catharine
  b. Robert Dormer, later of Lee Grange (Shipton Lee) & Purston (bpt 30.05.1650, d 18.09.1726, judge, MP)
  m. Mary Blake (d 15.03.1728, dau/coheir of Sir Richard Blake of London)
  (1) Catharine Dormer of Arle Court (d 1767)
  (2) Elizabeth Dormer (b 05.09.1691, d 04.1748)
  m. (29.12.1721) John Fortescue-Aland, Lord Fortescue of Credan (b 07.03.1670, d 19.12.1746)
  (3) Ricarda Dormer (b c1698, d 02.03.1770)
  m. John Parkhurst of Catesby (grandson of John & Catherine Dormer)
  (4)+ other issue - Fleetwood (b c1693, dvp), Fleetwood (b c1696, dvp bur 12.07.1726), Mary (d unm), Anna Letitia (b c12.1704, d 16.06.1706)
  c. Mary Dormer
m. Sir John Busby of Addington
  d. Catherine Dormer (bpt 07.09.1648, d 11.04.1730)
  m. (1667) John Parkhurst of Catesby
  e.+ other issue - Fleetwood of Broughton (bpt 04.04.1657-8, bur 21.10.1723, MP), Anne (bpt 11.07.1651, bur 25.09.1652)
  ii. Peter Dormer (bpt 07.05.1614, a 1648)
  m. Anne Shepherd (dau/coheir of Edward (sb William??) Shepherd of Rollright)
a. Elizabeth Dormer (b 1642-3, d 20.06.1729)
  m. Thomas Dawes (rector in Shrewsbury)
  b.+ other issue - Gabriel (bpt 24.02.1640), Anne (bpt 03.07.1639), Mary (bpt 08.02.1641)
  iii. Sir Fleetwood Dormer of Arle Court in Gloucestershire (bpt 21.05.1616, dsp 27.08.1696, to Virginia)
  m. Catharine Lygon (d 03.02.1678, dau/coheir of John Lygon of Arle Court)
  iv. Mary Dormer (bpt 13.01.1610)
  m. (12.12.1632) William Shephard of Rollright (Rolright or Rollwright)
  v. Dorothy Dormer (bpt 28.03.1613)
  m. (28.09.1637) Francis Austrey
  vi.+ other issue - Euseby (bpt 14.05.1618), Gabriel (bpt 30.03.1623), Anne (bpt 03.07.1639), Margaret (b c11.1609, bur 05.03.1610), Anne (bpt 17.04.1614, bur 22.11.1615), Margaret (bpt 23.05.1617), Elizabeth (bpt 15.08.1619, d young?), Joice (bpt 10.06.1621, bur 13.10.1621), Elizabeth (bpt 09.05.1630), Anne (bpt 04.03.1631)
8. Elizabeth Dormer probably of this generation, of this marriage
  m. John Alderford of Sunford (Salford Abbots)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (redone 09.07.13) : 'The Family of Dormer in Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire' by Michael Maclagan, reported in Oxoniensis.com, with thanks to a contributor (DCS, 08.07.13) for bringing that to our attention
(2) For lower section (redone 06.10.15) : Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Dormer of Lee-Grange and Quainton', p415), BEB1841 (Dormer of Lee Grange), Visitation (Buckinghamshire, 1634, Dormer of Shipton Lee)
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